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And Back Again

Hello all!

First off, I want to thank everyone for their patience with my lack of posting on this page. At the turn of the year there was a fairly large turn-around moment for me. I finished up a fairly major life project and then wandered around trying to figure out what I would focus on next. I eventually found it and have been placing quite a bit of activity towards it. However, I’ve not been still in my pursuit of the metaphysical and magical. I’ve made several vids over on my youtube channel and this is where I shamelessly post my more recent one for weekly readings. I hope you won’t mind.

Along A Different Path Youtube Channel

I’ll continue to stay active with the channel over on Youtube but I’ll also try to get more writing done on this side of things. I’m currently trying to find the right mix between what I should write about on the blog and what I should simply show you with video. Lately, video has been winning.

As Spring begins to grow in strength I’m very excited by what I’ve been feeling. Perhaps it is just me but it seems as if Mother Earth and her retinue are literally pulsing with a newfound strength, more so than in years past. Though I’ve always been interested and have worked with this energy it’s only been in the past three years that I’ve pushed myself to work with it every day. I’m willing to admit that perhaps my sense of this energy increase is simply due to growing sensitivity brought about by that work. I’m curious to hear what other Earth Workers might be feeling in all of it.

In particluar, I’m finding several energy imprints and centers all along a particular valley very close to where I live. One of the things I’ve been doing is beginning the process of cataloguing them all. The problem is that it becomes a bit of a wonderland rabbit hole because things seem to be growing more and more in-depth the further I look into it. We’ll see how that goes and if I can I will begin to place my information here. That, at least, is something that would translate much more easily onto the blog than into video!

Thanks for hanging in there and more posts coming soon.


Atlantis or No?

After watching the National Geographic “Finding Atlantis” documentary on Tuesday evening, I’ve got some initial thoughts.  First of all, I thought the show was well done if, perhaps, a little over the top.  They did a great job of giving the historical evidence for Atlantis as well as touching on the archeologists who have taken the quest seriously.  I know it’s a bit odd for me to say this considering the nature of this blog but I was very happy to see not one single New Age reference in the whole episode!  It was just good to see the subject being taken academically for once.

The reference they made to Troia, or the city of Troy, was fantastic.  Take a city that was deemed “only myth”, add years of academic ridicule, then throw in one archaeologist who was driven to follow the information and the clues and what do you get?  You get to find a mythical city that “never existed!”  A great way to offset much of the ridicule out there concerning Atlantis that’s out there.

My thoughts throughout the entire show kept returning to something I mentioned in the previous post.  What if what they were finding was just one city of a larger naval nation?  If Plato is correct and we’re going to lean so heavily on the thoughts concerning “ringed cities” and the temple of Poseidon which he mentions in his accounts then we have to also pay attention to the fact that he mentions that Atlantis was a LARGE ISLAND, not a single port city.  Unfortunately, the documentary seemed very focused on avoiding this topic for the most part.

“This power came forth out of the Atlantic Ocean, for in those days the Atlantic was navigable; and there was an island situated in front of the straits which are by you called the Pillars of Heracles; the island was larger than Libya and Asia put together, and was the way to other islands, and from these you might pass to the whole of the opposite continent which surrounded the true ocean; for this sea which is within the Straits of Heracles is only a harbour, having a narrow entrance, but that other is a real sea, and the surrounding land may be most truly called a boundless continent. Now in this island of Atlantis there was a great and wonderful empire which had rule over the whole island and several others, and over parts of the continent, and, furthermore, the men of Atlantis had subjected the parts of Libya within the columns of Heracles as far as Egypt, and of Europe as far as Tyrrhenia.”  -Plato’s Timaeus

If the team on the Finding Atlantis have found a ringed port city from ancient times, which I believe they have, then it’s quite possible they have found a port city of a larger nation built to export valuable metals found mined just to the north; not the entire culture of Atlantis.  Much like someone, 4,000 years from now, finding a large port town like Boston and saying, “We found the United States!”

Well, yes and, uh, no.

Based on what I saw in the documentary, which I highly recommend, I want to play out a scenario.  It would appear whatever they have found underneath southern Spanish wetlands is an ancient city that was destroyed by a tsunami-earthquake combination.  It also appears that survivors of that disaster migrated inland and build a form of “ritual city” models to commemorate their lost civilization.  Fair enough.

However, if Atlantis was a larger island in the Atlantic, just west of the Gibraltar Straits and a cataclysmic event destroyed that island where do you think a massive tsunami would hit?  It would, of course, strike the southwestern coast of Spain, west coast of Africa and quite possibly roll into the Mediterranean.  We would be talking about a destruction of not only a single port city but an entire civilization, a way of life.  We’ve seen, presently, what can happen with a single massive earthquake in Japan.  What if what happened was a series of earthquakes, a truly massive Earth event?   Survivors would be scattered in all directions, driven inland and carrying a deep longing of what they once possessed.

To all of this I just have to say it’s a damn shame we lost the Library of Alexandria because it’s there, if anywhere, such things would have been recorded and archived.

We are talking about a culture and a civilization which might have influenced the Egyptians as well as give a reason for pyramidal architecture on both sides of the Atlantic.  A culture which would have been beyond ancient and if it should ever be found, would cause ancient human history to get placed on it’s ear.  In a conspiratorial bent here’s something else to think about – there could be larger powers who do not wish that information to come out for what it would do to their own beliefs and foundations.

They mentioned the Minoans on Crete as a possible Atlantean angle.  Given the architecture and the culture of the Minoans I think it’s quite possible. They were an advanced naval culture which started around 2600 BC.   For good measure, let’s throw in there that the first protodynastic Egypt was taking shape around 3100 BC.   It’s rumored that the Atlantean nation and it’s survivors influenced Egyptian culture.  Well, if so then we are talking about a nation and a culture that was around well before then.  When are we talking then?  4000BC?  5000? Pre-Bronze age?   Further back?  The mind can get a little woogy thinking about it all!  What if what has been found of the Minoans, as well as other cultures in the Mediterranean  is only one part of a surviving Atlantean culture that was shifted and transformed through time?

As for an island to the west of the Straits of Gibraltar, all I have to offer is this humble image from Google Maps.  After adding a small highlight, I’m going to let it speak for itself…

Feel free to pull up Google Maps and have a look yourself. There's interesting things to look at there.

If an ancient island had existed AND been populated with an advanced and complicated culture then it would have been very influential up until it’s demise.  The survivors of that culture, both those that would have fled as well as those living in coastal cities or abroad on vessels, would most likely feel a need to continue, to gather together again and to rebuild.  Where else but the land they dealt with the most, the Mediterranean?

It saddened me that this angle was not taken with the documentary but I can understand it.  The cost alone of such an investigation would be staggering let alone the loving jaunt into the fanciful that it takes!  Who would ever want to finance such an expedition on something as ludicrous as a “mythical civilization?”  Regardless, the show was one of the better takes on the subject of Atlantis and I was very happy to see them sticking to inquiries based in healthy questioning and archaeological practices.  I’ll be following what I can of their work and am curious to see what is discovered.  Whether it’s an actual Atlantean city or not, it’s a fascinating story and, quite possibly, a historical find.

Of course, to offset all this imagination and rambling about silly old Atlantis, let’s also just consider the theory, for a moment, that Plato might have made it all up.  Let’s not remember that he might not have known about the Azore Islands or been able to pull up Google Earth and see interesting things outside the Gates of Heracles.

What if Atlantis was nothing more than an ancient version of Middle Earth?

Yeah, that would be a kick in the pants wouldn’t it?

Atlantis Found?

Logging into Facebook this morning I was greeted with a headline from a post shared from a friend of mine, “Lost City of Atlantis Believed Found Off Spain.”  I was a little skeptical until I saw that it was from MSNBC and had references and links to National Geographic.  It would appear that they have, indeed, found something.

Check out the news story here – MSNBC Atlantis Found News story.

The link to the National Geographic show is here and it airs this evening at 8 PM.  I’ll be there with popcorn and soda pop for this one!

I’m very curious about their findings and their theories.  My gut hunch is that they might have found one city near the coast of Spain but it is only one city of a much larger nation.  If Plato is to be believed then Atlantis is not just one city but an island, a full nation with vast naval power.  According to Plato, that island existed to the west of the Mediterranean Sea past Gibraltar.  Now, what is possible is that they have finally discovered a city that might match the descriptions of Atlantean cities and it goes to reason the architects of that city would build it with the same style as that found on their island, much as we build cities on grids and squares.

With all the images we have seen coming out of Japan these past few days, how ironic is it to be given a documentary whic talks about an ancient civilization’s city disappearing in a tsunami?  It adds a touch of gory credence to things, for sure, when we see what can happen when the Earth shifts itself.

More thoughts after the documentary this evening.

Winter Work

With the retreat of the cold and the early arrival of Spring, I’m hoping to start my new year of this work by going to check on Grandmother Tulip and the fey spot nearby this weekend.  The winter, as it draws to a close, was one of the more intense ones we’ve endured in some time.  The premonition I had in the Fall turned out to be very accurate.  With this latest ice storm that rolled through the area over Imbolc, I was a taken aback by how closely the images I’d seen in my mind’s eye matched what was occurring in the real world.  My heart was saddened by the amount of damage that occurred to the trees of the area as the weight of the ice took it’s toll.

During my meditation on the 2nd of this month, I dowsed to see how long Winter would be with us and my results indicated an early Spring.  Just me and the groundhog, right?  For sure, it was an odd answer to get while a few inches of ice threatened power lines and thick blankets of snow closed interstates and highways.  However, a little over a week after the ice storm, I saw two high level vees  of Canadian Geese heading northward.  As we clear mid-February, the temperatures have gone to 60 degrees and several migratory bird species have already been reported as being “on the move.”  I’ve dowsed a bit more and it would seem we’ll have a few more cold spells but the worse is now behind us.  I certainly hope so!

I’ve spent the winter time working on a few things.  Another friend of mine reported an energy disturbance in her home and I offered my skills to help determine the origin as well as clearing it if I was able.  I have to say I really do enjoy this kind of remote work as well as the successes that begin to pile up when you begin to double check the dowsed results to information at the site.  With this case, I was able to determine that although the home was lit up “like a Yule Tree” with positive energy, there had, in fact, been a disturbance.  The best explanation I could offer was an example of what a magical place like Tolkien’s Lothlorien must feel like after a goblin or two walk by the boundary.

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Something Toxic – The Leystone Project, Part Two

As I started work on the project, things began to get interesting much sooner than I had expected.

After acquiring the two targets on the paper map, I took the information to the computer and Google Earth.  I started with Point Valkyrie, the first spot I had targeted and looked to see what was there.  I found the cemetery easily enough and discovered something.  Exactly where I had dowsed there was a large, white, circular formation on the ground.  From the satellite photo it looked like a large concrete pad or a very large tarp.  I was definitely surprised but unsure as to what I had discovered.

Puzzled a bit, I decided to move on to Point Griffon.  Zooming in, I asked a few questions with a handy pendulum and felt like I was able to get a slightly tighter area to work after being directed to the very top of a ridge that appeared to be the highest in the area.  The woods and area where the spot is located is definitely on public ground but the issue would be getting to it.  I knew of one trail head in the area but was pretty sure no official trails actually went to where I needed to go.  The final decision was that a scouting session would be in order just as soon as I could break free for an afternoon.

Moving back to Valkyrie, I began  searching the internet for any historical information and started with the nearby cemetery.  I had a hit with the first search and that’s when things got VERY weird.  I think I researched my findings for about two hours, looking over newspaper stories and research websites.  When I was done, I was absolutely stunned.

In short, I discovered Point Valkyrie had been an old landfill for the town, going back well into the 30’s.   If that wasn’t enough, I learned the EXACT spot I had dowsed was the landfill where dangerous toxic chemicals had been illegally dumped up until the 1980’s by a large manufacturer!  The white circle I’d seen on Google Earth was the large covering which had been put in place over the site.  Those chemicals had made it into the water system which hosted a system of underground springs directly nearby contaminating the water supply with dangerous levels of mercury and assorted other nastiness as it ran southward.  Still to this day, even with an aggressive clean-up in place, many of the local streams carry a “Do not eat the fish” warnings.  Finally, to top it all off, this particular spot was perhaps the strongest and most toxic site out of a handful that had been identified in the county where the company had dumped illegally.

Needless to say, this made me pause and go for a walk.

Now, I knew about this illegal dumping.  Having grown up in the area and being interested in the outdoors and fishing it’s hard not to.  It was a huge news story and had continued for over ten years.  Most locals knew about it.  I knew that contaminants had gotten into the water.  I knew of the legal battles and public outcry.  However, I only knew of one location on the south end of town.  I’d never researched it enough to know where the other sites were located and due to layers of cover-up it wasn’t something the local government liked to talk about!  “Oh, yes, we have a lovely town.  Oh, did we mention this little embarrassing situation that happened?  Let us show you the spot!  It’s toxically delicious!”

I had no idea of the location of the spot I’d been shown by the rods.  But, here it was, pinpointed exactly.  A great big circle of toxic nastiness.

The question is, why exactly was I pointed here?  Note, I did not ask for a Positive energy center or a Negative energy center.  I asked for “an energy center” and this was the first site the rods directed me to.  I could see very clearly what I was being shown but then, I had to ask, “Why?”   Was I being shown simply because I asked?  Was I being shown to actually do something about it?  I wasn’t sure what I could do about it since the issues involved in contamination of this site are fairly epic in their scope.  It was going to require a good solid reading with the cards and some more dowsing of information.

Pausing to gather my wits on the whole subject, I decided that, in comparison, Project Griffon was going to be a walk in the proverbial park!

Yeah, I was wrong about that one too.

~ To Be Continued ~