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Layered Tarot Readings

I took a break with the opening of the New Year to recharge my batteries a bit.  I’ve been moving forward on my goals (and assignments from my favorite Goddess of War) and one of those is to create more videos for the Youtube channel.   First of all, I’ve decided to continue with the Moon Phase readings over the entirety of this year as well as taking part in the Pagans of Youtube Challenge.  More on that in the future.

I’ve been mulling over an idea for some time and this afternoon it finally dawned on me how to present it.  As a new card reader I would often “fire and forget” my readings.  Having acquired the information I would then move along and forget the implication of the reading instead of “layering” the old reading into the energy of the new reading.  It’s a beginner’s mistake but over time I did begin to do this.  As I grew more experienced I became interested in how the energies of one reading could and would blend into another, especially if two or more readings occupied the same temporal time space like, for instance, from the Winter Solstice to Imbolc.

This afternoon I struck upon an idea of how to show how my recent moon phase readings work and interact with the longer Solstice to Imbolc time period.   I couldn’t find any other videos really discussing it and so, after some quick sketches and ideas coming forward at lunch, I was able to make the video this evening.

Enjoy!  I look forward to your thoughts and comments.

More to come!



Questing Path Redux

Blessed Summer Solstice!  As a Solstice gift to all of you I’d like to offer up something that I’ve been working on since before Beltane.

Back on Beltane, guided by intuition and, I believe, spiritual nudging, I felt the urge to look once again at my Pathway Spread. In meditation space, at the heart of my glen, I held the issues I had with the spread in the forefront of my thoughts. As I looked at it and asked for guidance I heard/felt something like, “Don’t you think it’s too focused on facing difficulty?” This was an interesting thought and as I traveled down it I realized it was correct. I set about streamlining the spread and on Beltane evening I sat down with the new spread.

Upon completion it “felt” better, more supportive. The spread was originally a 7 card spread with one mid-points of navigation between the starting point and the destination. Then, I modified it slightly to include 2 mid-points of navigation moving the number up to 8 cards total. The issue became that there were also 2 Challenges cards as part of the spread as well. If the 2 navigation points came up with difficult cards then the spread could have a total of 4 “challenging” cards against 2 allies, a beginning and a destination. No wonder it felt so heavy!

Coming out of meditation, I got to work in redesigning the spread, streamlining it and focusing on support and forward movement instead of obstacles. The card reduction came back down to 7 which I prefer and took me back to the original inspiration on the spread. Also, the supportive cards are now 4 in number instead of 2. Beltane evening, I gave the spread it’s first test run with my destination being the Summer Solstice. Over the following 2 months I was incredibly pleased with the results and the accuracy of the new spread.

I’m happy to present the “New” Questing Path Spread or, what I’m calling it, the Questing Path Redux.



So you kind readers will not have to go clicking back through past posts, I’ll include the full write up below of all the positions and what they mean. You’ll note the layout order of the draws has changed slightly. Otherwise, not much of these have changed but I’d rather present it all together as one package!

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Ripples on the Ocean

So, I was unable to get a post out last week which means that you get two posts this week!

First off, let’s talk about staying flexible in the middle of your practice!  After all this talk of “staying in the present” and no future/no past in your oracle readings, a very interesting video came across my “virtual desk.”  As these things often happen the minute you try to solidify an approach, this video, from Eckhart Tolle, talks about the mindset needed when you engage planning and looking to the Future.  Not only that, further along at the 4:35 mark, he talks about the importance of reviewing your Past.  In all of this he talks about the mindset necessary to NOT get off track of where you are in the Present.

All in all, a very helpful teaching.  It was if the Universe, as a beneficial instructor, was adding a bit of commentary to everything I had said previously.  As if to say, “Well, you’ve ALMOST got it right.  Now, add this into your recipe…”

Take the things I have said previously and give yourself the gift of thirteen minutes to watch the video.  Go get a coffee, or a tea and a snack.  He says it all a lot better than I ever could!

So, then, how do we apply this into readings?  I could jokingly say, “very carefully.”  However, in review, the key concept is not to fall out of balance with your Mind and your thoughts (which is what I was saying originally.)

What I have to correct is my early feelings that the Future and the Past are dangerous tools of the Ego.  Well, they are BUT I believe it could be better said that they are dangerous tools if you let them stay in the power of the Ego.  Otherwise, they are simply tools.  A hammer is a dangerous weapon if placed in the wrong hands but an amazing and effective tool if used properly and then placed back in the toolbox.  So, yes, I am correcting things from my previous statements.

We CAN use the Past and Future in our readings.  See, flexibility in practice.  The key, after watching the video, is not making them overly important!

Now, again, this gets tricky if you draw a card that is overly dire for the Future spot!  The wisdom we can apply here comes in at the 6:20 mark where he talks about how projected outcomes no longer effect who you are in the Now.  He goes on to offer some very powerful wisdom over the next minute or so and I’ll simply let you listen to it, gain what you need from it.  After the 9:00 minute mark it tends to get off the mark but watch it till the end for the absolute joy of watching him come THIS close to to dropping the F-bomb.

So, where does that leave me?  Well, to be honest, it leaves me at a point of being happily derailed.  Perhaps this is why I did not post last week because I’ve been processing the information?  I still feel very strongly about the Past and Future placements being illusionary but I feel that with this new information they can now be used sparingly and with caution.

More to come later this week as I try to put together a spread that captures this new information.



The Tarot of Now

In my previous post I spoke about doing card readings with no sense of past or future, using the cards to get advice on a subject while staying as much in the present as possible.  This was inspired in me after reading Eckhart Tolle’s “Power of Now.”  If you are new to this, I recommend checking out that post to get my full thoughts.  This concept took me several weeks to get my brain around due to habit and good, old-fashioned stubbornness of wanting a timeline.  I simply had the hardest time letting go of concepts of Past and Future when doing a reading!

For this post I’m going to talk about a simple one card reading with no talk of “spreads” or placements.  A lot of it could be considered pretty basic, simple steps to a reading.  It’s funny how we always come back to the simple things, isn’t it?  If you’re a more advanced reader I imagine the next few paragraphs may be boring…

Let’s get started.

The first thing necessary is to quiet your mind and gain a sense of Being.  Isn’t that what is recommended before every single kind of divination and energy practice in all of existence?  Gosh, I wonder why that is?   Regardless, it is not as difficult as it sounds.  Remember what I said about returning to simple things?  We seem to think that getting connected to that sense of Being needs to be complicated.  This is simply the Ego trying to make something more complicated because by doing so it makes it more important, right?  It is, in actuality, not complicated at all.  I often use one or two of the practices offered in Tolle’s book and I’ll cover my favorites very briefly.

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Conversational Tarot

These days I have a particular style when I work with most oracles, mainly tarot cards.  I will, on occasion, use a prepared spread but even when I do it’s typically a spread I have designed with my own questions and my own thoughts on the central subject.  I call this style – conversational tarot.

The whole idea is to engage the cards in a conversation, as if there is someone sitting right there with you and the cards are the only form of communication.  On occasion this might only be one card, oftentimes it is more like three to 10.  It depends on the subject and your time limit in doing the reading.  I do not claim to have invented this.  I know it’s not new.  It goes by other terms as well.  (One of them being Intuitional Reading, I believe.)

The only difference between doing this and a standard card layout is there is no structure.  Whereas a standard layout provides a nice flight plan for you and the reading, conversational mode is much like jumping in your plane and going for a spin with no destination in mind.   All you know is that you’re looking for an answer to a question.  Both ways can be fun and both have innate strengths and weaknesses.

Note – Conversational mode can also be a bit difficult for a beginner.  It could cause frustration until you become well versed with the system you’re using.  The best way to become acquainted with conversational readings is to practice doing them.  Here are some very basic steps on how to get started.   Then, see my example below.

1.) Have a question in mind, imagine someone sitting with you and then ask/write down a question.

2.) Once done with the question, draw a card.  What does it tell you?  What does it suggest to you?  Let your intuition roam free and go with the first things or inputs that come to you.

3.) This card will sometimes cause another question to come to the surface.  Alternatively, you may need some clarity to the card given.  Ask, “Can you make that last statement a bit more clear for me?”  Then, draw another card.  Make sure to make notes along the way or, even better, record the session with a digital recorder so you can make notes later.

4.) What often happens at this point is that a “conversation” begins and you can begin to dig into the information you need to answer the question for yourself.  You will usually know when you are finished.

5.) When finished, give a heartfelt “thank you,” and gather the deck.  Close down the reading and make any further notes.

Here is a quick example that I did right after writing this post.  Here I’m using the Llewellyn tarot.

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Earth Energy Reading for Spring Equinox

So as not to neglect this blog I thought it would be good of me to post the most recent video I did on the earth energy reading.  I do these readings weekly and their focus is what we, as earth workers, gridworkers, etc need to know about the coming week’s energy and interactions.

Hope you find it enjoyable and that the Spring Equinox is treating you well!

On The Road to Lammas with the Wildwood Tarot

So, in perfect timing with a large move, I got an assignment from the Universe.

It wasn’t a surprise.  I had asked for it in the first place.  About ten days ago, I realized that  in my dumb, ego filled way, I had not asked the Universe/Powers That Be what THEY would like for me to work on.  It was always on my time, always on what I wanted.  It struck me it had been a very long time since I had stepped back and simply asked for advice.

Using the upcoming First Harvest Festival of Lammas as a marker I decided to see what I needed to work on up to that point.  After Lammas, I would ask again and continue to do so.  I sat in quiet meditation and was given the information I should use my new Wildwood Tarot deck.  I set some time aside the next day and proceeded to download what I needed to know.  The results surprised me with their accuracy and strength but what should one expect when they finally take the time to ask, “Hey, Universe, what would you like for me to do?”

Since picking up the Wildwood Tarot by Mark Ryan and John Mathews, I have been overwhelmed with the connection I have with the card set.  I would venture to say it rivals my connection to the Faeries Oracle deck which is REALLY saying something.  I’ve not combined the two in a reading just because I am a bit concerned a swirling portal will open in my new apartment and  splay all manner of Fey and Wildwood denizens about the place.  Although fun, I’m afraid the mess to the surrounding area might be a bit hard to explain!  Regardless, I will give it a go in the near future and the neighbors will just have to deal with the noise.

I’ve always been very laid back about my decks and who touches or even uses them.  It’s odd to hear myself say this when I am talking about the Wildwood Tarot but I find that this deck, and this deck alone, is the only deck I will not let anyone else touch; not at this point anyway.

If you have any connection to the primal pulse of Nature/Earth energy, work with any nature based religion, or just have a calling to Mother Earth’s Dreamtime then it’s in your favor to pick up a copy of this deck.  Follow the links to the deck’s website so as to get a better feel.  For now, I am going to be very sparse with images from this deck because I want to respect the fact it’s a new deck and the images are VERY different.  If I gain permission to put more up, I most certainly will because the images by Will Worthington are absolutely stunning!

I used the Bow Spread from the included book.  I intuitively felt it matched  the question I was asking of the deck.  My “aim” for the bow was to know what I needed to know leading up to Lammas.

I also used my L-rod to choose the cards instead of choosing them myself.  I also used the L-rods to help answer any questions I had during the reading.  I’ve started doing this more as a way to clarify any confusion in a reading and to help suss out answers to questions.  Note – I’ve taken the numerous pages I wrote and parred down to the central essence of the reading.

1.) Significator – The Great Bear
(Also Judgement in a traditional Tarot deck.)  The Great Bear is the sentinel of the Passage grave.  A time of great change.  An initiate waits to be reborn.  Being reborn in the place of stillness.

2.) The Bow (The point in which to focus skills) – Knight of Stones, Horse
Healthy, physical activity.  Physical strength will be important.

3.) Conscious Limb (How do you “think” about the question) – 7 of Stones, Healing
Healing and closure on the conscious level, on the thoughts and mental aspects that have wounded me.  The deepest stages of healing is forgiveness.

4.) Spiritual Limb (How do you “feel” about the question) – The Wanderer
(Also the Fool in trad. tarot.)  A juncture.  A turning point.  A time to feel some adventure and leap.  No fear.

5.) String of the Bow (Energy of situation) – The Journey
(Also the Death card.) Leap into the dark.  Do not fear change.  Time to lay the past to rest with love and thanks.  A shifting and transition to the next phase.  Lots of momentum here.

6.) Fletching (What guides the solution) – 9 of Stones, Tradition
Lessons from the past.  Guidance will come from traditional places and sources.  Listen to the wisdom of past spirits for this is not new to them.

7.) Arrowhead (Intent of the reader.  The Outcome) – 3 of Stones, Creativity
Creative energy manifestation requires a clean and open channel that, in this case, is about to be cleared by a powerful phase of transition.  Be ready to not only listen but for your creativity to ramp up 100 fold.  Be ready for creation to spring forward as the old burns away.


It was obvious, right from the start, Spirit wanted to talk to me about this move and to reassure me.  The idea to move to our new place was concerning me a great deal and was, literally, a leap of faith (see the Wanderer card above.)  It also wanted to warn me.  I had already sensed this coming but this was confirmation this was more than just a move.  Spirit wanted me to understand that this was a SHIFT and a MOVE.  It was to not be taken lightly and it was an opportunity to leverage the move on the physical in order to make a shift on the spiritual.  The spirit of the situation, The Journey or Death, made that VERY clear to me.

The new place would be a  MUCH better place for our spirituality since it is nestled up, very nicely, against the woods and the ridge I have come to love since living in the area.  In fact, it’s the woods where most of my Earth Energy videos have been shot.  If you’ve followed my Youtube channel, you’re aware that I also recently stepped out of the broom closet and have been trying to walk my talk a bit more publicly.  This move was my chance to purge the old, stifling habits and to really integrate my inner spirituality with my everyday, physical living environment.   For instance, previousl,y my workspace had been down in a small windowless room of the basement.  Now, the plan was to make the middle level into office spaces for my wife and I and I  would be openly displaying my books and decks for my friends and family to see when they come to visit.  A first for me and a fairly big deal.

The Conscious Limb, 7 of Stones, was spot on as well as over the past ten days I have faced many opportunities to heal from past mental wounds.  For instance, I found a small box of old love letters from my first fiancee from high school.  I think they had been dropped off by my mother who found them in an old storage place.  She handed them off to me and I think in a rush not to deal with them I stuffed them in a corner.  I found mementos of my past college days and had to sort out and deal with them.  I discovered, with only a little difficulty this time, that in order to heal one has to open up, thank and release.  I’ve released a lot in the past several weeks.

In addition, the 7 of stones shows a man lying in a stone circle and being healed by the Green Woman.  I used this imagery several times as I drifted off to sleep in the evening.  Each night, I asked for healing energy and the strength to get through this time.

I had to laugh about the Knight of Stone/Horse card since I would be the one doing most of the heavy lifting.  How was I to know, during the actual move, that I would be lifting, carrying and struggling for four days in 100+ heat and humidity.  Like a horse, indeed!

Every day since the reading I focused on my path as described in this reading and pulled a card to ask for advice for my path to Lammas.  Imagine my surprise when on the morning of the first two days I drew The Great Bear twice in a row!  On the third day I drew The Journey.  Each day, more information, more aid in walking the path to Lammas.  As I write this, I have The Mirror guiding me which reminds me to ease up today, to reflect, to surrender my will and be patient.  The next few days are coming and Lammas will soon be here.   (And, today, while I edit this before posting, I’ve drawn the Ancestor card for the day before Lammas.  “The Ancestor stands before the gateway of nature which symbolizes another beginning…”)

All in all, it was a powerful reading that gave me a very clear path leading up to the coming holiday of first harvest.  Several times during the move I could see how hard we were working and see similarities to a farm family working in the field so as to get in the first harvest.  That was us and we were “reaping what we have sown.”

Sitting now in my new office space and looking out at the beautiful summer woods from my porch, I cannot say “thank you” enough and I’m curious to see what comes at Lammas with my next “assignment.”