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Solstice and Return to the Fey – Part One

After coming back from my Spirit Quest I wanted to take a look at what I should be doing for the upcoming Summer Solstice.  I had already felt that the coming holiday would be a sort of an “official” launching day for all that I had learned on the quest, for moving forward in accordance with the Wheel.

A few days out,  I drew a single card to get an idea of the overall theme of the coming day and what sort of work I would be doing?  What would be the best focus for me?  As usual, I used my Wildwood tarot and my pendulum.

The card that came up? The Stag.

thestagIn the Wildwood Tarot this is the card for Justice in the Major Arcana of a traditional tarot.  Universal Law and Lore.  Reaping what has been sown.  “Some level of readjustment or interaction has occurred.”  The keyword being Responsibility.  Yikes!  It sounded serious.  I was very aware of the importance of what it was trying to say.  However, I wasn’t sure of specifics and so I opted to wait a day, open myself up and see what communication might occur.  I’ve found that sometimes you have to give yourself distance to the information.  I believe that simply seeing the card, without delving too deeply into the meaning, can have enough impact to begin the information flow.  The problem is that it takes a bit of patience which, on occasion can be a bit frustrating.  Within minutes of deciding I would give myself 24 hours,  I knew that I needed to draw two more cards the following day to attach to the Stag card and this would give me helpful information.

More information came along at a steady pace.  With the impact of the Quest still fresh it would be time to go back over my past and look at past actions, at past habits.  It would be a time of Judgement but not in a harsh way but in an internal reset and renew.  I also began to feel very strongly that the Fey would be involved.  It was a no brainer, actually.  It was Midsummer we were talking about here!  The involvement with the Fey was confirmed that evening with a small session with the dowsing rods.

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100 Posts at Midsummer

I wasn’t really paying attention but when I posted part three of my Quest story WordPress told me it was post number 99!   So, here it is Midsummer Solstice and I thought it was a perfect time to make sure that post  100 happened today.  I’m not sure how much more perfect it could have ended up, really.

It’s caused me to go back through old posts and to read up on things.  What I also discovered was this blog just had a four year birthday back in May (I guess I just wasn’t paying attention!) and I started dowsing five years ago at about the same time.  Has it been that long ago?  A lot of ground has been covered.  When I started the blog I didn’t necessarily have a focus.  I was hoping to take my previous twenty years of experience and cover a whole spectrum of subjects but the blog has, in a way, found it’s own voice.  When I first started I was hesitant and unsure of opening myself up here.  It was difficult at times and on more than one occasion a direct challenge from Spirit to show me that it would be alright if I shared.


Solstice Sunrise at My Reading Table Today

Fresh out of my Spirit Quest, I can’t help but feel that the best is yet to come and that I really have something to share with others.
There is so much “undiscovered country” out there and I’m hoping to take my lengthy experience and explore as much of it as I can.  Moving forward I’m hoping to share a bit more of my daily and weekly experiences and hopefully, through them, offer some instruction as well.  I’ve already made the decision to be led by the rods to fey areas and map them out as best I can.  I’m also wanting to research and find older trees and power spots within my county.  I’ve plinked around this idea for long enough, I think.  My only concern is how I will keep these areas secretive as I would not want people without the proper respect coming into them and “tromping them up” as the Fey have told me happens quite frequently.  A challenge for the future I will have to navigate, I suppose.

flowersToday, I’m heading out to one of the first Fey areas I spoke about on this blog and I’m reintroducing myself to the ones there.  I’ve got a few readings to do as well and then it’s time with family around cakes, World Cup and a big dinner.  This evening I will sit outside under the Midsummer stars, give thanks and hopefully write up a bit of the adventures from today with the Fey.

But, for now, I want to express my thanks to all of you who have come this far with me.  It has been a blessing to know that you are there, reading and listening to my stories and hopefully gleaning from them that, yes, there is magic out there.  Magic that has always been out there and, most importantly, waiting on you to find it.  The only way I can honor the support you’ve shown me is to make this blog better and even more consistent and fun.  This is one of the things I thought a lot about during my Quest and something I very much want to do.

Thank you very much and have a blessed and joyful Midsummer Solstice!






I leave in about an hour.  The backpack is packed full to brimming with some clothes, a minimum of food, my cards and other sacred items.  I’m still trying to decide if I need to lug the full water weight I’ve got loaded.  I have a destination but I did not get time to scout it out.  I’ve never been there before so I’m sure THAT will be exciting.  I’ve dowsed a location that turns out to be a fairly large ridge top in a nearby State Forest.  It’ll be about a 2 mile hike from where I’m dropped off by my wife.  She will come and get me late Saturday afternoon.  I’d stay a bit longer but I’ve decided to give myself Sunday to recover before jumping back into 21st Century workflow.

Wednesday morning a host of thunderbirds flew over my county.  They crashed and banged and flashed.  It was spectacular and it was the first “big” thunderstorm we’ve had here so far.  The energy felt pure and charging.  I had a hard time not thinking they might be for me and my quest that started today.  The storms have gone now and here, in the few days I dowsed so many months ago, is a set of near perfect camping days in early June; highs of 80, lows of high 50’s at night.  Again, I had to smile when I saw it all develop.  This morning was crisp and clear and felt brand new.

I have no idea what is in store for me.  I am simply answering a summons that I should have answered last year.  I may not report back everything.  I will need to hold something close, sacred.  Others, if I feel it is alright, I will share.  I will try to take pics and some video but I do not want my phone to go completely dead and I have no way to charge it for three days so it will be off most of the time.  I do not think I even have a signal but I will try to bring back some of the magic along the way.

I drew a Wildwood card today as I was thinking about my packing.  I asked what I needed to know the most about my packing.  It responded with this…


Tradition.  Right.  Got it.  This is one of the reasons I’m thinking of losing the water and filtering what I need once out there.  It’s also why I have a large bundle of sage and tobacco and corn meal.  It’s why I’m taking a pendulum and my dowsing rods.  It’s about remembering the sheer basics and no fluff.  It’s why I’m leaving my fishing gear behind and the novel I thought about reading.  It’s not about that stuff.  It’s about meeting with Goddess, not a camping trip.

I drew one other card this morning as I watched the sun begin to turn the eastern sky yellow.  I asked about the quest, about what I needed to know about today, about the hike, about camp this evening, about all of it.  It seemed to give me a smile and replied with this.

WorldTreeThe Wildwood version of the  Universe card.

So, there it is.  It’s time to give everything up, drop any doubts or fears and to wander into the woods and to see what Spirit has to say.

Be a light in the darkness.  Be a channel for the wind and the Sun and Spirit.

Strength and Light,







Advance Presents

One of the things I find interesting about being on this path I am on is how, it would appear, the Universe likes to give me presents in advance.  This happens when something comes into your life and at the time you have no idea what to do with it yet something compels you to keep it.  Then, one day, you find the item and it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for, whether you knew you were looking for it or not!

For instance, one of my boys has recently taken an intense interest in runes, tarot, and oracles.  When he picked up his first “Wizardology” book about two years ago, I got a big clue.   Previous clues had been his interest in mythological monsters, bigfoot, and the Loch Ness monster.  (As a disclaimer, I had nothing consciously to do with it since I’m a big believer in letting children find their own interests. )  A few weeks ago, he found a bag of tarot cards and a crystal at a friend’s yard sale.  Last week, he honored me in ways he will not fully understand for years to come when he asked me to teach him more about runes and tarot.

So, we took a little walk, had a little talk, and we discussed things.   That evening we did our first rune reading and, gently, we got him on his own, different path,  Knowing we would be building up towards tarot cards I realized I wanted to dust off my own deck.

However, I wasn’t sure I had one.

Flash backwards with me over 15 years.  I own several decks put I’d discovered the Medicine Cards and other card systems out there that do not rely on standard Tarot imagery.  I stumbled upon a tarot deck that seems very unusual and also very discounted. It’s foreign.  I’ve never seen it before.  It’s seems overdone.  It’s a bit brash, almost baroque.  I’m not sure I really like it but it’s unusual and might be a nice collection piece.  I go ahead and pick it up.  I then go back to working with my other cards and it goes onto a shelf in my meditation space.

Flash back forwards through years of transformation.  For one reason or another I find that I cannot give away this odd Italian deck.  Every move, every downsize, I look at it, shake my head and think again, “Well, it’s a good collection piece since it’s obviously out of print.”  It comes with me on moves.  It always goes in the box when others are handed off to friends.  I don’t understand why but my intuition always tells me to keep it.  So, I do.

That evening, after spending time with my son, I’m looking for a tarot deck to dust off.  Most of my collection has been given away, lost, or simple wandered off.  I wonder if, perhaps, I’m going to have to go out and purchase a deck.  I find two decks.  One is the Fradella/Superhero deck which I used mainly for fun writing exercises.  The other is, you guessed it, the old boxed up tarot deck.  I take it down.  It feels different.  It’s been years since I looked at it.  I curiously open it up.  The cards are still mint and in order.  They smell new.  The thickish book, written in Italian, is still crisp.  I realize I’m not so turned off by the images.   In an odd way, the symbols works for me.   I could work with this deck and it would make a fun piece to use in a reading for someone.  Almost with a spark, I smile and begin to realize what, over the past decade, has just occurred.

The cover card.

The back of the cards.

Fool and Magician.

The Tarocchi delle Stelle, Tarot of the Stars, was published by Dal Negro in Italy in 1991 and created by Giorgio Tavaglione. I’ve done research on the web and it seems rather hard to find.  It seems to be a bit more valuable than your other standard tarot decks.  I was right about the collection piece part!  I’m not sure it will become my “main” deck anytime soon but it seems to have come along at just the right time.

It’s a lovely advance present.