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Let Nature be your Teacher

I don’t normally reblog things but this is one statement that really pulls together everything and could be used every day, every hour. Big thanks to Joanna van der Hoeven for posting it.

Down the Forest Path

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Reading for the Current Moon Phase, August 2012

Hello everyone!  I almost forgot to post this here amongst all the Rarr energy of the past few days.  Below is a link to the new kind of reading I’m doing on my Youtube channel.  I call it a moon phase reading and it covers what we, as earth-workers, need to know from Mother Earth along the time period of the full moon to the next new moon phase on August 17th.  I’ll let the vid speak for itself.

I’ll be doing these readings twice a month. One for Full to New and then another from New to Full.  I hope you enjoy them and if you have any feedback be sure to let me know.

I have another project or two in the wings but I want to give it a few days and get out of Mercury Retrograde to make sure they’re “real.”  If they are then I will definitely subject you to them very very soon.

On C.G. Jung and the Red Book

Shortly after Spring Equinox I stumbled onto an odd statement that mentioned the psychiatrist C.G. Jung and a series of visionary experiences he had documented in something he had created called The Red Book“.   (And here is another good overview link from BoingBoing.)  Containing an extensive record of his psychic adventures, images and mandalas, it had only been published in 2009.   I was struck with curiosity and immediately began to investigate.

I was aware of “what” C.G. Jung was and his impact on modern psychology but I did not know “who” he was.  I knew only what I might have learned in a basic psychology course and even then I would consider myself rusty.  I knew he had dubbed the term synchronicity and had an important influence on some of the more revolutionary thought concerning inner experiences. I knew that he had worked with one of my favorite of oracles, The I Ching. In investigating what was called the Red Book totally caught me off guard while at the same time shoring up several different levels of my personal foundation towards psychic activity.

Within the Red Book, Jung chronicled his adventures with what he dubbed “active imagination.”  Different from most forms of reflection and meditation, these encourage one to enter into a reflective, quiet state with the full intention of making some form of contact with the entities of your Unconscious.  In short, he was doing what shaman’s call “entering the Underworld” or the Dreamtime of the Australian aborigines.  The Red Book was kept from the public and academia for fear it might put an ill light on his his professional work.  In these days such a thing, though not unheard of, would still place a psychologist in a different vein.  During Jung’s time it could have easily ruined him and all of his groundbreaking work in the eyes of not only the public but academia as well.

Unfortunately, the Red Book is currently quite expensive and going for around $150 on the internet.  What is not expensive are copies of his other work!  I looked for his book that he had written expressly on active imagination but it was not in my local bookstore.  There were a few by other authors but I wanted information from the original source.  I wanted to read HIS words, no one else’s.

What was, however, was a copy of “Memories, Dreams and Reflections.”  It proved to be the right choice.   I highly recommend the book to anyone with an interest in inward (or outward) journeying for it is almost entirely what his life was about.  He says as much in the initial pages of the book!  It showed me how his work was the initial springboard that propelled my other hero, Joseph Campbell and his work into the Hero’s Journey and mythology.  What is the most interesting is how Jung, throughout the book, oftentimes states dream encounters or active imagination journeys which he feels were aided by an “outside intelligence.”  It was these journeys that caused him to press further and state terms and theories concerning the Universal Unconscious.

What surprised me more was to learn that Jung, later in his life, dove headfirst into the study of alchemy and gnosticism.  His personal  library was considered to be one of the most thorough collections of antique alchemical wisdom and lore!  Alchemy is something I am coming towards slowly and it’s depths, frankly, intimidate me!  There is truth there, however, and I’ll sail those shores eventually.

Discovering that one of the original cornerstones of modern psychiatry was, in fact, a shaman was incredibly grounding for me and my own life!  I’ve been researching Jung and taking his theories and placing them over my own work, my own meditations.  After more research on the web and through reading, I went through a handful of active imagination sessions.  (You could call them conscious lucid dreaming sessions.)  When successful I cannot stress enough how powerful they were upon me.  However, there is a warning for these sessions.  They are not to be taken lightly and it is recommended they be done with the utmost respect and care.  When you do you tap directly into the mysteries and flow of your personal Unconscious and the denizens that live there!

After a few very intense sessions, I decided to dowse for more wisdom and learned that a break was necessary before continuing.   In short, as I began to gaze into the Underworld it, in turn, began to gaze back!  I’ve come to learn that this is all part of the process and integration, the hero’s journey, but it was, nevertheless, shocking.

During this time, I took a break from writing on this blog.  I did not stop intentionally, mind you, but it became increasingly difficult to put into words what I was experiencing.  These experiences though internal began to also ring and resonate on the outer world as well.  It has taken me many months to work with the information and education given, to sort things out, to understand how it might be worked with and, finally, to come somewhere close to verbalizing them.

What I have found is that they interlock and mesh wonderfully with psychic/energy work.  In fact, they ARE psychic/energy work.  My reading and work with it has given a new clarity to my third eye, my visualizations, my communication with Spirit and Nature.  When I read of others having meditations and inward visualized journeys I can see the same anchors, cues and symbols found in active imagination sessions.  I want to yell, “Get ye a copy of  ‘Memories, Dreams and Reflections!’ ”  What is the most rewarding is knowing that although MOST of the time we are simply having a deep and immersed conversation with ourselves there are times we are, most definitely, speaking to something outside our the realm of our physical senses.

And, so, this is where I have been since Spring.  I hope to post at least one of my active imagination sessions but I will not post many.  They are to be considered personal treasures, revealed to few, and I intend on holding that promise.  However, it might help to give an example of the type of experience one can have when doing them.

I will be posting more on tarot, oracles and nature work soon enough.  My work with Jung has only underscored my love of the symbolism in the cards and what they can communicate not only to yourself but in broadening one’s connection to the spiritual side of Nature.  Now that the most recent stage of the deeply personal voyage has slowed I can hopefully share more with you, the reader.

As I am fond of saying from time to time, “The past is simply prologue.”  Thanks for reading along and more to come!

The Blasted Tree

(This is one of those posts originally drafted back in April.  I have at least one more of these to finish up and then we’ll be up to present.)

After taking my daughter to a school function, I felt the urge to pull over and investigate an area I had driven past several times in the past.  The area was a narrow strip of woodland that ran long a walking trail and between medical buildings and apartment buildings.  I’d noticed that the strip was fairly untended and, at times, larger than it might first appear.  A wide creek ran through the area as well.  I was curious as to what might be there and with undergrowth just past ankle high, I figured now was my chance. It was a cool Spring morning and the traffic was light so I pulled into a parking lot and headed onto the trail.

In a few moments I’d found a game trail and was wandering down to the creek.  I’d been pulled in here by something and I was curious as to what it might be.  I was surprised at how “alive” the area felt considering how close it was to human interaction.  Of course, I’ve learned with my dealings with the area around Grandmother Tulip this means very little and you can have some pretty energy intense areas butted right up against populated and well traveled land.  I wandered around the creek, poking at rocks and some small fossils.  I decided to walk the trail a bit further and simply follow my intuition.

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Look Sharply, Mates!

I do have three new posts in the works, one of which you should see this afternoon.  In the meantime, I wanted to kick out my weekly earth energy reading for any of you interested.  I’m doing this because it would appear we have  a week ahead of us that might hold a landmine or two if you are working with earth energies.

I’m also curious as to your own thoughts on the matter.  So much so that I’ve turned it into a collaborative reading.   Let me know what you think, either here or on the youtube page.

Cheers and keep your wits!

Invitation to the Four Sisters

Last Friday I had another amazing experience at the park featuring the KL Line.  Let me tell you a bit of background before we get into the story.  I’ve been coming to this park for almost two years.  Sometimes to just read, walk around, study nature, do some birdwatching or, on occasion, do tarot readings and do some dowsing.  Off to the side is a particular shelter house I go to when I just want to sit at a table, have lunch and either work or let the world go by.

Lately, over the past two or three weeks, I was beginning to notice the minute I started doing any kind of activities involving energy work I seemed to attract park workers and visitors.  Several times I would enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet, decide to get my cards and then, wah-lah, the park crew shows up with a mower, a weed-eater or a trashbag to pick up the trash in the shelterhouse.  Park visitors would walk by, children from the small playground a decent space away would somehow “wander over.”  Was I starting to glow a bit TOO brightly?  What was going on?  One day I even did an experiment where I purposefully “summoned” park maintenance by opening my tarot deck.  After that I decided I needed to find “someplace” to do my work in the park that was not so much in the public eye.

This particular visit I was hunkering down in the shade of the shelter house and getting away from the oppressive heat wave as best I could.  I was working on a project.

As stated earlier, my first forays into this realm involved spirit contact and channeling.  When I first started dowsing, it was with a pendulum and a letterboard.  Using my knowledge up to that point, I was very curious with what I would get.  I was not disappointed but as I worked with the pendulum, I was dissatisfied with the slowness of the process and the letterboard.  First the pendulum had to recover from swinging towards one letter and then gain momentum to swing to the next.  After beginning work with L-Rods this Spring I realized they were much faster and so, for the past several months, I’ve been thinking of how to use the dowsing rods in the same way but also make it portable.

I hit on an idea and it was those supplies I had spread out in front of me at my picnic table.  I was delighted to see the heat had driven everyone indoors, even the park workers.  I had just begun the initial test run when the wind picked up.  I arranged my papers, weighted a few down and started again.  The wind blew again.  I stopped and the wind died down.  I tried again and the wind blew as if on cue. I stopped.  The wind disappeared.  I took a deep breath, began again and this time it blew so hard that the L-rods were useless.  I sensed something was playing with me so I stopped what I was trying to do.  Sure enough, the wind stopped.

“Are you trying to get my attention?” I asked whatever it was and my dowsing rods crossed into the “Yes” position.  Are you a wind spirit?  No.  Are you a spirit?  Yes.  Are you a local spirit?  Yes.

Through a series of yes/no questions I dowsed that “Whatever It Was” was wanting to show me something and that I should follow where it pointed.  I packed up my things and with a single L-Rod in my hand instructed, “Lead on, MacDuff.”

The rods pointed southward and toward a line of pine trees.  I began strolling that way and watching the L-rod for any deviation.  It was straight on.  I walked about another 50 yards and I saw it was now pointing to a maple tree left standing in the long row of pines.  The maple was tucked up near the park fence and its canopy connected to other trees that were on private property.  And it was no ordinary maple tree! Though not large it was a four trunked tree.  I’d seen many two and an occasional three trunked one but to see a healthy four trunked maple tree was something I had not seen before.  The area was shaded, level and looked wonderfully peaceful.  I used the single L-rod for yes/no questions.  Moving to the left meant “no” and to the right meant, “yes.”

“Are you trying to show me something here?”  Yes.  “Are you wanting me to see this place?” YES!   Finally getting to the area and seeing that it was a small depression in the ground I realized that between that,  the screen of small pines and the thicker trees on the private property, I was nearly invisible here!  It was shaded, cooler and large enough for me to walk around.  It also gave me a wonderful view of the Eastern sky.  “Did you lead me here so I could do work here?”  Yes.

I was then hit with the sense of happiness and peacefulness.  I felt like I had been given, yet again, a special gift.   I gave thanks and began dowsing for more information.  The area was filled with a strong female energy which was coming, mainly, from the four trunked maple tree.   I asked if any of the trunks were male at all and was given a “no.”

“So, you’re four sisters?” and my rod literally spun around in my hand!

I also noticed there were small grey feathers around the place.  Throughout the visit I found six, five from one species and one from another.  I collected them and gave thanks for their owners sacrifice.

“Are you the spirit that blew the wind.” No.  “It was someone/something else?” Yes.  “Are you connected to it?” Yes.  “Was it a human spirit?” No.  I asked several more questions and got negative answers.  I was actually starting to get stumped and then, like most riddles, it popped into my head.

“Was it the Genius Loci, the spirit of the Place?”  Yes.  “The spirit of the park?” YES!  It felt like confetti was thrown and, literally, a summer breeze rolled over me.  It’s really hard to describe the level of connection that occurs when these things begin to fall into place.  Of course, I had that moment of “Oh, so this is what going mad is like!” but because of that level of connection I really didn’t care.  As I like to joke, “Going mad feels pretty damn good!”

I spent the rest of my time there simply finding a powerful spot to sit and taking in the energy.  I had been given a spot to work.  I was elated and honored.   I left a small pile of tobacco there.

Now, if the heat would just let up I could actually enjoy it.