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Spring is only a few weeks away and it’s been a little over a year since I decided to move away from posting here on the blog.  I’m sorry it happened but, looking at things now, I’m glad it did.  The hope is in the very near future you will feel the same way.

This is a very brief post to offer a bit of an announcement.

The break has been good and allowed me to come back to things with a different mindset, a different eye and, hopefully, a different voice.  I’m in the process of putting pieces in place so as to bring this blog back up to running speed and in the guidelines of my new vision for it.

I’m looking forward to sharing some new thoughts and new things.

More to come in the coming days and weeks.

Thank you to anyone that is still paying attention to their email updates or who is still interested in things here.

Thanks for being here.

Questions for the New Audience

Hello everyone,

Over the course of the past week or so my email has been lighting up with so many of you subscribing.  Since I have not made any new content in over 5 months this is very curious to me.

First of all, welcome!  I’m not entirely sure what has brought you here but, regardless, thanks for being here.  This page has been living in a bit of limbo for quite some time shortly after my attempt at podcasting fell apart due to a lack of decent equipment and time.

I have moved onward to some new projects related to the aforementioned podcast but have not talked about them here.  My cards are still used but, honestly, not as much as before.  My connection to Nature is a constant things these days and I spend most of my weekends in the woods, hiking and enjoying it’s company.

My biggest question is, those of you who have recently subscribed out of nowhere, what would you like to see?  What brought you here?  Is there something I can write about or focus on that might be of interest to you?  Or, alternatively, are most of these new subscribers nothing but bots in the wind?  Which is, unfortunately, what I am afraid is occurring.

Prove me wrong and let me know in the comments below!

And for any old subscriber still with me, the answer goes out to you as well.  What would you like to see here?



Tonight 11-11

A quick post before more time goes by.

In light of recent events over the past few days, this evening at 11:00 PM EST I will be sitting down in peace.   I will be taking time to focus on peace, care, illumination and healing for any and all  who may need it.   This is a turbulent, historic time and it stands to possibly get worse.  It feels as if the whole country and the world is holding it’s breath.  If nothing else, it is a little positive energy focused onto a weary world.

Please join me for whatever time you have available in whatever way suits you the best.   This morning at 11 AM I simply took a quick break and stood in a stairwell, focused on my breath and asked for the above.  It only took 5 minutes.  Tonight, I may go longer but there is no time limit.  Do what you can.


100 Posts at Midsummer

I wasn’t really paying attention but when I posted part three of my Quest story WordPress told me it was post number 99!   So, here it is Midsummer Solstice and I thought it was a perfect time to make sure that post  100 happened today.  I’m not sure how much more perfect it could have ended up, really.

It’s caused me to go back through old posts and to read up on things.  What I also discovered was this blog just had a four year birthday back in May (I guess I just wasn’t paying attention!) and I started dowsing five years ago at about the same time.  Has it been that long ago?  A lot of ground has been covered.  When I started the blog I didn’t necessarily have a focus.  I was hoping to take my previous twenty years of experience and cover a whole spectrum of subjects but the blog has, in a way, found it’s own voice.  When I first started I was hesitant and unsure of opening myself up here.  It was difficult at times and on more than one occasion a direct challenge from Spirit to show me that it would be alright if I shared.


Solstice Sunrise at My Reading Table Today

Fresh out of my Spirit Quest, I can’t help but feel that the best is yet to come and that I really have something to share with others.
There is so much “undiscovered country” out there and I’m hoping to take my lengthy experience and explore as much of it as I can.  Moving forward I’m hoping to share a bit more of my daily and weekly experiences and hopefully, through them, offer some instruction as well.  I’ve already made the decision to be led by the rods to fey areas and map them out as best I can.  I’m also wanting to research and find older trees and power spots within my county.  I’ve plinked around this idea for long enough, I think.  My only concern is how I will keep these areas secretive as I would not want people without the proper respect coming into them and “tromping them up” as the Fey have told me happens quite frequently.  A challenge for the future I will have to navigate, I suppose.

flowersToday, I’m heading out to one of the first Fey areas I spoke about on this blog and I’m reintroducing myself to the ones there.  I’ve got a few readings to do as well and then it’s time with family around cakes, World Cup and a big dinner.  This evening I will sit outside under the Midsummer stars, give thanks and hopefully write up a bit of the adventures from today with the Fey.

But, for now, I want to express my thanks to all of you who have come this far with me.  It has been a blessing to know that you are there, reading and listening to my stories and hopefully gleaning from them that, yes, there is magic out there.  Magic that has always been out there and, most importantly, waiting on you to find it.  The only way I can honor the support you’ve shown me is to make this blog better and even more consistent and fun.  This is one of the things I thought a lot about during my Quest and something I very much want to do.

Thank you very much and have a blessed and joyful Midsummer Solstice!





Coming of the Thunders

Over the past two weeks I have awoke with the following words echoing in my mind, “It is time to await the coming of the Thunders.”  To some this may seem like quite the puzzling phrase.  For me, however, it is very different.  I can’t remember when I first heard it or read it but it was within the sphere of Native American spirituality.  I believe it was the Plains tribes, possibly the Sioux.  It revolves around the idea that the first sound of thunder in the Spring signals the opening of the Vision Quest time or season.  When I heard it  a week or so ago I knew what it meant.  It was time for me to head out into the woods and do some inner searching.

Two days later, as yet another thick snow fell on my area, I awoke to it again.  And then again.  Someone was getting a message through and it wasn’t until I got up, had my coffee and to the rising sun said, “I hear you and I will come,” did the words finally cease.  I understood what it was saying.  It was important.  I heard something similar last year and because of the new job and other things occurring in my life I chose not to go.  Trying to carve out 3 to 4 full days of time in the woods and nothing else was very difficult then.  I think Spirit understood and backed off within a few days.  This time though it was not letting up.  It was time and I needed to go.  I could feel it very deep within me and it echoed other issues I have been having with myself.   The message, coming to me in late February, was a way to give me enough warning to get everything lined up for what was necessary.

Since that occurred I’ve spent a little time each day thinking about it and getting ideas as to how I want to, or need to, proceed.  One thing that came to me was that I needed to record that preparation and that journey here.  So, I am doing so and, hopefully, it will get me back in the habit of posting more on this blog!

There is a journey ahead and I need to prepare.

Return to the Lenormand

It’s been two years since I first stumbled on the Lenormand cards.   When I could not find a deck locally for purchase I whipped out a Sharpie marker, some index cards and went to work.  The result is what I ended up calling my “Stick Man Lenormand.”  I only made a handful of posts but you can see the first one here.

Lately, I’ve been inspired by Donna Leigh and her channel on Youtube as well as a blog I found called Rhettarot SagGemini.   (There are a ton of other pages that have REALLY helped me with learning more about these cards.  I’ll try and get a bibliography of them all up soon.) Donna’s video which started combining the Tarot with the Lenormand is what got me really going again.

The first thing that happened was I went on a quest to find the original “Stick Man Lenormand” from two years ago.  Unfortunately, I could not find the cards and in the following search I had a sinking feeling they were thrown away accidentally.  After shuffling through several boxes I asked my dowsing if they were in my home and stored away somewhere.   I received a solid “No.”  I was left with no other choice to once again lift up the Sharpie marker and grab some more index cards!

This time around I took some time with the images and did not go for the whole stick man feel.  It took a bit longer but I’m pretty happy with the way things turned out.  Since the index cards will wear out quickly my plan is to order a blank set of playing cards and transfer the images over to those.

Here’s some of the cards from the new deck.

I really enjoyed crafting these and what is great about the index cards is that if I don’t like an image or want to modify it all I need is an index card, a pair of scissors and a Sharpie.

What I appreciate about the Lenormand card system is the way they solely focus on aspects of your physical day to day life.  Whereas Tarot and other systems will sometimes sit more solidly in the realm of the emotional, the mental or the spiritual, the Lenormand seem to be squarely planted in the physical.  It’s a nice change of pace.

Starting tomorrow, Sept. 1st, I’ll be including these in my daily draw so I can start building my library of experience with them.  I am still very new to them and so, in a way, it feels good to be learning something new and fresh with the stability of past oracle experience to guide me.  I’ll also be doing a few more spreads on news topics, etc, just to see what happens and to see if they begin to “speak” to me.


And Back Again

Hello all!

First off, I want to thank everyone for their patience with my lack of posting on this page. At the turn of the year there was a fairly large turn-around moment for me. I finished up a fairly major life project and then wandered around trying to figure out what I would focus on next. I eventually found it and have been placing quite a bit of activity towards it. However, I’ve not been still in my pursuit of the metaphysical and magical. I’ve made several vids over on my youtube channel and this is where I shamelessly post my more recent one for weekly readings. I hope you won’t mind.

Along A Different Path Youtube Channel

I’ll continue to stay active with the channel over on Youtube but I’ll also try to get more writing done on this side of things. I’m currently trying to find the right mix between what I should write about on the blog and what I should simply show you with video. Lately, video has been winning.

As Spring begins to grow in strength I’m very excited by what I’ve been feeling. Perhaps it is just me but it seems as if Mother Earth and her retinue are literally pulsing with a newfound strength, more so than in years past. Though I’ve always been interested and have worked with this energy it’s only been in the past three years that I’ve pushed myself to work with it every day. I’m willing to admit that perhaps my sense of this energy increase is simply due to growing sensitivity brought about by that work. I’m curious to hear what other Earth Workers might be feeling in all of it.

In particluar, I’m finding several energy imprints and centers all along a particular valley very close to where I live. One of the things I’ve been doing is beginning the process of cataloguing them all. The problem is that it becomes a bit of a wonderland rabbit hole because things seem to be growing more and more in-depth the further I look into it. We’ll see how that goes and if I can I will begin to place my information here. That, at least, is something that would translate much more easily onto the blog than into video!

Thanks for hanging in there and more posts coming soon.