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Layered Tarot Readings

I took a break with the opening of the New Year to recharge my batteries a bit.  I’ve been moving forward on my goals (and assignments from my favorite Goddess of War) and one of those is to create more videos for the Youtube channel.   First of all, I’ve decided to continue with the Moon Phase readings over the entirety of this year as well as taking part in the Pagans of Youtube Challenge.  More on that in the future.

I’ve been mulling over an idea for some time and this afternoon it finally dawned on me how to present it.  As a new card reader I would often “fire and forget” my readings.  Having acquired the information I would then move along and forget the implication of the reading instead of “layering” the old reading into the energy of the new reading.  It’s a beginner’s mistake but over time I did begin to do this.  As I grew more experienced I became interested in how the energies of one reading could and would blend into another, especially if two or more readings occupied the same temporal time space like, for instance, from the Winter Solstice to Imbolc.

This afternoon I struck upon an idea of how to show how my recent moon phase readings work and interact with the longer Solstice to Imbolc time period.   I couldn’t find any other videos really discussing it and so, after some quick sketches and ideas coming forward at lunch, I was able to make the video this evening.

Enjoy!  I look forward to your thoughts and comments.

More to come!



A Good Walk

Note – This is a companion piece to my daily draw reading which I did earlier today.  I always like to update my daily readings with what REALLY happened.  I usually use a few sentences and talk about how the cards popped up or effected the day.  Today my day ended with an amazing experience and I felt it would just not do it justice to write a few sentences and leave it at that.  No, I needed to share it and so, this post.

This morning I had pulled two cards for my day – 6 of Vessels/Reunion and Coming To Life.

If you’d like to see the two cards pulled earlier today (8/23/2012) they can be found — HERE.


I’ve always found it interesting that the material in the reading can sometimes be present throughout the entire day like yesterday’s reading on 8/22/12 or not present at all until the last few hours of the day like today.  All day I was having a bit of a problem trying to mesh my day’s experience with what the cards were telling me.  Nothing seemed to fit.  To top it off I had a convoluted trip home from work and then within an hour was presented with another depressing crunch of finances and reality.  It was getting to be too much.  It seemed like we could not make anything work and the wolves were coming to the door.  I was definitely NOT feeling a reunion and I was NOT feeling like Coming Back to Life.  If anything I was feeling like I should have drawn the Hanged Man and Stuck in the Mud!

Enter my wife who suddenly insisted, no, DEMANDED I come with her immediately.  She would not tell me where we were going.  I had no choice so I relented and got in the car with her.  I was grumpy and not pleasant to be around.  I had been having thoughts of just going to bed early and writing the day off.  Tomorrow, at dawn, it would be a new day and I would have more strength with a good night’s sleep.  She would have none of it and asked me to trust her.  Once she uttered those words I knew I had no choice and so, sullenly, I let her drive me to whatever insane idea had popped into her head.

She drove me to a nearby labyrinth that sits on the grounds of a Christian church.   I’ve mentioned this place before here on this blog.  I try to walk the labyrinth at least once a month, usually around the Full Moon.  It’s one of my full proof ways of reconnection.  Stopping the car, she told me to go for a walk and that she would be back.  I did and with a smile she drove off, leaving me there.

I took my time in the labyrinth and for the first time I carried my digital recorder.  I’ve been carrying the recorder with me quite a bit lately since I’ve become very interested in using it as a quick way to capture my thoughts and to construct bits of writing.  It’s become part of my “daily carry.”  It’s also handy if I want to do a quick EVP session or record some thoughts for a podcast or a file.  As I started the walk of the labyrinth I began dictating out loud what I was thinking and dealing with as I walked.  It seemed to add to things somehow, deepening things.   I’m thinking of taking the file through an edit and sharing it.  Not sure just yet but I might.

This walk was exactly what I needed and I could feel it immediately.  Walking in I  began to feel the darker stuff slough off of me.  As I walked, the sun was setting and the 3/4 moon shone brightly to the South.  I was reminded of my recent Moon Phase reading and that this time period had been characterized by the Sage from the Faeries Oracle.  Once again, perfect synchronicity.  Right then and there I dubbed it the Sage Moon as I walked.

Halfway to the center and amid fading light, I found a small bird’s egg.  It was whole and with fluid inside but a crack  told me it’s tale.  I knew I was to pick it up and carry it to the center so I did.

I love how I lose my sense of time and place once within the labyrinth.  Sometimes you find yourself wondering, “Shouldn’t I be in the center by now?”  Other times you are caught by surprise when you turn that final corner and there you are.  All the while the input, experiences and connection you can have while doing so can vary in so many ways.  I’ve found bird feathers, crystals, cleaned trash, been visited by a bluebird, felt a hearbeat in the ground and heard spirit voices within a labryinth.  Sometimes I’ve just felt relaxed, worked through a difficult section of a story or organized a shopping list.  Each experience is unique and deeply personal.  Also, just to truly set the scene, this labyrinth is not placed in some serene, pastoral place.  No, it’s directly across from a bank and near one of the busiest sections in town complete with shopping strips and a large shopping mall a few blocks away.  Yet, here in this tiny section of sacred space, miracles have happened.

When I arrived at the center this time I was feeling fantastic, deeply connected.  I was guided intuitively to place the egg to the Southern edge of the center circle.   I thanked all the spirits connected with the egg and placed it there out of respect and as a symbol to a new life, a new way of being.  Then, I simply entered into a conversation, prayer and meditation with the Higher Powers.  Once finished, I realized not only was this a Reunion happening with my heart and with the Earth but there was also a deep sense of “Coming Back to Life” after a long period of chaos and disconnection.  All my fears and concerns and stress were just… gone.

As I stood in the light of the Sage Moon, I gave my thanks.  Many times I had come here brimming with personal energy and placed it into the area and into the Earth for healing purposes.  This time, I could feel the land beneath my feet returning the favor.  As I looked up into the new evening sky and the first star beginning to shine, I thought about the cards I had drawn and how things were suddenly turning out here at the end of the day.

Salvador Romero, red bat

While doing this and thinking about the Coming to Life card, three small bats flew over, whizzed in circles over the labyrinth and then departed.  They came back one last time and the last one circled three times over me and then flew off directly towards the three-quarter Sage Moon now bright in the sky, silhouetting himself in front of it.

Bats.  A symbol of death and rebirth, of coming back to life.   I didn’t need a translator or years of experience to figure out what was being said.

Walking back out I felt incredibly supported and happy.  I wonder why there were not more labyrinths? What an amazing tool for reconnection to spirit, to the divine or even to yourself?  Why don’t more people know about these amazing things?  I wandered back along the pathway guided by moonlit stones and filled with a growing sense of peace.

As I walked, I briefly wondered if my wife would be back in time to pick me up or if I would have to wait.  Suddenly my peaceful mind was on that thought like a hawk on a rabbit.  “Stop it,” I told myself.  “Let it be.”  My intuition told me she would be there exactly as I exited the labyrinth, at just the right time.  I would trust it and fears and worries would not be tolerated.  It was time to leave those thoughts behind me.  So, I did.

At the exit of a labyrinth walk I always feel a deep separation of sacred space and the mundane, especially if my walk has been as intense as this one had been.  I always stop one final time, give my thanks and really think through my intent which I will be carrying through from one world into the next.  This time I knelt in the moonlight and placed a hand on the stone marking the dividing boundary.  I gave thanks and said another prayer.  The moment I was done headlights from my returning wife washed over me.  I smiled and I was done.  I stepped over the boundary and slowly walked over to the car.  I gave my wife a kiss and said, ‘Thank you.  That was perfect.”

She said, “I figured,” and handed me a bottle of water.

I was back to Life.

Reading for the August 2012 New Moon to Full Moon

I totally spaced getting this up here over the weekend. I think some of the Rarr energy from the last reading is still around! Luckily, things have finally begun to slow, simmer and to hit a regular schedule. I’m hoping it sticks around longer than a few days!

Below is the link to the most recent Moon Phase reading for those of us that work with Mother Earth and Earth Energies. The new moon was incredibly powerful as shown in the reading and there is still a bit left as I post this. (We’ll be moving into the phase of the second card here soon.)