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Those You May Not See

The Fey are real.

But they’re not.

You won’t bump into one in the middle of the street in broad daylight, all pointy eared and buzzing wings.

But you might.

I’ve worked with the Fey for some time now. What started as outright disbelief turned into a passing curiosity which then over time and several experiences, moved into something I would call a wonderful friendship..

To be clear, I’m not talking about the fairies of folklore.

But I am.

I’m talking about something a bit more hard to pin down. I call them the Fey or the Fair Folk, out of necessity and to give people a point of reference. I prefer to think of them as Elementals, Nature spirits, unseen allies.

You know, Faeries.

But not.

Working with the Fey is a matter of perception and staying alert to your intuition, your internal perception. It’s a creative give-and-take which is incredibly difficult to constrain into a simple checklist of “How do I do this?” However, that’s one of the things I’ll try to do here.

The toughest part is to realize they will hear you if you talk to them.

The easiest part is believing in magic.

Or do I have those reversed?

The trick is understanding that although they may hear you, they may choose not to listen or respond, Though in my experience, they always respond.

It just may not be as quickly as like.

Or in the way you would prefer.

They communicate through feelings, emotions, and odd images in your mind’s eye. The best way to sense them and communicate with them is meditation. You have to learn to quiet your mind and to trust your inner perceptions. Practice with your third eye. Practice lucid dreaming and visualization. It will help. I have heard the sound of their laughter, of chimes, horns, bells. I’ve heard comments, had formal communication and felt their presence around me.

But I haven’t.

There are places where they are quite active. These are, generally, areas of wildness and wood. However, they can also be found in abandoned places in a city or on the edge of an urban park.  You can find them in a national forest and just as easily sense them in a small patch of an urban park or on abandoned property.  Look to the liminal.

The best way to find “Fair Folk” is to stop looking for them.

It’s not about seeing them physically.

It’s about sensing them with your inner senses.

They are closer than you think.

On Blogs and Cards

I always draw at least one card when I’m about to embark on a new project.  I’ve found that it helps me get a grounded overview of what the project might entail.  It almost always offers new insights and hints.  Several times, I’ve stopped before even getting started because the card or cards  gave me enough info to see that the timing or influences around the project were not the greatest.  I’ve also pressed forward and not listened to the reading only to find, in retrospect, I was warned in advance.

My current decks of choice are the Faeries’ Oracle by the Brian Froud and Jessica MacBeth and the Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carsons.  I’ve found that this combination works very well together to help me see several different sides of an issue.   Matter of fact, these two decks in tandem work surprisingly well for me.  Both decks have a very different “vibe” than your usual tarot deck.

For this blog I went to the Faeries Oracle deck and asked what I needed to know if I began the project?  Pictured below is the reading.  In this case I used the standard 3 card reading of Past, Present, and Future.

The first card, Losgunna, speaks of exploration and adventure.  She encourages one to explore the Faery Realm as well attempting things you have never done before or go venture into places never been.  Since she is the Frog Queen she also asks you to get down “in the mud” and see things from a more “dirtier” angle.  Sitting as it does in Past Influences, this is a very good card which covers the past several years leading up to the decision to go with this blog.  It talks about seeking, finding, and exploring the realms of not only Faery but all the other things I’m interested in.  I’ve never been afraid to jump into some pretty murky and swamplike areas.

The Friends talk about the present and clues me into contacting one of my dearest friends and mentor on the subject.  Interestingly enough, a few hours after doing this reading I was able to kick out an email and  have an amazing conversation with her about my initial thoughts.  At the time of the conversation I was still a little hesitant about moving forward.  However, with her excellent suggestions, here we are!

Card three, The Master Maker, reminds me to put my absolute best forward and that only the very best work is allowed to come off the press.  “Design beyond your skill and then raise your skill to fulfill it.” In other words, take my time and do it right.  This is an important card because, with blogging, I have a bad habit of rushing a post and not putting my absolute best out there.

Not only does it talk about superior craftsmanship the reading also speaks to teaching what I’ve learned to others.  That is, after all, what Master Makers do!  Interestingly enough this is one of the foundational reasons why I wanted to put the blog out there.  I know there are tons of people out there who already know most of the things I’ll be talking about.  I also know there are tons of people that do NOT know and perhaps I can help them a bit with their own pathway.  I got into all of this not only to explore and see beyond the norm but to also help people along the way.  If I can do that with this blog then it’s an added bonus!

In readings I also like to point out not only what was included but what was NOT included, what cards chose to NOT show up.   One thing about the Faeries Oracle deck is that it will rarely give you a negative “don’t do it!” kind of reading like a tarot deck or other oracles.  It will give you hints of possible complications to come.  None of those cards showed in this reading which, in itself, is a positive sign.  For instance, The Bodacious Bodach was nowhere to be found!

I also like to wrap a reading with a summary, a short paragraph that wraps up what I hear the cards, or in this instance the Fey, want to say.  “Should you start the blog?  Well, we’d say that after all your exploration, adventuring and learning you have more than enough to write about.  However, it’s high time to talk to a friend about it.  After you do that and make up your mind make sure  you only put your best work forward!  No shirking.  No halfway posts.  Your craft is an illustration of your craftsmanship!  Other than that, the coast is clear so have a good time.”

And here we are!