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Full Moon Announcement – Free Readings

The Full Moon crazy has hit me.

Since deciding this week to do readings for other people I decided to go one step further with the Full Moon.  For the Full Moon weekend I will be offering free 3 card readings for folks who contact me here, through gmail or any of the other social media feeds I have.  I made a short video this morning that goes over the details.   I’m offering this until late Sunday night and even if it takes all week, I’ll get to everyone I can.

More later but I wanted to get this up here as soon as I could and before the day grew any later.



Circling the Dark Flame

What a roller-coaster week.  Fallout from the election, the Taurus Supermoon and then the event from my previous post about the dark blue fire.   All this year I’ve drawn cards on the energies of this year and over and over I have received the Six of Arrows – Transition or The Journey (Death).  Over and over two words have sprung up, transition and transformation.  It almost feels like a season finale doesn’t it?  On top of that it appears to be a cliffhanger!  (If you go by Samhain being the end of the year it was DEFINITELY a cliffhanger, right?  Tune in next cycle for the stunning conclusion!)

In regards to the image of the dark blue fire, it’s become very central to me, one of the foremost things on my mind. Since I first had the image, it has stuck with me and has been a perpetual image on my inner space.  As I’ve processed and looked into things it has simply been there, waiting.  The rest of this post goes into it, goes into the larger tarot and card reading I did regarding it, the signs and experiences I’m having and then what I’ve decided about it.

My goal, by openly talking about it here, is education so less experienced readers might get a look, via a walk through of the past few days, of how to analyze and work through similar experiences.

Click below and make sure you have a cup of something tasty before you do.

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Daily Draw Catch-up

With the full moon on the rise it’s been a bit zippy around here and although I’ve done my daily draws, I’ve not had a chance to post them.  So, let me catch up very quickly.  The next post will have the cards for the day as well as my new addition of my Lenormand daily draws as well.

Aug. 30th 2012

Magical/Spiritual Path – The Green Woman (Wildwood rep. for the Empress.)

Physical World  – The Sacred Pool – Reflection both inward and outward

Update – Actually a quieter day today but the Green Woman signaled another cycle of Major Arcana cards for me.  I felt that her appearance for the day also officially signalled the beginning of the “Nurturing” aspects of the Coral card for the Full Moon.  (From my moon phase reading.)  The day had a very strong, direct feminine feel.  I felt very supported today even though it was a tiring day.  The Sacred Pool came into play today as almost a “rest” card from the physical.  I felt that I was able to sit back and observe today without as much direct involvement.

Aug. 31st 2012

Magical Spiritual Path – The Pole Star  (The Star)

Physical World – Education

Update – What an intensely powerful day on the magical level and yes, I received a huge lesson today at the physical level.  The lessons occurred throughout the day but the larger ones happened while at work.  I have a very public job and I interact with the public daily.  I’ve been able to see the overall ebb and flow of what is going on “out there.”  It may require a separate post but, in short, I was able to see how an incoming weather system and a full moon blend together to really stir up humans locked into their physical world.  I got a bit too much information actually.  It became so bad I decided to shift, disperse and then ground “the crazy.”  Yes, I believe I’ll have to make a separate post to explain myself further.

With other education, I seemed to have to re-learn the lesson that shooting videos with my small, damaged video camera takes approximately four times longer than I estimate it taking.  Hence, no moon phase video today but look for it tomorrow (Sept. 1st).

Overall, a very powerful and solid day.  Very educational.  I’m finding it very difficult to express how the Pole Star energy worked out for the day but I can say with certainty it was felt and integrated.

My day and month ended with a lovely, relaxed evening with my wife sitting outside at a local coffee spot and watching the blue moon rise up over the trees and through the incoming storm clouds.

Onward to September!

Daily Draw – August, 29

Last night I got an amazing night of sleep and I’m ready for my Wednesday.  It looks like I got that rest just in time!

Magical Path – 5 of Stones, Endurance – My string of Major Arcana draws to a close and it looks like a day that might be taxing.  “Maintaining a resilient mind and retaining a sense of humor are most important to our health, along with the knowledge that the sun will rise on another day filled with opportunities.”  This was an interesting draw because I actually drew a different card but even as I drew the card it felt “wrong” even before I looked at it.  So, I drew another right next to it that felt better.  I’m going to wait and see how things go today and if it actually DID apply then I’ll post it up in the Update section.  Let’s just say that the Endurance card was a milder and more instructive card than the one I received…

Physical Day – Details, Details – I’m not sure if I’m happy to see this card or not.  I’ve received this card a few times for the Earth Readings on my Youtube channel.  It’s similar to a  Faeries Oracle card which I actually do like so perhaps I’ll go with that meaning.  My intuition tells me that this, in particular, applies to my day at work today.  More on that depending on how the day goes!


Daily Draw – August 28

Didn’t get this post up yesterday due to, well, you’ll see.

Today was a double draw.  What’s a double draw?  A double draw is when I’m shuffling and two cards pop out instead of one and fall face up.  This is what happened not once but with both decks.  So, I received four cards today instead of two!

Magical Path – The Stag and the World Tree – Two Major Arcana cards today and this will make four in a row.  This tells me that there is A LOT of high end work being done this week.  Today it focuses on the Stag which is the deck’s Justice card and the World.  These cards tell me that overall, today, things are going to go well but that I need to keep my internal focus shifted towards Universal Law, Karma and how it might play out on a larger world scale.  An internal shift that is focused on a larger world view.  Yeah, that should be easy-peasy, right?

Physical Day – Goblins and Movement – The Goblins return for a second appearance this week but also Movement begins to occur.  Not too worried about the Goblins but it’s good to know I’ve got more than enough ability to deal with them today.  I’m happy to see the Movement card as I’ve been in a bit of a Hanged Man status over one particular aspect of my physical life.  I’m hoping that this card speaks to a shift away from waiting and stasis.

Together, I’d say these cards mark a pretty large day filled with all sorts of ups and downs.  I’ve got a feeling that after today, I’m going to be pretty exhausted.



Update — Yep.  Absolutely exhausted.  I’m doing this post a bit late because I ended up sleeping a little more than 10 hours last night.  Yesterday was extremely taxing.  The goblins did, in fact, rear their heads at my workplace but I fought them back fairly well.  They returned again once I got home but again, I fended them off.  The Movement did occur but it was a way I was not quite expecting.  (Isn’t that always the case?)

On the Magical side of things, I saw no evidence of the Stag card today.  Actually, it did feel as if my spiritual awareness / presence was focused outside of myself.  That I was simply connected to a larger flow of events and that, today, I was doing alright.  It was a nice counter-balance to the hectic, non-stop physical day I had.

Daily Draw – Aug. 27, 2012

Running late today but have a short respite in the afternoon to get caught up!  Here are the cards from this morning.

Wow.  What a crazy combination!  Strength + Strength!

Magical Path – The Woodward, 11 – Another Major Arcana and this time it’s the Wildwood’s version of Strength.  (FYI – In some decks the eleventh card is Justice.)  In this case of the Strength card we are not talking about the deep courage and calm fortitude of a hunter.  We are not talking about any typical hunter here.  In the 17th and 18th Century, these were called Long Hunters. Men who would disappear into the deep wilds for days, weeks and months at a time in order to bring back sustenance to the settlement or fort.    “The Woodward is a hunter whose prey is the solutions in moments of crisis.”

Physical World – Strength, 44 – Uh.  More Strength.  This card was JUST pulled two days ago.  Strength in the magical and spiritual.  Strength in the physical world.  Whatever it is I need to know that I have more then enough fortitude to deal with it.  I am supported in all ways and from all sides.

Either I’m about to have a real craptastic day or I’m about to have a challenging day that is about to get schooled!


Daily Draw – August 26, 2012

The draw for the day.

Magical Path – Balance, 14 – Another major arcana card and this one speaks of REALLY focusing on the balance between action and inaction, yin and yang, giving and receiving

Physical Path – Listening –  It’s time to really listen to the world around you and to what people are saying.   Listen quietly and refrain from adding your opinion.  Learn from listening.  This is a perfect card for today and I’ll explain more as to why in the update.



Update – The Balance card was spot on today.  All day required a very intricate balance of knowing when to give and take, when to share and when to, well, Listen.  More on that in a second in the physical card.  A lot of things came together for me today and because of this card I was very focused on watching the balance of the energies around me.

Listening.  How perfect.  You see, my wife and I are in an art show together.  We’re working on a collaborative piece that will be on display at the local University art gallery.  It’s a complicated and spiritual piece which involves collecting people’s personal stories and accounts and then creating an audioscape as a backdrop to the piece.  My part within it is that I am the audio engineer and I’m collecting the stories.  Guess what I was slated to do all day today as friends came over to record their stories?  Yeah.  I was listening.  I was the chief Listener to be sure and, more importantly, I was being entrusted with safeguarding these amazing, moving experiences onto a recorded medium.