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100 Posts at Midsummer

I wasn’t really paying attention but when I posted part three of my Quest story WordPress told me it was post number 99!   So, here it is Midsummer Solstice and I thought it was a perfect time to make sure that post  100 happened today.  I’m not sure how much more perfect it could have ended up, really.

It’s caused me to go back through old posts and to read up on things.  What I also discovered was this blog just had a four year birthday back in May (I guess I just wasn’t paying attention!) and I started dowsing five years ago at about the same time.  Has it been that long ago?  A lot of ground has been covered.  When I started the blog I didn’t necessarily have a focus.  I was hoping to take my previous twenty years of experience and cover a whole spectrum of subjects but the blog has, in a way, found it’s own voice.  When I first started I was hesitant and unsure of opening myself up here.  It was difficult at times and on more than one occasion a direct challenge from Spirit to show me that it would be alright if I shared.


Solstice Sunrise at My Reading Table Today

Fresh out of my Spirit Quest, I can’t help but feel that the best is yet to come and that I really have something to share with others.
There is so much “undiscovered country” out there and I’m hoping to take my lengthy experience and explore as much of it as I can.  Moving forward I’m hoping to share a bit more of my daily and weekly experiences and hopefully, through them, offer some instruction as well.  I’ve already made the decision to be led by the rods to fey areas and map them out as best I can.  I’m also wanting to research and find older trees and power spots within my county.  I’ve plinked around this idea for long enough, I think.  My only concern is how I will keep these areas secretive as I would not want people without the proper respect coming into them and “tromping them up” as the Fey have told me happens quite frequently.  A challenge for the future I will have to navigate, I suppose.

flowersToday, I’m heading out to one of the first Fey areas I spoke about on this blog and I’m reintroducing myself to the ones there.  I’ve got a few readings to do as well and then it’s time with family around cakes, World Cup and a big dinner.  This evening I will sit outside under the Midsummer stars, give thanks and hopefully write up a bit of the adventures from today with the Fey.

But, for now, I want to express my thanks to all of you who have come this far with me.  It has been a blessing to know that you are there, reading and listening to my stories and hopefully gleaning from them that, yes, there is magic out there.  Magic that has always been out there and, most importantly, waiting on you to find it.  The only way I can honor the support you’ve shown me is to make this blog better and even more consistent and fun.  This is one of the things I thought a lot about during my Quest and something I very much want to do.

Thank you very much and have a blessed and joyful Midsummer Solstice!






The Quest, Part Three

feyroomsThe next day was spent in quiet contemplation of my surroundings and watching Mama Nature do her thing all around me.  I awoke before dawn and made a brief morning fire and brewed some coffee while chewing on a handful of walnuts for breakfast.  It was odd having no schedule, nowhere to be and nothing to do.  To be honest, at first, it was not comfortable.

I think anyone in the modern day with a job and a family would have the same exact issue.  I’d say the first few hours of morning was spent forcing myself to just “be.”  So, against the constant barrage of thoughts that wanted me to “go over here and look at this” or “clean up this part of camp” or “go gather more firewood”, I simply sat still and waited.  In time, the thoughts calmed down and for lack of a better term I “floated” in place.

Later in the morning, I felt a slightly different impulse.  I felt what could only be called a tugging to stand up and go somewhere.  It felt natural, unforced.  So I stood up, grabbed my rods and began asking questions.  Can I leave this space and go for a hike?  Yes.  Will it be beneficial?  Yes.  Am I being called?  Yes.  These and a handful more confirmed to me that I was listening to spirit and not some form of mental distraction.  Once decided, the rods swung northward in a solid direction and I strolled out of camp.

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Daily Draw – September 5th 2012

I had to miss a few days there. Life seems to be coming at me pretty hard and fast. Most of it has to do with the full moon we’re currently coming out and hardcore change occurring.  Hopefully, I can get back in the swing of things as the week levels out a bit.

I’ve also decided to go back to posting up my Wildwood tarot draws for my magical path and switching it out with the Faeries Oracle as Spirit guides.  Even when not posting it here, I still take the time to draw the cards and when drawing the Faeries Oracle card I still drew a Wildwood tarot card because a.) I’m so fond of it and b.) It didn’t feel right to NOT draw a Wildwood tarot card.  So, it’s back to the Wildwood for me.

Another thought I’ve had is to make my Lenormand daily draws a separate post.  Not sure how I feel about it.  It’s an idea born more out of my organizational head than anything else and the extra post would take up a bit more time in the morning.  Let me know what you think about it and I’ll go from there.

As a brief catch-up, yesterday’s cards were Spiritual Path – Hooded Man (The Hermit) // Physical Day – Knight of Pentacles.  Although I did the Moon Phase reading yesterday morning most of my day was spent being very withdrawn energetically and spirtually while being very active with work and physical to-do’s.  It worked and it gave me a sense of renewal when I woke up this morning after several VERY hard days.

Thanks for sticking with me and here is today’s draw.

Spiritual Path – Seven of Vessels, Mourning – Not a very happy looking card but this is about the very important process of respecting and mourning for something that is now moving onward.  This synchs up perfectly with what I have been going through lately.  Change and transition.   It’s time to pay very dear respects to the Past and to those events and people that have had their effect and are now gone.  This is a very important for things to move forward.  As you can see, I drew another card to back up what at first could be a very bummer card.  The Faery Godmother is all about gifts, good news and blessings.  “When you least expect something good, expect it!” is what I hear her say most often.  So, with that all in mind, I will wait for the end of the day to update and see how things play out.

Physical Day – Two of Swords.  Mental decision time.  You can sit there all day weighing one or the other but ultimately, if one wants to move forward then a choice has to be made.  I’ll leave that as it is for now and see what happens during the day.

Update – Today was a really bad day.  Really rough and it’s only after several days am I able to go back and do this update.  The 7 of Vessels makes absolutely perfect sense in that the news we received today turned this day into a crux point, a spot that will allow me to go back, point my finger and say, “It all changed here.”   The news really rocked me at some pretty deep spiritual levels.   The 7 of Vessels reminds me now, looking back, that it REALLY is time to properly mourn not only the past but the future that was not meant to be.    More importantly, it reminded me to give it proper thanks and move on.  What is really odd about this is the Faery Godmother card.  I have to take this to mean that the news and the shake up was actually a good thing, even if I couldn’t really see it.  It was what I needed and it’s actually a blessing.  Still working through that one!

The Two of Swords was about a decision in the physical.  More importantly, it was about the confusion that can happen as you decide on which decision to make.  It’s about the blindness that can come about.  This fit perfectly as well even though I was not willing to accept it until now.


Lenormand Draws for the day

Bear + Birds

Bear + Birds —  Again, I’m still learning the Lenormand… The bear stands for power or a powerful person.  It can mean your personal power.  Birds can mean communication, emails, stress and business.  Powerful news?  Communications from an Older powerful man?  Powerful Stress?  We’ll just see how the day goes along and I will report back when I can.


Update – I originally took these cards to possibly mean Powerful news or communication with older, powerful men.  Earlier in the day I had a few of these in the way of phone calls.  I consider it a hit.  However, if you’ve read the update above, later in the day we received some very powerful news that really, really shook my wife and I down.  So, there’s a hit there.  Powerful communications, indeed, and not all of them very good.  Makes me start to dislike the Birds card!

Daily Draw – August, 29

Last night I got an amazing night of sleep and I’m ready for my Wednesday.  It looks like I got that rest just in time!

Magical Path – 5 of Stones, Endurance – My string of Major Arcana draws to a close and it looks like a day that might be taxing.  “Maintaining a resilient mind and retaining a sense of humor are most important to our health, along with the knowledge that the sun will rise on another day filled with opportunities.”  This was an interesting draw because I actually drew a different card but even as I drew the card it felt “wrong” even before I looked at it.  So, I drew another right next to it that felt better.  I’m going to wait and see how things go today and if it actually DID apply then I’ll post it up in the Update section.  Let’s just say that the Endurance card was a milder and more instructive card than the one I received…

Physical Day – Details, Details – I’m not sure if I’m happy to see this card or not.  I’ve received this card a few times for the Earth Readings on my Youtube channel.  It’s similar to a  Faeries Oracle card which I actually do like so perhaps I’ll go with that meaning.  My intuition tells me that this, in particular, applies to my day at work today.  More on that depending on how the day goes!


Daily Draw – August 28

Didn’t get this post up yesterday due to, well, you’ll see.

Today was a double draw.  What’s a double draw?  A double draw is when I’m shuffling and two cards pop out instead of one and fall face up.  This is what happened not once but with both decks.  So, I received four cards today instead of two!

Magical Path – The Stag and the World Tree – Two Major Arcana cards today and this will make four in a row.  This tells me that there is A LOT of high end work being done this week.  Today it focuses on the Stag which is the deck’s Justice card and the World.  These cards tell me that overall, today, things are going to go well but that I need to keep my internal focus shifted towards Universal Law, Karma and how it might play out on a larger world scale.  An internal shift that is focused on a larger world view.  Yeah, that should be easy-peasy, right?

Physical Day – Goblins and Movement – The Goblins return for a second appearance this week but also Movement begins to occur.  Not too worried about the Goblins but it’s good to know I’ve got more than enough ability to deal with them today.  I’m happy to see the Movement card as I’ve been in a bit of a Hanged Man status over one particular aspect of my physical life.  I’m hoping that this card speaks to a shift away from waiting and stasis.

Together, I’d say these cards mark a pretty large day filled with all sorts of ups and downs.  I’ve got a feeling that after today, I’m going to be pretty exhausted.



Update — Yep.  Absolutely exhausted.  I’m doing this post a bit late because I ended up sleeping a little more than 10 hours last night.  Yesterday was extremely taxing.  The goblins did, in fact, rear their heads at my workplace but I fought them back fairly well.  They returned again once I got home but again, I fended them off.  The Movement did occur but it was a way I was not quite expecting.  (Isn’t that always the case?)

On the Magical side of things, I saw no evidence of the Stag card today.  Actually, it did feel as if my spiritual awareness / presence was focused outside of myself.  That I was simply connected to a larger flow of events and that, today, I was doing alright.  It was a nice counter-balance to the hectic, non-stop physical day I had.

Daily Draw – Aug. 27, 2012

Running late today but have a short respite in the afternoon to get caught up!  Here are the cards from this morning.

Wow.  What a crazy combination!  Strength + Strength!

Magical Path – The Woodward, 11 – Another Major Arcana and this time it’s the Wildwood’s version of Strength.  (FYI – In some decks the eleventh card is Justice.)  In this case of the Strength card we are not talking about the deep courage and calm fortitude of a hunter.  We are not talking about any typical hunter here.  In the 17th and 18th Century, these were called Long Hunters. Men who would disappear into the deep wilds for days, weeks and months at a time in order to bring back sustenance to the settlement or fort.    “The Woodward is a hunter whose prey is the solutions in moments of crisis.”

Physical World – Strength, 44 – Uh.  More Strength.  This card was JUST pulled two days ago.  Strength in the magical and spiritual.  Strength in the physical world.  Whatever it is I need to know that I have more then enough fortitude to deal with it.  I am supported in all ways and from all sides.

Either I’m about to have a real craptastic day or I’m about to have a challenging day that is about to get schooled!


Daily Draw – August 26, 2012

The draw for the day.

Magical Path – Balance, 14 – Another major arcana card and this one speaks of REALLY focusing on the balance between action and inaction, yin and yang, giving and receiving

Physical Path – Listening –  It’s time to really listen to the world around you and to what people are saying.   Listen quietly and refrain from adding your opinion.  Learn from listening.  This is a perfect card for today and I’ll explain more as to why in the update.



Update – The Balance card was spot on today.  All day required a very intricate balance of knowing when to give and take, when to share and when to, well, Listen.  More on that in a second in the physical card.  A lot of things came together for me today and because of this card I was very focused on watching the balance of the energies around me.

Listening.  How perfect.  You see, my wife and I are in an art show together.  We’re working on a collaborative piece that will be on display at the local University art gallery.  It’s a complicated and spiritual piece which involves collecting people’s personal stories and accounts and then creating an audioscape as a backdrop to the piece.  My part within it is that I am the audio engineer and I’m collecting the stories.  Guess what I was slated to do all day today as friends came over to record their stories?  Yeah.  I was listening.  I was the chief Listener to be sure and, more importantly, I was being entrusted with safeguarding these amazing, moving experiences onto a recorded medium.