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Circling the Dark Flame

What a roller-coaster week.  Fallout from the election, the Taurus Supermoon and then the event from my previous post about the dark blue fire.   All this year I’ve drawn cards on the energies of this year and over and over I have received the Six of Arrows – Transition or The Journey (Death).  Over and over two words have sprung up, transition and transformation.  It almost feels like a season finale doesn’t it?  On top of that it appears to be a cliffhanger!  (If you go by Samhain being the end of the year it was DEFINITELY a cliffhanger, right?  Tune in next cycle for the stunning conclusion!)

In regards to the image of the dark blue fire, it’s become very central to me, one of the foremost things on my mind. Since I first had the image, it has stuck with me and has been a perpetual image on my inner space.  As I’ve processed and looked into things it has simply been there, waiting.  The rest of this post goes into it, goes into the larger tarot and card reading I did regarding it, the signs and experiences I’m having and then what I’ve decided about it.

My goal, by openly talking about it here, is education so less experienced readers might get a look, via a walk through of the past few days, of how to analyze and work through similar experiences.

Click below and make sure you have a cup of something tasty before you do.

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Daily Draw, October 6th 2012

My daily draw for Saturday.  Let’s see what the cards say about the most important aspect of my day today.

Child + Mice + Crossroads

Child + Mice + Crossroads —  Interesting that the Crossroads card comes up again today.  Must be the week for turning points, eh?  The central card is Mice which can stand for distractions and things that “gnaw away” at your central resources like time, concentration, etc.  They can also stand for anxiety, theft and physical destruction.  Child indicates, well a child.  It could be one of mine or someone else’s.  It might also stand for someone with an immature mindset.  What I am getting is that a Child will be the source of some anxiety today which will lead to a turning point or a choice in dealing with the situation.

We’ll see how this plays out!


Update — Well, I have to be honest and say, once again, I’m not sure exactly where this played out.  In a way I almost felt, as the day progressed, that the Child was more of an attitude and it was causing way too many distractions later in the day.  My contrary thought to that is I had hoped the Lenormand would speak more to daily physical events instead of emotions, etc.  If I want that I’ll go back to the Tarot and other card oracles…

Daily Draw, October 5th 2012

Here’s the three card spread for my day on Friday.  I had this written and was awaiting to update.  Found out this morning (Saturday) that I had never posted it!

Man + Crossroads + Fox

Man + Crossroads + Fox  — The center card, Crossroads, indicates a choice, a decision, a turning point.  It’s proceeded by the Man and followed by the Fox.  I take these two to mean a man who is being deceptive OR a man at work who will offer me a decision.  Fox, again, for me is incredibly hard to get my brain around because part of me wants to say that it represents cunning, stealth or careful thought.  Another is to take it as a warning sign.

I would say it depends greatly on the cards around it.  Perhaps this simple means today will offer a turning point choice that involves careful thought going into as well as going forward?  Guess we’ll wait and see…


Update – Well, this one may have to remain a mystery.  Nothing stands out as obvious as I review the day yesterday.  There is one thing that this could stand for but it would make the Man me which makes sense, of course.   There was really no particular heavy decision made but there was a mindset taken and the day, at the end, DID feel like a hill had gone over or a turning point had been reached in regard to a particular personal subject.  So, maybe that is what the cards were talking about? 

Daily Draw, October 4th, 2012

After having a few days where I felt like I was trying to view the world around me through a very narrow straw, I’ve decided to add a third card to the daily Lenormand draw.   Card 1 is the central card.  Card 2 goes to the left of center.  Card 3 goes to the right.  Card 1 / Central card is the main focus of the day.  Card’s 2 and 3 go together as well as Card 2 and 1 / Card 2 and 3.   All together they form an important notice for the day ahead.

Let’s say what’s going on today.

Woman + House + Bear —  Bear again.  Gives you an idea of what my past few weeks have been like!  All together this lets me know that the day will focus around the house and home.  My wife and I are spending the day together as we have the day off today to deal with a whole slew of very important and powerful decisions and situations.  I have a feeling that today, with the Bear card in the mix, the swing of the day could be fairly dramatic.  Whether for good or ill remains to be seen.


Update – Though the day got off to a rough start, the cards were completely accurate.  It ended up to be a VERY powerful day as my wife and I took care of several maters regarding the house, home and family.  The cards were not referring to really any one event but instead, the overall feel of the day.  Whether this was due to the third card addition or not, I am unclear.  I’ll continue this three card for the next few days and see how it goes.

Lenormand Daily Draw, October 3rd 2012

Catch up time again.  I’m thinking that through this move I may need to go to a weekly draw since I’m having trouble getting the time to post these daily.  I’ll consider it for next week.

Sunday brought me the Dog + Clouds.  Dog being a loyal friend, companion and Clouds equaling confusion and a fog over matters.  Again the cards were dead on.  Unfortunately, I’m not comfortable talking about it on a public blog but let’s say some clouds definitely rolled in on a friendship.

Monday showed me Sun + Man.  Sun equals success, energy, enthusiasm and big luck.  Man could mean myself or someone else I know.  Some success or energy for a male figure in my life.  Something that should make an impact in my day.  Well, this is the first draw that I’m sorry to say did not show up at all.  All day the weather was gray and rainy and I fought against a real drop in energy.  No news came my way and no real sunlight either.  Perhaps something happened to a Man I know and I’ll hear about it later.

Now, Today’s draw!

Ship + Snake

Ship + Snake – Hmmmm, I’m not sure if I like this one very much.  Ship can stand for move and transition.  Since we are in the middle of a very important move for us it could mean that.  Snake, in the Lenormand, is about deception, complications, lies etc.   For me, personally, Snake usually stands for transformation and the power of “shedding your skin.”  I’ll just have to keep my eyes and ears open on this one today and see what manifests.


Update – Welll… this makes two days in a row that nothing really showed up clearly.  I read somewhere that this combo could mean a detour or having to take the “long way around” on a journey.   If that is the case then this combo did show up for me but not until after this evening.

I’m actually starting to find the two card readings a bit limiting.  It feels like that game where you are trying to guess the subject of a whole picture by having to look at only small pieces of it.

Daily Draw – September 30, 2012

Missed getting the update yesterday so let me at least post what cards I received.  For the 29th I received Bear (again!) and Stars.  This combination is nutty because I just received it earlier in the week!  At that time it pointed towards some employment information/navigation.  Yesterday it was something much different.

Oddly enough, I think it pointed to the inspiration I received from going to see Loopers.  As a writer, the movie blew me away and deeply inspired me to get me back to my writing on a daily level.  As an aside, if you’ve not seen the movie yet do go.  (It’s definitely worth it on the big screen!)

And with that caught up, here is today’s draw!

Key + Dog

Key + Dog = Key stands for access, a solution, insight, unlocking a puzzle, mastery over a puzzle, etc.   Dog can stand for a loyal friend, loyalty, friendship, or an advisor.  So, something is happening today with a loyal friend and from it I will gain some insight or a solution to an issue.

A sidenote – These are both two cards I am thinking about re-working.  The Key is a bit too long and too close to it’s number.  The Dog just looks a bit TOO goofy and not quite what I was hoping for.  What do you think?


Update – 

Daily Draw – Sept. 28, 2012

Here’s today’s draw –

Stork + Child

Stork + Child – Well, my first thought was pregnancy but that’s not likely to occur anytime soon around here.  Lesseee, stork typically means improvement or a milestone reached.  Child is, usually, well, a child.  It could also be a learner or someone new along a particular path.   So, a milestone or an improvement for a child.  I’ll be listening to my children’s stories from school closely today, that is for sure.

And after my lesson learned on the 25th, I’ll also be looking for ways I might improve things for children along my path today.  We’ll see what happens!

Update – Well, I hit this pretty close!  I had no idea they were coming so soon but I came home this evening from work to see two report cards sitting on the table. One straight A’s and the other all A’s and B’s.   What is fun about this is that the straight A’s mark a very serious milestone for one of the kids.  Exciting stuff!