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A Troubling Find

Near the end of finishing up my perimeter work, I came across my first complication in my work with the glen.  I was traveling off-path and basically beating the bushes as I did my best to follow the line from large tree to another.  I had no idea where the line would lead next though it appeared to be aiming at another large tulip poplar dead ahead.   Sure enough, the line held steady, touching the back edge of the tree, placing most of it within the perimeter.  As usual, I began to see if the line connected onward or did it turn at the tree?   It continued onward.

As I stepped forward the next few feet the rods took a very unusual turn to the right.  It was more of a twitch or a jerk, actually.   It was not something that I had seen with this type of work and I retraced my steps to be sure.  Yes, it was still there and the rods took me on an odd curving angle towards another tree and then turned a hard right 90 degrees.  They then held steady.  I retraced things to confirm and yes, it was correct.

Taking another step, I saw that I was coming up on one of the walking paths that cuts through the woods.    As I took another step I saw a flash of bright red under some brush.

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The Tarot of Now

In my previous post I spoke about doing card readings with no sense of past or future, using the cards to get advice on a subject while staying as much in the present as possible.  This was inspired in me after reading Eckhart Tolle’s “Power of Now.”  If you are new to this, I recommend checking out that post to get my full thoughts.  This concept took me several weeks to get my brain around due to habit and good, old-fashioned stubbornness of wanting a timeline.  I simply had the hardest time letting go of concepts of Past and Future when doing a reading!

For this post I’m going to talk about a simple one card reading with no talk of “spreads” or placements.  A lot of it could be considered pretty basic, simple steps to a reading.  It’s funny how we always come back to the simple things, isn’t it?  If you’re a more advanced reader I imagine the next few paragraphs may be boring…

Let’s get started.

The first thing necessary is to quiet your mind and gain a sense of Being.  Isn’t that what is recommended before every single kind of divination and energy practice in all of existence?  Gosh, I wonder why that is?   Regardless, it is not as difficult as it sounds.  Remember what I said about returning to simple things?  We seem to think that getting connected to that sense of Being needs to be complicated.  This is simply the Ego trying to make something more complicated because by doing so it makes it more important, right?  It is, in actuality, not complicated at all.  I often use one or two of the practices offered in Tolle’s book and I’ll cover my favorites very briefly.

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The Then, There and Now of Divination

As it should be obvious by now, I’ve been interested in  oracles and divination systems for a long time.  I’ve worked with them for so long they have become a central part of my daily life.  One of the first concepts anyone who studies divination learns to work with is the basic, 3 card Past, Present and Future spread.  Matter of fact, it becomes a foundation of any reading from there on out.  It takes different forms.

“What I need to know from the past?”
“What experience from the past is influencing the issue now?”
“What can I expect of the issue in the future?”
“What should I know a month from now?”

It is, after all, what oracles are for, right?  They are there so you can learn about things in advance, so you can prepare for them, right?  Right?

You take those three ideas, Past, Present and Future and, as you become skilled, you build a reading around them with other questions or ideas in order to get a clearer “image” of the issue.  Those three questions became a tripod of support for nearly all the work I’ve done with divination in all it’s myriad forms.  I’ve done it this way since I picked up my first rune stones.

You can imagine the upset to things in my sandbox when Eckhart Tolle came along with new wisdom and kicked over the Past and the Present and informed me they carried no weight! No matter what the cards might say those sections of past and future simply did not exist.  The cards and the moments of Past and Future were simply illusions, curtains of the Ego.

I might have dismissed his information simply out of habit or out of a deep set sense of Ego, of not wanting to, in effect, “start over” or “be wrong.”  Matter of fact, I know I would have done all of this if not for the fact that almost immediately it was proven to me he was right.  The Present is all we have AND all we will EVER have.  It is hard, simple, elegant, and sacred Truth.

So, what is someone like me to do when they’ve built up a skill set with tools based around the principles of Past and, more importantly, Future?  The cards still exist.  I still have a connection to them.  I cannot ignore the experiences I have had with them, the deep conversations and insights gained.  Yet, if one is going to stay in the Present what is the point of divination?  Trust me, I came around to the answer but first, an example.

10swordsHow many times has the following occurred to you as a reader or as someone who has had a reading?  Let’s say it’s the weekend and you are doing a reading to see ahead to an upcoming week.  You are using the Tarot.  The deck you are using is very good or perhaps the reader you’ve been consulting is very accurate.  You feel connected and in sync and you shuffle.  You draw a card for the past and it seems very spot on.  Your card for the Present is something pleasant like, say, 4 of Wands.  You’re starting to get psyched up for the week, right?  Then, for the future card, you draw the Tower or, perhaps, the 10 of Swords.  Uh-Oh!

Quick, damage control!  red Alert!  Maybe you draw a card or two to get a better angle on what might happen?  What will help me?  How can I alleviate things?  How can I avoid the lightning blast of the Tower?  Oh, sure, the first of the week looks good with that 4 of Wands but what is going to happen at the end of the week?  As the week progresses you walk on eggshells. You’re constantly on guard and alert for the results of that card.

In the meantime, what has happened to being connected and, more importantly, the faith of that connection?  The minute you see the negative card in relationship to the Future what happens to your energy? To being in a receptive state?

Maybe you get to the end of the week and nothing happens or if something does it’s minor like an argument with a co-worker that makes you rethink your job?  Well, that wasn’t too bad, was it?  Or, maybe, the Tower does happen.  Now what?  Did it help to know in advance? Possibly.  Did it help to waste all that energy looking for it to happen?  Did it help prove anything?  Were you REALLY any better off to handle the situation while worked up to a fever pitch of anxiety?  Perhaps you over-reacted to the situation because you were on edge in the first place?

A similar scenario can be played out when looking at a Past card to a present issue.  Does a Past card bring up those memories of being hurt?  Of betrayal?  Does it trigger an emotional response that perhaps give you focus but more often than not brings up anxiety and possibly even a sense of pain or vengeance?  Not necessarily healthy, right?

With this example I’m pointing out the crux of the problem I have been working on.  As I said previously, the Past and the Future are illusions and, honestly, they have a way of causing trouble.  Is it possible to even continue working with an oracle if one removes the Past and the Future from the equation?

The short answer is, of course, “Yes.”

The idea of this is new to me (and I’m still proceeding slowly through it) but it comes down to this for me.   Prognostication needs to be cautioned against, observed and, if possible, removed from any layout.   The other curveball?  Oracles should be used as a conversation on the present issue in the present tense.  Everything else needs to be carefully watched for too much connection to either past or future issues.


Due to the numerous habits I’ve built while working with oracles, this is both easy and difficult to do.  For instance, my Questing Path Spread breaks down as it relies heavily on what is going to transpire as you move forward in time.  On the other hand, my Triskelion spread does not use any sense of time and, instead, talks about and interconnects three related subjects with no sense of past or present. (A spread I think I will be going back and revisiting soon.)

Needless to say, this has been a large turning point for my work with oracles.  One of the reasons why I was not posting here is because I was trying to work through this very issue over the past month or so.  As I did, I worked on using the cards from the single vantage point of the Present.  The oracles were used as conversations but with no sense of “how will things work out” or “What thing from the past is causing problems now.”  All of that has been removed.  The result?  A reduction in stress when a negative card pops up and an amazing amount of clarity in the readings.

There are two components to this style of reading.  The obvious one is no placements in the spread for Past or Future.  The less obvious one is the question being asked!  I no longer ask, “What do I need to know about Issue X in a month?”, “How will the project idea work out?” or “What does my upcoming Summer look like.”  I avoid those questions all together.

The Future, I am finding, will take care of itself.

The idea is to have a conversation with the cards while, at the same time, being very aware and careful of the trickiness of your Ego who, by the way, absolutely adores the Past and the Future and essentially cannot function without it.  They are, in effect, the Ego’s playground.

In my next post, I’ll be going through a full reading with these new ideas fully in play and hopefully illustrate what I am talking about further.  In the meantime, I would like to hear your thoughts on the ideas presented. Can oracles function without using any sort of time stamp?  Also, give it a go yourself.  Do a reading with no placement for Past or Future, just what “is” and let me know your results!

Coming of the Thunders

Over the past two weeks I have awoke with the following words echoing in my mind, “It is time to await the coming of the Thunders.”  To some this may seem like quite the puzzling phrase.  For me, however, it is very different.  I can’t remember when I first heard it or read it but it was within the sphere of Native American spirituality.  I believe it was the Plains tribes, possibly the Sioux.  It revolves around the idea that the first sound of thunder in the Spring signals the opening of the Vision Quest time or season.  When I heard it  a week or so ago I knew what it meant.  It was time for me to head out into the woods and do some inner searching.

Two days later, as yet another thick snow fell on my area, I awoke to it again.  And then again.  Someone was getting a message through and it wasn’t until I got up, had my coffee and to the rising sun said, “I hear you and I will come,” did the words finally cease.  I understood what it was saying.  It was important.  I heard something similar last year and because of the new job and other things occurring in my life I chose not to go.  Trying to carve out 3 to 4 full days of time in the woods and nothing else was very difficult then.  I think Spirit understood and backed off within a few days.  This time though it was not letting up.  It was time and I needed to go.  I could feel it very deep within me and it echoed other issues I have been having with myself.   The message, coming to me in late February, was a way to give me enough warning to get everything lined up for what was necessary.

Since that occurred I’ve spent a little time each day thinking about it and getting ideas as to how I want to, or need to, proceed.  One thing that came to me was that I needed to record that preparation and that journey here.  So, I am doing so and, hopefully, it will get me back in the habit of posting more on this blog!

There is a journey ahead and I need to prepare.

Daily Draw, October 5th 2012

Here’s the three card spread for my day on Friday.  I had this written and was awaiting to update.  Found out this morning (Saturday) that I had never posted it!

Man + Crossroads + Fox

Man + Crossroads + Fox  — The center card, Crossroads, indicates a choice, a decision, a turning point.  It’s proceeded by the Man and followed by the Fox.  I take these two to mean a man who is being deceptive OR a man at work who will offer me a decision.  Fox, again, for me is incredibly hard to get my brain around because part of me wants to say that it represents cunning, stealth or careful thought.  Another is to take it as a warning sign.

I would say it depends greatly on the cards around it.  Perhaps this simple means today will offer a turning point choice that involves careful thought going into as well as going forward?  Guess we’ll wait and see…


Update – Well, this one may have to remain a mystery.  Nothing stands out as obvious as I review the day yesterday.  There is one thing that this could stand for but it would make the Man me which makes sense, of course.   There was really no particular heavy decision made but there was a mindset taken and the day, at the end, DID feel like a hill had gone over or a turning point had been reached in regard to a particular personal subject.  So, maybe that is what the cards were talking about? 

Walls and Categories

Just a quick update and some post-solstice musings.  I’ve spend the past few weeks moving at an incredibly high rate of speed.  Besides the action packed life of an unemployed father and the daily doings that go along with it, I’ve been very focused on not only my spirituality and my energy work but how that coincides with my oracle practice.  The most important thought I managed to think in all of it was a very simple one.

You can’t separate them.

Yet, I think a lot of us do it all the time.  We place a barrier, some thin as paper and others as thick as bunker walls, between our spiritual life, our energetic condition on the planet, and our physical daily life.  It’s the static that comes when we divide our suit of Cups from our suit of Pentacles by overworking our suit of Swords and Wands.  The thicker the wall, the more the static.   As I’ve decided to be more open about all of this in my daily life, I’ve found that I cannot even consider going back to those thicker divisions I once operated under.  Matter of fact, the more open I am about what I believe, feel and, on occasion, see, the more those walls turn to paper or even mist.  The more those walls disintegrate the more clearer come the messages from Spirit which, in turn, helps to bring the walls down.

How do you separate your everyday life from that of your spiritual, magical one?

Atlantis or No?

After watching the National Geographic “Finding Atlantis” documentary on Tuesday evening, I’ve got some initial thoughts.  First of all, I thought the show was well done if, perhaps, a little over the top.  They did a great job of giving the historical evidence for Atlantis as well as touching on the archeologists who have taken the quest seriously.  I know it’s a bit odd for me to say this considering the nature of this blog but I was very happy to see not one single New Age reference in the whole episode!  It was just good to see the subject being taken academically for once.

The reference they made to Troia, or the city of Troy, was fantastic.  Take a city that was deemed “only myth”, add years of academic ridicule, then throw in one archaeologist who was driven to follow the information and the clues and what do you get?  You get to find a mythical city that “never existed!”  A great way to offset much of the ridicule out there concerning Atlantis that’s out there.

My thoughts throughout the entire show kept returning to something I mentioned in the previous post.  What if what they were finding was just one city of a larger naval nation?  If Plato is correct and we’re going to lean so heavily on the thoughts concerning “ringed cities” and the temple of Poseidon which he mentions in his accounts then we have to also pay attention to the fact that he mentions that Atlantis was a LARGE ISLAND, not a single port city.  Unfortunately, the documentary seemed very focused on avoiding this topic for the most part.

“This power came forth out of the Atlantic Ocean, for in those days the Atlantic was navigable; and there was an island situated in front of the straits which are by you called the Pillars of Heracles; the island was larger than Libya and Asia put together, and was the way to other islands, and from these you might pass to the whole of the opposite continent which surrounded the true ocean; for this sea which is within the Straits of Heracles is only a harbour, having a narrow entrance, but that other is a real sea, and the surrounding land may be most truly called a boundless continent. Now in this island of Atlantis there was a great and wonderful empire which had rule over the whole island and several others, and over parts of the continent, and, furthermore, the men of Atlantis had subjected the parts of Libya within the columns of Heracles as far as Egypt, and of Europe as far as Tyrrhenia.”  -Plato’s Timaeus

If the team on the Finding Atlantis have found a ringed port city from ancient times, which I believe they have, then it’s quite possible they have found a port city of a larger nation built to export valuable metals found mined just to the north; not the entire culture of Atlantis.  Much like someone, 4,000 years from now, finding a large port town like Boston and saying, “We found the United States!”

Well, yes and, uh, no.

Based on what I saw in the documentary, which I highly recommend, I want to play out a scenario.  It would appear whatever they have found underneath southern Spanish wetlands is an ancient city that was destroyed by a tsunami-earthquake combination.  It also appears that survivors of that disaster migrated inland and build a form of “ritual city” models to commemorate their lost civilization.  Fair enough.

However, if Atlantis was a larger island in the Atlantic, just west of the Gibraltar Straits and a cataclysmic event destroyed that island where do you think a massive tsunami would hit?  It would, of course, strike the southwestern coast of Spain, west coast of Africa and quite possibly roll into the Mediterranean.  We would be talking about a destruction of not only a single port city but an entire civilization, a way of life.  We’ve seen, presently, what can happen with a single massive earthquake in Japan.  What if what happened was a series of earthquakes, a truly massive Earth event?   Survivors would be scattered in all directions, driven inland and carrying a deep longing of what they once possessed.

To all of this I just have to say it’s a damn shame we lost the Library of Alexandria because it’s there, if anywhere, such things would have been recorded and archived.

We are talking about a culture and a civilization which might have influenced the Egyptians as well as give a reason for pyramidal architecture on both sides of the Atlantic.  A culture which would have been beyond ancient and if it should ever be found, would cause ancient human history to get placed on it’s ear.  In a conspiratorial bent here’s something else to think about – there could be larger powers who do not wish that information to come out for what it would do to their own beliefs and foundations.

They mentioned the Minoans on Crete as a possible Atlantean angle.  Given the architecture and the culture of the Minoans I think it’s quite possible. They were an advanced naval culture which started around 2600 BC.   For good measure, let’s throw in there that the first protodynastic Egypt was taking shape around 3100 BC.   It’s rumored that the Atlantean nation and it’s survivors influenced Egyptian culture.  Well, if so then we are talking about a nation and a culture that was around well before then.  When are we talking then?  4000BC?  5000? Pre-Bronze age?   Further back?  The mind can get a little woogy thinking about it all!  What if what has been found of the Minoans, as well as other cultures in the Mediterranean  is only one part of a surviving Atlantean culture that was shifted and transformed through time?

As for an island to the west of the Straits of Gibraltar, all I have to offer is this humble image from Google Maps.  After adding a small highlight, I’m going to let it speak for itself…

Feel free to pull up Google Maps and have a look yourself. There's interesting things to look at there.

If an ancient island had existed AND been populated with an advanced and complicated culture then it would have been very influential up until it’s demise.  The survivors of that culture, both those that would have fled as well as those living in coastal cities or abroad on vessels, would most likely feel a need to continue, to gather together again and to rebuild.  Where else but the land they dealt with the most, the Mediterranean?

It saddened me that this angle was not taken with the documentary but I can understand it.  The cost alone of such an investigation would be staggering let alone the loving jaunt into the fanciful that it takes!  Who would ever want to finance such an expedition on something as ludicrous as a “mythical civilization?”  Regardless, the show was one of the better takes on the subject of Atlantis and I was very happy to see them sticking to inquiries based in healthy questioning and archaeological practices.  I’ll be following what I can of their work and am curious to see what is discovered.  Whether it’s an actual Atlantean city or not, it’s a fascinating story and, quite possibly, a historical find.

Of course, to offset all this imagination and rambling about silly old Atlantis, let’s also just consider the theory, for a moment, that Plato might have made it all up.  Let’s not remember that he might not have known about the Azore Islands or been able to pull up Google Earth and see interesting things outside the Gates of Heracles.

What if Atlantis was nothing more than an ancient version of Middle Earth?

Yeah, that would be a kick in the pants wouldn’t it?