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Quick Update

The move is over and now it’s time for us to sort through the cardboard.  More importantly it’s the time to look at things even more closely and ask, “Now, why did I move this again?”  I just wanted to hop on here briefly and say that I’m hurriedly working on a post about what I am calling my “Road to Lammas.”

It’s what happens when you unabashedly ask the Universe, “So, what do you want me to do next?”

Coming up soon and I’ll be back in no time with more posts on dowsing and the tarot!




Gearing Up For The Shift

I wanted to post very briefly regarding some news.  I’ve mentioned it on a vid with my youtube channel but I wanted to get something down here as well.  The good news?  My family is in the middle of a full move to a wonderful new location on the other side of our neighborhood.  More on how all of that came to be in another post.  The challenging part?  I will most likely be out of touch for the next 5 – 10 days as we deal with all the fun and excitement that moving during  a heat wave can throw at you.

There is no coincidence that the move is coming on the final days before Lammas Day, the first harvest festival of the year.  Nor that I went through an amazing experience with my new Wildwood Tarot deck at the end of last week as it laid out to me all that I have to be ready for before internally before Lammas hits.  A very busy, active, summery time indeed!  Again, more on all of that soon.  I’ll be giving a full explanation of the reading and talking about this amazing tarot deck soon enough.

It will all depend on the next few days and how much free time I can carve out.  Be well!

The Stellium

I had big plans for this weekend.  I really really did!  By late Thursday, however, I was starting to get a sense something or someone wanted me to hold back.  That’s when I checked into the astrological skies and found my answer.  I’m sure most of you have your favorite astrological pages.  I suggest that if you haven’t checked your favorite astrology page for the weekend you should plan on doing that next after reading this post.  I use a handful of pages myself along with my own base level knowledge to gather the information.  I’m glad I did because, as far as I could tell, this weekend is a real mess and not the time to move forward with ANY sort of initiative.  As far as solid astrology pages, Astroblogick happens to be one of my favorites.

In brief: today and over the weekend, six planets are joining up together  for the Aries New Moon, including Mars.  Sunday, Mother’s Day, has all the makings of a large train wreck.  (Treat Mom with extra love on Sunday and this includes Mother Earth!)   This combined with Mercury Retrograde has all the markings for “REALLY Bad Idea” when it comes to launching a new idea or project, especially one that just popped into your head late last week like mine did.    Let’s add in the fact this project involved a blog and communication and, well, there you have it.  I just ordered all engines to a full stop!

So consider this post a quick “heads up” and a small advertisement/announcement there are some fun and interesting things ahead.   I’ll be spending the weekend double checking some of my sources for a good time frame and doing what one SHOULD be doing during a time like this which involves putting the energies that ARE presented to good use; cleaning, organizing, planning and initial drafts!


Update — A PERFECT example of how crazy things are… If you  read the above and went, “Woah, wait a minute, it’s NOT Mother’s Day this weekend!” then let me explain.  You see, the above happened due to being up at 5 AM, no coffee AND somehow having my google calendar on the wrong month but not realizing it.

You should still, however, send love to your Mom this weekend.  Tell her it’s warm-up for next month…

Like I had to with mine.

More later!


As I’ve been working on the last few posts, I’m feeling the urge to change the layout of the blog.  It’s just not quite…. right.

So, if nothing else, this is just a quick heads up that if things don’t look like the way you left them, don’t panic.  I’m going to be playing with themes over the next few days just to see what I come up with.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!