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Layered Tarot Readings

I took a break with the opening of the New Year to recharge my batteries a bit.  I’ve been moving forward on my goals (and assignments from my favorite Goddess of War) and one of those is to create more videos for the Youtube channel.   First of all, I’ve decided to continue with the Moon Phase readings over the entirety of this year as well as taking part in the Pagans of Youtube Challenge.  More on that in the future.

I’ve been mulling over an idea for some time and this afternoon it finally dawned on me how to present it.  As a new card reader I would often “fire and forget” my readings.  Having acquired the information I would then move along and forget the implication of the reading instead of “layering” the old reading into the energy of the new reading.  It’s a beginner’s mistake but over time I did begin to do this.  As I grew more experienced I became interested in how the energies of one reading could and would blend into another, especially if two or more readings occupied the same temporal time space like, for instance, from the Winter Solstice to Imbolc.

This afternoon I struck upon an idea of how to show how my recent moon phase readings work and interact with the longer Solstice to Imbolc time period.   I couldn’t find any other videos really discussing it and so, after some quick sketches and ideas coming forward at lunch, I was able to make the video this evening.

Enjoy!  I look forward to your thoughts and comments.

More to come!



Rising Earth Energies and a Special Announcement

In my research regarding crystals and energy over the past few weeks I stumbled across an interesting notion.  It was put forward that the energy of the Earth has been increasing lately and it’s this increase which could  be causing so much of the traumas and dramas we have seen in the past two years.  (For clarification – The energy in question is the subtle energies that everyone can pick up on but few learn to use.  The etheric energy that seems to cover Mama Earth  call it what you will.)  The thought seemed to stick with me for several days and I finally decided it would be a good idea to do a card reading on the question.  If nothing else, it would be a good way to get in some practice!

And this is where I pause for a quick but very special announcement!

I was finally able to purchase a lower end video camera and, yes, I am officially inviting all of you to my Youtube channel!  I’ve had the best of times on there so far and am absolutely addicted to the amount of information to be found.  I’m hoping to use the channel to demonstrate not only readings but also my work in the field with dowsing materials.  If nothing else, I hope my efforts, if not educational or helpful, are at least entertaining.

And, yes, the reading which you will find below, is posted on my channel.

Back to the reading.  I did the reading in a style that I call a “conversation reading.”  It went well and I felt it had been very informative.  However, the sequence of events had not played themselves out to the full.

A few hours after doing the reading I was driving around town on errands.  The information in the reading had been very thought-provoking and, well, cool.  I realized that the question could not really be answered by one person.  We’re talking about an energy that spans the entire globe, right?  Last time I checked, this marble we live on is rather, well, HUGE.  I wanted to share my reading but I also wanted to hear other voices on the subject.  Inspiration struck again and I’ve decided to go one step further then simply posting the video.  I wanted to put out  a call.

After watching the video (or even BEFORE you watch the video), I’m asking everyone to do their own reading on the subject of  “Is the Earth’s Energy Increasing?” and then post your results as comments in the blog or as a video response on Youtube.  It can be any kind of reading you like with any kind of oracle or subject.  Tarot, runes, oracle cards, I-Ching or even other forms like Ouija/letterboard or an EVP session are all welcome. One card, seven cards, whatever size you wish to do.

This way we can get a much larger perspective to a subject that effects every one of us.

Enjoy and if you’re on Youtube follow the channel link in the vid and hook up with me there.