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To All Things…

I think it’s time.

I first started this blog on May 13th, 2010.  Ten years and a month is a pretty good run for an internet site with irregular postings, don’t you think?  A lot has happened in that time and even more so the past year has brought some pretty intense revelations and experiences.  I’m sorry I’ve not journalled them here but well, they were not for here.  If you’ve been a long standing reader of this blog then I know you understand.

Because of everything that has occurred I’ve recently come to the realization that this blog has reached the end of the line.  It’s an odd, bittersweet feeling because I very much like what I’ve written and have created here but I also know it is time to let it go, to move on.  To say, with certainty, this is done.

Another part of bringing things to a close is that I’ve gone back and toggled nearly all of the old posts to Private, archiving them and tucking them away.  I’m sorry for this but, you see, I don’t think this was ever supposed to exist into some public, digital perpetuity.  Perhaps at another time I will change my mind on this and some of the old posts may resurface.  However, As a sign of shutting the doors around here and flipping off the lights, the posts need to come down.  It’s a way of marking the past as the Past and a way of empowering my movement forward into the Future.

And yes, in that future is a new blog and a new project.  Actually my last request, dear reader, is you stick around just a little bit longer.  When the new site is ready in the next week, I will put an announcement here as a final waymarker to what is to come.  I would love for you to join me there.

I can’t believe how far this has come since those initial wandering posts.  I am extremely grateful for everyone who has posted comments, clicked a like or just read along on this strange and wonderful journey I’ve been on.  It’s impossible to express what that feels like.

We all have our own different paths to journey down and thank you so very much for walking a little bit with me here.

I hope to see you along the next stage of the journey.

Peace and Strength.




Those You May Not See

The Fey are real.

But they’re not.

You won’t bump into one in the middle of the street in broad daylight, all pointy eared and buzzing wings.

But you might.

I’ve worked with the Fey for some time now. What started as outright disbelief turned into a passing curiosity which then over time and several experiences, moved into something I would call a wonderful friendship..

To be clear, I’m not talking about the fairies of folklore.

But I am.

I’m talking about something a bit more hard to pin down. I call them the Fey or the Fair Folk, out of necessity and to give people a point of reference. I prefer to think of them as Elementals, Nature spirits, unseen allies.

You know, Faeries.

But not.

Working with the Fey is a matter of perception and staying alert to your intuition, your internal perception. It’s a creative give-and-take which is incredibly difficult to constrain into a simple checklist of “How do I do this?” However, that’s one of the things I’ll try to do here.

The toughest part is to realize they will hear you if you talk to them.

The easiest part is believing in magic.

Or do I have those reversed?

The trick is understanding that although they may hear you, they may choose not to listen or respond, Though in my experience, they always respond.

It just may not be as quickly as like.

Or in the way you would prefer.

They communicate through feelings, emotions, and odd images in your mind’s eye. The best way to sense them and communicate with them is meditation. You have to learn to quiet your mind and to trust your inner perceptions. Practice with your third eye. Practice lucid dreaming and visualization. It will help. I have heard the sound of their laughter, of chimes, horns, bells. I’ve heard comments, had formal communication and felt their presence around me.

But I haven’t.

There are places where they are quite active. These are, generally, areas of wildness and wood. However, they can also be found in abandoned places in a city or on the edge of an urban park.  You can find them in a national forest and just as easily sense them in a small patch of an urban park or on abandoned property.  Look to the liminal.

The best way to find “Fair Folk” is to stop looking for them.

It’s not about seeing them physically.

It’s about sensing them with your inner senses.

They are closer than you think.