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Synchronicity and the Chariot

I started this post as a bit of a ramble regarding synchronicity.  Near the end I realized it was also about what I was being told by that synchronicity.


I’ve had the following up on the About page since the beginning of this blog, “Synchronicity is the currency of the magical.

I had a series of interesting experiences occur to me this morning and I realized it was as excellent example of how synchronicity and the magical/mystical works.   Here is a brief play by play of how it all went down.

As a matter of course in my morning, I usually stop to check the news.  Now, these days, I do it very sparingly and usually much later in the morning.  Typically, no more than twice a day.  Just before I do I will go through a small ritual where I ground and, basically, brace myself.  I remind myself to stay focused and to let things unground me.    This time I did the above and then I said quietly to myself, “Lead me to what I should see.”

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Tonight 11-11

A quick post before more time goes by.

In light of recent events over the past few days, this evening at 11:00 PM EST I will be sitting down in peace.   I will be taking time to focus on peace, care, illumination and healing for any and all  who may need it.   This is a turbulent, historic time and it stands to possibly get worse.  It feels as if the whole country and the world is holding it’s breath.  If nothing else, it is a little positive energy focused onto a weary world.

Please join me for whatever time you have available in whatever way suits you the best.   This morning at 11 AM I simply took a quick break and stood in a stairwell, focused on my breath and asked for the above.  It only took 5 minutes.  Tonight, I may go longer but there is no time limit.  Do what you can.


The Stellium

I had big plans for this weekend.  I really really did!  By late Thursday, however, I was starting to get a sense something or someone wanted me to hold back.  That’s when I checked into the astrological skies and found my answer.  I’m sure most of you have your favorite astrological pages.  I suggest that if you haven’t checked your favorite astrology page for the weekend you should plan on doing that next after reading this post.  I use a handful of pages myself along with my own base level knowledge to gather the information.  I’m glad I did because, as far as I could tell, this weekend is a real mess and not the time to move forward with ANY sort of initiative.  As far as solid astrology pages, Astroblogick happens to be one of my favorites.

In brief: today and over the weekend, six planets are joining up together  for the Aries New Moon, including Mars.  Sunday, Mother’s Day, has all the makings of a large train wreck.  (Treat Mom with extra love on Sunday and this includes Mother Earth!)   This combined with Mercury Retrograde has all the markings for “REALLY Bad Idea” when it comes to launching a new idea or project, especially one that just popped into your head late last week like mine did.    Let’s add in the fact this project involved a blog and communication and, well, there you have it.  I just ordered all engines to a full stop!

So consider this post a quick “heads up” and a small advertisement/announcement there are some fun and interesting things ahead.   I’ll be spending the weekend double checking some of my sources for a good time frame and doing what one SHOULD be doing during a time like this which involves putting the energies that ARE presented to good use; cleaning, organizing, planning and initial drafts!


Update — A PERFECT example of how crazy things are… If you  read the above and went, “Woah, wait a minute, it’s NOT Mother’s Day this weekend!” then let me explain.  You see, the above happened due to being up at 5 AM, no coffee AND somehow having my google calendar on the wrong month but not realizing it.

You should still, however, send love to your Mom this weekend.  Tell her it’s warm-up for next month…

Like I had to with mine.

More later!

Something Magical This Way Comes…

I’m working on about four different posts while also trying to get ready for Yule with my family.  Crazy times abound!  One of those posts involved focusing on the upcoming solstice/lunar eclipse.  Thankfully, I found someone who’s alreay done it for me!

I just wanted to point everyone in the direction of someone who says it all much better than I ever could!  My Coyote-Mama and mentor, Jesa.  She has some wonderful insights towards the energies coming forward.

You can find her post here.

The Winter Solstice, The Full Moon and the Lunar Eclipse

I wish everyone a grounded, magical and rejuvenating Solstice!

Oil Spill Commentary from the Tarot

After my early morning round of healing for the Gulf today I drew a card.  I drew a card when we started the work on Saturday morning.  The first card from Saturday was the Five of Cups.  I found it striking and clear as to it’s message

5 of Cups – Loss.  Regret. Loss that initiates change.  Losing hope and moving away.  Turning around from a horrible situation to find two full cups.

Is the Gulf situation without hope?  Is  it time to let go of the grief and the tragedy and move on to resolution?   The damage is completely out of control and becoming worse.  Is it time to look beyond what has happened and begin to prevent what could happen on the global scale?  I also took note of the far away building (city) and the dark gook around the fallen and spilled cups.  Two of the cups look as if they have spilled towards the river/water.  Perhaps I am ever hopeful but I was drawn to the two cups behind the person, standing upright but ignored.  There is a way out of this.  There is something being ignored as we only focus on our grief, anger and resentment.

This Solstice morning after performing the round I asked, “What is the outcome of the energy work towards the Gulf on this Solstice?”

The Tower.   Transformative down to the bare bones change.  Old foundations and ways of being, once strong in their stone walls, were about to be hit by lightning and awash with water.  Water again.  Shocking transformation and upheaval.  A wake up call of immense proportions.

The card is not meant for anyone that is already aware of the horrible system collapse we are about to see.  It is for the ones that, for so long, felt untouchable in their castles and towers.  Whatever comes next… that Tower card is for them.  If you look on the Tower card and say, “Well, that couldn’t possibly mean me,” then your time and world, as you know it, are limited.

The shake-up indicated by the Tower is something that perhaps none of us will see coming.  For Americans and the world to change their thinking over fossil fuel would take something on par with a world class disaster.  The habits, profits and thinking are already grilled into almost three generations.  The pathways have been burned in and the entire infrastructure is built upon it.  It would take something on par with the Tower to REALLY change things.  Is this it?

We will just have to wait and see where the lightning bolts strike.

I will continue to draw cards on this as we go through each day.  I’ll post them here as I can.

What are your thoughts?