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Planning the Quest

With the “Coming of the Thunders” I’ve spent quite a bit of quiet time meditating on WHAT exactly I need to get prepared to go and being thankful I’m being given time in advance.  WHERE I am going to go is of far less importance.  I have several options of decent, deep wilderness to hike off into when I need it.  There are other questions like “WHAT I’m bringing with me” and “How I’m going to do it?” which are far more pressing!  The last time I did this sort of thing, wandering off into the woods on a vision quest, I was not married, had no kids, no dog and part time work.  I left work, stopped by my apartment to grab my pack and a few things and then, whoosh, off I went!  Things are, to say the least, a little different now and I am glad I am getting a few weeks or possible months worth of advance notice from the Spirits That Be.

The top four concerns are supplies, physical condition, spiritual condition and something I guess I’ll call Event Logistics (date of event, time off work, time from family, care of the kids and dog, etc.)

I’m currently making a list of the supplies and equipment I need to dig out of storage.  I’m pretty decided on going very minimalist in my trip so I may very well be forgoing a tent or anything too heavy.  At best, I’ll be taking a few large tarps and making a shelter when I get there.  One of my other concerns is water over three days.

I will be drinking very little but I will still need water as I’m not of the hardcore camp of going totally without for several days.  I’ve discovered in my spiritual life that it is not necessary to hit yourself over the head with a rock so you can feel better when you stop!  In other words, I will cut back a bit on water but I’m not going to dehydrate myself in order to have a spiritual experience.  I’ve found I don’t need to do that and the Fey and other spirits, in my opinion, find it a bit silly.  I’ll need to decide how much water I want to bring in and how much I want to try and purify in the bush.  I’m much to broke to afford a good water filtration system so may need to stick with boiling and water tablets or I might break down and buy a lower end emergency water straw.  I’m still shopping on these so we’ll know more over time.

As I get these physical items together, I’ll share the list here so you can see what I am taking.

With Event Logistics, the toughest part will be my work.  I’ll be taking, at least, a Friday off so I can leave for my adventure on a Friday morning and have two nights and three days out.  I am considering taking the following Monday off as well but I may not be able to do it.   I’m quite sure the other items like care of our year old husky, any family responsibilities, etc can be handled and delegated.  My wonderful wife is behind this project a hundred percent so I have a feeling much of this will work itself out in time.

Much of this also hinges on when the Thunders decide to arrive.  Once they do, I will pick a date that works and move forward.  At this point with the weather there is no indication of thunderstorms for at least the next two to three weeks.  Again, the voice simple said, “Now is the time to prepare…”

And that is exactly what I am doing.



Coming of the Thunders

Over the past two weeks I have awoke with the following words echoing in my mind, “It is time to await the coming of the Thunders.”  To some this may seem like quite the puzzling phrase.  For me, however, it is very different.  I can’t remember when I first heard it or read it but it was within the sphere of Native American spirituality.  I believe it was the Plains tribes, possibly the Sioux.  It revolves around the idea that the first sound of thunder in the Spring signals the opening of the Vision Quest time or season.  When I heard it  a week or so ago I knew what it meant.  It was time for me to head out into the woods and do some inner searching.

Two days later, as yet another thick snow fell on my area, I awoke to it again.  And then again.  Someone was getting a message through and it wasn’t until I got up, had my coffee and to the rising sun said, “I hear you and I will come,” did the words finally cease.  I understood what it was saying.  It was important.  I heard something similar last year and because of the new job and other things occurring in my life I chose not to go.  Trying to carve out 3 to 4 full days of time in the woods and nothing else was very difficult then.  I think Spirit understood and backed off within a few days.  This time though it was not letting up.  It was time and I needed to go.  I could feel it very deep within me and it echoed other issues I have been having with myself.   The message, coming to me in late February, was a way to give me enough warning to get everything lined up for what was necessary.

Since that occurred I’ve spent a little time each day thinking about it and getting ideas as to how I want to, or need to, proceed.  One thing that came to me was that I needed to record that preparation and that journey here.  So, I am doing so and, hopefully, it will get me back in the habit of posting more on this blog!

There is a journey ahead and I need to prepare.

First Introductions

I finally got a chance to take a long walk down into the valley behind our house.  It’s private land which only a handful of people have access to and I was looking forward to see what it would look like down there with minimum human impact.  Once down at creek level I was not surprised to see the trail I was following turn into a narrow game trail.  What I was surprised to see was how quickly the trail disintegrated  became choked and, at times, a narrow tunnel through high brambles.  It was obvious no one had been on these trails in at least a year, possibly longer.  Fortunately, I knew how to recognize even faint game trails so I did what I could to stick to them.  Several times I had to crawl through on hands and knees gathering thorn scratches along the way.  Every time I came out the other side, it was worth it.  Several small meadows, groves of sycamore trees or a new, delightful bend in the creek greeted me every time I stood back up to take in my surroundings.

I equate the energetic and spiritual health of an environment by it’s wildlife.  Flocks of chickadee, titmice, robins and cardinals were everywhere.  Tracks of deer, raccoon, and other game animals dominated the muddy creekside areas.  As another note, the songbirds had no fear of me.  Several flew within only a few feet of me and landed, inspecting me and then either hanging around or flying off.  I even thought one was going to land on my staff as he flew right up to me, hovered and then banked away.

The land opened up a bit as I moved down the valley. giving me easier walking and turned into what must have been an old road from the 30’s, 40’s or earlier.   It was a expanse perhaps 30 feet wide or so, flat.  A long narrow meadow dominated with grasses, a few late blooming wildflowers and tall weeds reaching for the blue sky.  I finally stopped when I came across an old treefall which literally blocked my path across the old road.  I felt an energetic barrier there and something which said, “You’ve come far enough for now.”

I stopped and gave my respect to the directions, gave my gratitude for being allowed into this place and getting the chance for it become part of my life.  As I paid my respect to the directions the still air began to move and my favorite sign, a telltale fast breeze, quickly played over the area.  I settled myself and grounded.  Settling into place in nature is something I explain as “settling into the water.”  For me, it feels like slowly settling into warm water with a grounding weight on your feet and with none of that pesky drowning stimulus.  It’s a decent explanation of the feeling of sinking into the natural energy of a place.  I can feel the energy ripples, once unsettled by my arrival and presence, slowly settle back to normal around me and eventually up and over me.  If I sit perfectly still, I’m forgotten about and Nature goes back to her business.  I did this at the treefall and information began to come in.

I had been told that spirits of older settlers still wandered this valley.  I reached out and felt that, indeed, this is the case. They were quite few but I could sense them, like faded small blips on a radar screen.  What became more apparent was that this valley was incredibly active on a spiritual level.  Elementals seemed everywhere and they also appeared to care very little about my presence.  I asked if I could dowse their exact locations or there center areas and was told a gently but firm, “No.  Not now.  Too early.”  They made it quite clear that although welcome I was still a new visitor.  Exploration was fine.  Prodding about the place too directly was not.  For example, if upon being invited into a neighbor’s house would you suddenly go prodding about their bedrooms and closets?

I was quite content to simply sit there and soak it all in.  I’m not sure how long I was there but when I was done, I was done.  I just knew it was time to go back home.  I walked and crawled back up the valley, pulling burs out of my clothes and thorns out of my muddy hands.  Once up the steep ridge-side and cursing my lack of endurance training, I walked into my back yard and towards my back porch.  I was tired but I was happy, deeply happy.  I had one final surprise waiting as I climbed up the stairs to the back of the house.

A male wren landed next to me, hopped once and flew away.

When I try to explain what magic is to me, I have to explain moments like this one.  They are not simply one off events or miracles.  I could have started this whole post with, “I saw a male wren today,” but it would not have the same effect.  It is a slow accumulation of information and data which can stretch out over years.  An accumulation which is suddenly punctuated by an event that marks the whole arc like an exclamation point.

It is a communication and a connection to something larger to you, to something that does not speak in words and phrases but in a more subtle and deep language.  It speaks in the appearance of a bird or a cloud or a leaf or a bug.   One simple thing happens and it feels like a pat on a back, a handshake or simply being pointed towards a guidepost along your path.

For me, the wren was an assurance, an answer and an embrace all rolled into one.



The Empty Woods

I’ve not done a post on my Earth energy work lately.  I’ve continued daily but I’ve just not had the time to really write about it.  This morning I’ve found myself with a small bit of a respite and I thought I would tell a tale of something happening locally for me.  I will warn you it is not a happy tale.  It is, however, a lesson for those of us that want to work with the Earth.

Down the hill from us is where my daughter and I first found what we called the “Fey spot.”  We found it over two years ago with a bit of dowsing.  It sat centered around a group of Birch tree roots and up along a very old creek that cuts through the county.  (This is the same creek that I would later have an encounter with an elemental while doing a video for my Youtube channel.)  During my sessions there and the occasional offerings I would bring, I came to learn that the elementals there were none too happy.  This was mainly due to a walking trail that was later cut through the very center of their area.  When we first found it there was only a small game trail but still, the feeling we received at first was defensive, as if they knew the trail was coming.  They felt encroached upon, stomped upon with little respect given.

My daughter, wife and I built faerie houses there before we knew the trail was coming.  We did it to show them SOMEONE cared about them.  When the trail came through the workers building it took out two of the small houses.  Mine was the only one left standing because it was further away from the trail cut, a tiny little stick cabin tucked at the base of a twin tree.   I maintained the house for some time and after the light winter we had it seemed to weather the cold very well. It had a moss roof and a small bark porch.  Inside we later placed a small piece of crystal from a geode as a centerpiece.

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A Good Walk

Note – This is a companion piece to my daily draw reading which I did earlier today.  I always like to update my daily readings with what REALLY happened.  I usually use a few sentences and talk about how the cards popped up or effected the day.  Today my day ended with an amazing experience and I felt it would just not do it justice to write a few sentences and leave it at that.  No, I needed to share it and so, this post.

This morning I had pulled two cards for my day – 6 of Vessels/Reunion and Coming To Life.

If you’d like to see the two cards pulled earlier today (8/23/2012) they can be found — HERE.


I’ve always found it interesting that the material in the reading can sometimes be present throughout the entire day like yesterday’s reading on 8/22/12 or not present at all until the last few hours of the day like today.  All day I was having a bit of a problem trying to mesh my day’s experience with what the cards were telling me.  Nothing seemed to fit.  To top it off I had a convoluted trip home from work and then within an hour was presented with another depressing crunch of finances and reality.  It was getting to be too much.  It seemed like we could not make anything work and the wolves were coming to the door.  I was definitely NOT feeling a reunion and I was NOT feeling like Coming Back to Life.  If anything I was feeling like I should have drawn the Hanged Man and Stuck in the Mud!

Enter my wife who suddenly insisted, no, DEMANDED I come with her immediately.  She would not tell me where we were going.  I had no choice so I relented and got in the car with her.  I was grumpy and not pleasant to be around.  I had been having thoughts of just going to bed early and writing the day off.  Tomorrow, at dawn, it would be a new day and I would have more strength with a good night’s sleep.  She would have none of it and asked me to trust her.  Once she uttered those words I knew I had no choice and so, sullenly, I let her drive me to whatever insane idea had popped into her head.

She drove me to a nearby labyrinth that sits on the grounds of a Christian church.   I’ve mentioned this place before here on this blog.  I try to walk the labyrinth at least once a month, usually around the Full Moon.  It’s one of my full proof ways of reconnection.  Stopping the car, she told me to go for a walk and that she would be back.  I did and with a smile she drove off, leaving me there.

I took my time in the labyrinth and for the first time I carried my digital recorder.  I’ve been carrying the recorder with me quite a bit lately since I’ve become very interested in using it as a quick way to capture my thoughts and to construct bits of writing.  It’s become part of my “daily carry.”  It’s also handy if I want to do a quick EVP session or record some thoughts for a podcast or a file.  As I started the walk of the labyrinth I began dictating out loud what I was thinking and dealing with as I walked.  It seemed to add to things somehow, deepening things.   I’m thinking of taking the file through an edit and sharing it.  Not sure just yet but I might.

This walk was exactly what I needed and I could feel it immediately.  Walking in I  began to feel the darker stuff slough off of me.  As I walked, the sun was setting and the 3/4 moon shone brightly to the South.  I was reminded of my recent Moon Phase reading and that this time period had been characterized by the Sage from the Faeries Oracle.  Once again, perfect synchronicity.  Right then and there I dubbed it the Sage Moon as I walked.

Halfway to the center and amid fading light, I found a small bird’s egg.  It was whole and with fluid inside but a crack  told me it’s tale.  I knew I was to pick it up and carry it to the center so I did.

I love how I lose my sense of time and place once within the labyrinth.  Sometimes you find yourself wondering, “Shouldn’t I be in the center by now?”  Other times you are caught by surprise when you turn that final corner and there you are.  All the while the input, experiences and connection you can have while doing so can vary in so many ways.  I’ve found bird feathers, crystals, cleaned trash, been visited by a bluebird, felt a hearbeat in the ground and heard spirit voices within a labryinth.  Sometimes I’ve just felt relaxed, worked through a difficult section of a story or organized a shopping list.  Each experience is unique and deeply personal.  Also, just to truly set the scene, this labyrinth is not placed in some serene, pastoral place.  No, it’s directly across from a bank and near one of the busiest sections in town complete with shopping strips and a large shopping mall a few blocks away.  Yet, here in this tiny section of sacred space, miracles have happened.

When I arrived at the center this time I was feeling fantastic, deeply connected.  I was guided intuitively to place the egg to the Southern edge of the center circle.   I thanked all the spirits connected with the egg and placed it there out of respect and as a symbol to a new life, a new way of being.  Then, I simply entered into a conversation, prayer and meditation with the Higher Powers.  Once finished, I realized not only was this a Reunion happening with my heart and with the Earth but there was also a deep sense of “Coming Back to Life” after a long period of chaos and disconnection.  All my fears and concerns and stress were just… gone.

As I stood in the light of the Sage Moon, I gave my thanks.  Many times I had come here brimming with personal energy and placed it into the area and into the Earth for healing purposes.  This time, I could feel the land beneath my feet returning the favor.  As I looked up into the new evening sky and the first star beginning to shine, I thought about the cards I had drawn and how things were suddenly turning out here at the end of the day.

Salvador Romero, red bat

While doing this and thinking about the Coming to Life card, three small bats flew over, whizzed in circles over the labyrinth and then departed.  They came back one last time and the last one circled three times over me and then flew off directly towards the three-quarter Sage Moon now bright in the sky, silhouetting himself in front of it.

Bats.  A symbol of death and rebirth, of coming back to life.   I didn’t need a translator or years of experience to figure out what was being said.

Walking back out I felt incredibly supported and happy.  I wonder why there were not more labyrinths? What an amazing tool for reconnection to spirit, to the divine or even to yourself?  Why don’t more people know about these amazing things?  I wandered back along the pathway guided by moonlit stones and filled with a growing sense of peace.

As I walked, I briefly wondered if my wife would be back in time to pick me up or if I would have to wait.  Suddenly my peaceful mind was on that thought like a hawk on a rabbit.  “Stop it,” I told myself.  “Let it be.”  My intuition told me she would be there exactly as I exited the labyrinth, at just the right time.  I would trust it and fears and worries would not be tolerated.  It was time to leave those thoughts behind me.  So, I did.

At the exit of a labyrinth walk I always feel a deep separation of sacred space and the mundane, especially if my walk has been as intense as this one had been.  I always stop one final time, give my thanks and really think through my intent which I will be carrying through from one world into the next.  This time I knelt in the moonlight and placed a hand on the stone marking the dividing boundary.  I gave thanks and said another prayer.  The moment I was done headlights from my returning wife washed over me.  I smiled and I was done.  I stepped over the boundary and slowly walked over to the car.  I gave my wife a kiss and said, ‘Thank you.  That was perfect.”

She said, “I figured,” and handed me a bottle of water.

I was back to Life.

And Back Again

Hello all!

First off, I want to thank everyone for their patience with my lack of posting on this page. At the turn of the year there was a fairly large turn-around moment for me. I finished up a fairly major life project and then wandered around trying to figure out what I would focus on next. I eventually found it and have been placing quite a bit of activity towards it. However, I’ve not been still in my pursuit of the metaphysical and magical. I’ve made several vids over on my youtube channel and this is where I shamelessly post my more recent one for weekly readings. I hope you won’t mind.

Along A Different Path Youtube Channel

I’ll continue to stay active with the channel over on Youtube but I’ll also try to get more writing done on this side of things. I’m currently trying to find the right mix between what I should write about on the blog and what I should simply show you with video. Lately, video has been winning.

As Spring begins to grow in strength I’m very excited by what I’ve been feeling. Perhaps it is just me but it seems as if Mother Earth and her retinue are literally pulsing with a newfound strength, more so than in years past. Though I’ve always been interested and have worked with this energy it’s only been in the past three years that I’ve pushed myself to work with it every day. I’m willing to admit that perhaps my sense of this energy increase is simply due to growing sensitivity brought about by that work. I’m curious to hear what other Earth Workers might be feeling in all of it.

In particluar, I’m finding several energy imprints and centers all along a particular valley very close to where I live. One of the things I’ve been doing is beginning the process of cataloguing them all. The problem is that it becomes a bit of a wonderland rabbit hole because things seem to be growing more and more in-depth the further I look into it. We’ll see how that goes and if I can I will begin to place my information here. That, at least, is something that would translate much more easily onto the blog than into video!

Thanks for hanging in there and more posts coming soon.

Listening to Grandmother

I’m trying to get back in the habit of writing up posts so I thought I’d share a little story from my day yesterday.  I’ve been doing a lot more foraging from the wild lately, edibles, acorns, plants for dyes, etc.  Since I’m also a dip-pen and fountain pen enthusiast, I had decided to also use the numerous black walnuts around me to make some black walnut ink.  Taking a break from my studying, I went for a walk to find some black walnuts.

It’s late in the season to be sure and I knew any I would find would be black and decomposing.  In other words, perfect for ink.  After a quick stroll around I’d found very little since the leaves had also begun dropping in large numbers, covering what I was looking to find.  I then opted to go to a nearby park where also stood Grandmother Tulip.  Not only would I pay my respects to her and the Fey there, I’d look around for some walnuts.  I’d first encountered Grandmother Tulip over a year ago.  Go here for the three part entry on it.

Grandmother Tulip and I have built an extraordinary relationship.  I’ve taken my family and close family members to go see her.  Everyone who has met her has remarked, without me saying anything, on how gentle and loving she feels.  My daughter likes to just hug her and sit underneath her.  To me, it is a sacred relationship.  I always approach her with deep respect and she always greets me with love.  This afternoon was no different as I approached, laid a hand on her and just relaxed.  She told me a few things about the coming winter and I made sure to share some of my energy with her which I felt her pull into her roots and then “pulse” outward to the other nearby trees.  As if on cue I heard a breeze begin to the north and I smiled as it gently played through the woods.

As an afterthought I asked her, “So, do you mind telling me where I might find some walnuts?”  I felt a pulse of warmth and then I felt the same feeling I get when I’m dowsing and get a strong “hit.”  I felt a pull to the north and in my mind’s eye I saw an overhead map of where in the park I should go.  It was a very strong communication and I had to laugh out loud.  I said my thanks and my goodbyes, promising to be back in a few weeks.  In my communications with her so far I’ve learned that trees have a much different scale of time.  The best I can tell they operate on more “stretched out” version and it wasn’t too far removed from the way the Ents treated time in Tolkien’s works.

I walked over to that side of the park and noted no other black walnut trees until I got to the area indicated on the mental map.  Following with some directionless dowsing/intuition, I left the trail and walked to the spot on the mental map she had indicated.  Standing there was an adult black walnut tree with black nut hulls all around it.  I had the urge to applaud.  I’m not sure why.

I greeted her, said my thanks and felt an answer.  As I came nearer I saw an entire pile of black walnut husks peeled away, most likely, by a busy squirrel gathering the inner walnuts for storage.  I filled up a grocery bag with the forage and left the tree a small geode crystal I had found in my foraging as I said my goodbyes.

Walking back to my car with a smile I thought to myself, “Had it all just been that easy?”

Yes.  Yes it had been.