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Daily Draw – Sept. 27, 2012

The daily draw today looks to give a bit of a warning.

Ship + Fox

Ship + Fox – Travel or movement with some underlying deception or trickery.  Since we are just beginning a major move to a new place it will be interesting to see what comes up today.  Of course, it might not involve the move at all but instead something more minor.  Fox can also represent employment or someone you work with.  I’ll keep my ears perked up today and see what comes of it all!

(Note – No, you’re not seeing things.  It might be hard to see at this size but the cards are actually drawn with a brown ink, not black as they might have appeared before.  Amazing things happen when you check the settings on your scanner before you scan!)

Update – Well, as the Fox would have it, this one was way tricky to sort out.  This combination showed it up so many different ways today I’m having a hard time, as a Lenormand beginner, filtering through it.  That the cards represented the upcoming move, I have no doubt.  The problem I am having is with the Fox.  Does it mean deception, trickery and cunning or does it mean Employment?  I’ve seen both definitions floating around.  The source of the confusion is that, on this day the Fox appeared to be both as our moved seemed to come up several times over the course of my work day and from different sources and angles.   So, the question is, does it mean that one of the particular people I talked to to intend to deceive me or does it mean, more simply,  I was going to talk about my move a lot at work today?   Another meaning could be that I would learn more about my move today at work through being alert and careful?  Hmmm….  I think I like that last one and it seems to fit a bit more. 


Lenormand Daily Draw – Sept. 26, 2012

For these daily draws with the Lenormand I always ask something along the lines of, “What is one IMPORTANT thing I need to know or look for today?”  I shuffle while I focus on that question and think of my day ahead.  When ready, I do my draw for the day by cutting the deck and drawing a card.  I then take the number of that card and count down into the deck from the spot of the cut exactly by the number of the first card.  This is my second card.  I’m not sure why I like this particular process but I do.

Today’s cards seem to speak about another blessing.  After yesterday, I’m very curious to see how this goes.

Bear + Bouquet

Bear again!  More evidence that these are, indeed, powerful times.  Bear + Bouquet would indicate either a powerful gift or perhaps a gift from someone with a lot of power.  Powerful blessings.  Bear tends to indicate a male but I don’t like to be gender specific in the 21 century.  I’ll keep my eyes out and my mind open for how this might manifest today.

Update – Finally getting this updated!  (9/28)  This was a powerful lesson.  This was not about ME receiving a gift, it was about me GIVING a gift.  It happened early in the day and involved me findings someone’s car keys and then, within about two minutes, getting them to the person just when that person thought they had locked themselves out of their car.  It was a fun ride for a few minutes as I used the key fob to find the car in the parking lot and then, just as I was about to turn them into Lost and Found, I saw a woman hurriedly heading to the car.  As I walked towards her and watched she got to the car and started searching in her purse.  When she realized her keys were not in her purse she threw her head back, looked at the sky and appeared to lost.  It was at that moment I walked up to her and said, “I think these are yours,” and handed her the keys.   Her relief was apparent as she snatched the keys with a happy smile to me, jumped in her car with a fast “thank you” and left.  I went back to work.

I thought for awhile about just how important of a gift that had been to her and I thought of the cards for the day.  What would have happened if I had not been paying attention and not seen them or had not cared enough at that moment and just tossed them into Lost and Found?   Would it have thrown her day off completely?  Would she have missed an important appointment she was obviously running late for?  Who really knows.  What I do know is that it felt really good to be the Bear.

The lesson here for me was that so often we read the cards about how the world is going to effect us for the day.  What is going to happen to us?  Instead, these cards were more proactive and told me how I was going to effect the world around me.  What role I was going to play in someone else’s day.  It’s been a very important switch in my awareness when it comes to card readings.   

Lenormand Daily Draw – Sept. 25, 2012

Missed posting the update for the 24th.    My draw was Garden + Stork and at first I thought it a complete miss since I attended no group gatherings or social events yesterday.  However, I did have an interview for a job and I did meet someone very interesting there that might be a contact later.  Unfortunately, the interview made me think I would absolutely hate the position.  One of the many things I noticed was that during the lengthy interview the small office and the employees there made absolutely NO sound.  It was creepy and way too drone-like for my liking.

I would think with the Garden being present that things would have been a bit more enjoyable.  I can’t think of anything else during the day that matches the cards at all.  Perhaps I missed something?

Today, I’m mixing the draw up a bit by first giving a good shuffle, then cutting to the first card.  I take the number from that first card and then count down from the cut that many cards.  This marks my second card.

Onward to today’s draw!

Garden + Star

And now you see why I wanted to mention yesterday’s draw because the Garden shows up again today!  As above, the Garden traditionally means a group gathering, a social party, a group of stores, something along those lines.   The Star represents guidance, charting a path, help in navigation, and, for me, hope.  Now, my work is VERY social with the public coming and going constantly.  Perhaps something nice will happen there with me?  Regardless, we’ll see what comes and I’ll make sure to post an update!

Update –  Well, this was certainly interesting.  A little more than halfway through my shift I had a very good conversation with one of the administrators who wanted to know if I was interested in Admin. work for the company.  Since I’m behind the mission of the company I told him absolutely and we talked about some upcoming opportunities.  Given the fact I needed a bit of “navigation” concerning my current job situation and employment search, I don’t think it could get any more perfect than this!  

Lenormand Daily Draw, September 25 2012

I’m still drawing Lenormand cards every morning but just have not had the time to post them.  Today and tomorrow appear to be a bit slower so here’s today’s draw!

House + Bear

House + Bear – A powerful day around the house.  Could also mean a powerful clan or a strong sense of security and resources around the family.  It “might’ be a powerful visitor to the house but I will just have to wait and see how the day goes.

Update – Cards were spot on today.  A powerful day of being with the family and the clan.  It was a relaxing and peaceful day here at the house which, after the past three weeks, was a very nice, refreshing thing!

Daily Draw – September 5th 2012

I had to miss a few days there. Life seems to be coming at me pretty hard and fast. Most of it has to do with the full moon we’re currently coming out and hardcore change occurring.  Hopefully, I can get back in the swing of things as the week levels out a bit.

I’ve also decided to go back to posting up my Wildwood tarot draws for my magical path and switching it out with the Faeries Oracle as Spirit guides.  Even when not posting it here, I still take the time to draw the cards and when drawing the Faeries Oracle card I still drew a Wildwood tarot card because a.) I’m so fond of it and b.) It didn’t feel right to NOT draw a Wildwood tarot card.  So, it’s back to the Wildwood for me.

Another thought I’ve had is to make my Lenormand daily draws a separate post.  Not sure how I feel about it.  It’s an idea born more out of my organizational head than anything else and the extra post would take up a bit more time in the morning.  Let me know what you think about it and I’ll go from there.

As a brief catch-up, yesterday’s cards were Spiritual Path – Hooded Man (The Hermit) // Physical Day – Knight of Pentacles.  Although I did the Moon Phase reading yesterday morning most of my day was spent being very withdrawn energetically and spirtually while being very active with work and physical to-do’s.  It worked and it gave me a sense of renewal when I woke up this morning after several VERY hard days.

Thanks for sticking with me and here is today’s draw.

Spiritual Path – Seven of Vessels, Mourning – Not a very happy looking card but this is about the very important process of respecting and mourning for something that is now moving onward.  This synchs up perfectly with what I have been going through lately.  Change and transition.   It’s time to pay very dear respects to the Past and to those events and people that have had their effect and are now gone.  This is a very important for things to move forward.  As you can see, I drew another card to back up what at first could be a very bummer card.  The Faery Godmother is all about gifts, good news and blessings.  “When you least expect something good, expect it!” is what I hear her say most often.  So, with that all in mind, I will wait for the end of the day to update and see how things play out.

Physical Day – Two of Swords.  Mental decision time.  You can sit there all day weighing one or the other but ultimately, if one wants to move forward then a choice has to be made.  I’ll leave that as it is for now and see what happens during the day.

Update – Today was a really bad day.  Really rough and it’s only after several days am I able to go back and do this update.  The 7 of Vessels makes absolutely perfect sense in that the news we received today turned this day into a crux point, a spot that will allow me to go back, point my finger and say, “It all changed here.”   The news really rocked me at some pretty deep spiritual levels.   The 7 of Vessels reminds me now, looking back, that it REALLY is time to properly mourn not only the past but the future that was not meant to be.    More importantly, it reminded me to give it proper thanks and move on.  What is really odd about this is the Faery Godmother card.  I have to take this to mean that the news and the shake up was actually a good thing, even if I couldn’t really see it.  It was what I needed and it’s actually a blessing.  Still working through that one!

The Two of Swords was about a decision in the physical.  More importantly, it was about the confusion that can happen as you decide on which decision to make.  It’s about the blindness that can come about.  This fit perfectly as well even though I was not willing to accept it until now.


Lenormand Draws for the day

Bear + Birds

Bear + Birds —  Again, I’m still learning the Lenormand… The bear stands for power or a powerful person.  It can mean your personal power.  Birds can mean communication, emails, stress and business.  Powerful news?  Communications from an Older powerful man?  Powerful Stress?  We’ll just see how the day goes along and I will report back when I can.


Update – I originally took these cards to possibly mean Powerful news or communication with older, powerful men.  Earlier in the day I had a few of these in the way of phone calls.  I consider it a hit.  However, if you’ve read the update above, later in the day we received some very powerful news that really, really shook my wife and I down.  So, there’s a hit there.  Powerful communications, indeed, and not all of them very good.  Makes me start to dislike the Birds card!

Daily Draw – September 1, 2012

Welcome to September!

You’ll notice the draws are a bit different this time around.  I listened to Spirit this morning and decided to switch things up for the time being, possibly for the month of September.  I’m thinking that I will draw from a different combinations of decks every month.

Added bonus!  Starting today I’m also going to be pulling two Lenormand cards to try and get to know them a bit better.  I may be an experienced cartomancer but I know better to think that I can just jump into a long standing, complicated system.  I’ll start with two and see how it goes!   I’ll do an update on how things went there.  The Lenormand draws will be at the end.

For the main draws I am using the ever-wonderful Faeries Oracle deck as my Spiritual/Magical draws and the Llewellyn Tarot will be for my Everyday/Physical world draw.  I have a long and wonderful history with the Faeries Oracle deck and I’m looking forward to showing you how I interact with them on a daily level.  Along the way I have a feeling I’ll be sharing more than a few stories of my interactions with the Fey.

I wasn’t quite sure which deck to use for the Physical.  While sitting quietly on my patio thinking I saw, in my mind’s eye, the image of the red dragon which is on the back of the tarot deck.  I figured that was a pretty clear answer and so I grabbed them and drew a card.  I think, if you’ve been following things, you’ll find it amusing.

The draws

Magical/Spiritual DayEkstasis, 2 

I had to laugh out loud when I saw this card.  One of the first exercises Jessica (the writer of the book for the deck) has you do with these cards is to pull out the one card that you find is your favorite.  This is the one I chose so many years ago.  It’s still my favorite!  Ekstasis is part of what the deck calls the Singers and, if you need to think of it this way, they are “kind of” like a Major Arcana for the deck.  But not really…

Ekstasis is all about hearing the song of creation, of the Universe and feeling connected to it.  About hearing not only your song but how it weaves into, around and through the other songs all around you to create something larger, something universal.  For me, it’s a REALLY good card to get and reminds me of so so much.  We’ll see how the day goes.

It also looks like a big glowing fey emissary is coming to give you a hug.

But that’s just me…

Physical/Everyday – The Star, 7

Laughed at this one too because if you’ve been following along, the Pole Star was on the Magical side of things yesterday.  With the full moon in, uh, full swing it’s interesting to think that perhaps that wonderful feeling of guidance and connection has shifted from the material and into the physical.   With a card like this leading the day it’s hard to think the day will be that challening.


Update – Welllll, this turned out to be a very odd day and not one which would have been indicated in the cards above.  This is odd for me because, honestly, there is usually a fairly strong thread I can follow through the day that links up to these cards.  Not today.  My physical day was a good one and work was intense and a bit stressful but I was able to practice more on using it as a meditation.  Magcially, today seemed to be a bit of a null spot.  Not much was going on (at least that I could sense or feel) and the day seemed to pod along.  The evening became even stranger when I popped a fairly bad headache.  See below for more on that one.


Lenormand Two Card Draw

The focus of the pull will be for information for my coming day.  The cards I will be using for this will be my awesome and silly homemade Lenormand cards.  I’m not sure what I’m calling them yet but the first post on them was a few days ago.  For each draw, I’ll shuffle, cut the deck and then pull the top two cards off the deck.  I’ll do my best to analyze them, do some prediction and then I’ll add commentary at the end of the day.

Birds + Tree

Initial thoughts – Birds can stand for communication, group communication, chattering, busy busy, a flurry of wings and activity.  Tree typically indicates health, illness.  Can also indicate nature and deep roots.  I think, in starting this series of daily draws, that for this one I’m just going to leave it here and see what happens instead of trying to predict anything just yet.

Small update – I am wondering if I will hear some news today about a health issue in my family or even chosen family (close friends).  Will update more later.

Main update – I did NOT receive a call about a health issue in the family.  Instead, I popped a headache later in the day that sent me to bed early.  The remnants of hurricane Isaac finally started drifting our way yesterday and I believe the low pressure system messed with me a bit.  Either that or some allergies are firing up again.  Either way, I think the combination above could very easily be linked to a headache.  I also spent some time thinking about it  and I see how the cards above could be linked to stress or depression or even both.  

Will need to remember that!

Daily Draw – August, 29

Last night I got an amazing night of sleep and I’m ready for my Wednesday.  It looks like I got that rest just in time!

Magical Path – 5 of Stones, Endurance – My string of Major Arcana draws to a close and it looks like a day that might be taxing.  “Maintaining a resilient mind and retaining a sense of humor are most important to our health, along with the knowledge that the sun will rise on another day filled with opportunities.”  This was an interesting draw because I actually drew a different card but even as I drew the card it felt “wrong” even before I looked at it.  So, I drew another right next to it that felt better.  I’m going to wait and see how things go today and if it actually DID apply then I’ll post it up in the Update section.  Let’s just say that the Endurance card was a milder and more instructive card than the one I received…

Physical Day – Details, Details – I’m not sure if I’m happy to see this card or not.  I’ve received this card a few times for the Earth Readings on my Youtube channel.  It’s similar to a  Faeries Oracle card which I actually do like so perhaps I’ll go with that meaning.  My intuition tells me that this, in particular, applies to my day at work today.  More on that depending on how the day goes!