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Spring is only a few weeks away and it’s been a little over a year since I decided to move away from posting here on the blog.  I’m sorry it happened but, looking at things now, I’m glad it did.  The hope is in the very near future you will feel the same way.

This is a very brief post to offer a bit of an announcement.

The break has been good and allowed me to come back to things with a different mindset, a different eye and, hopefully, a different voice.  I’m in the process of putting pieces in place so as to bring this blog back up to running speed and in the guidelines of my new vision for it.

I’m looking forward to sharing some new thoughts and new things.

More to come in the coming days and weeks.

Thank you to anyone that is still paying attention to their email updates or who is still interested in things here.

Thanks for being here.


Disconnection (Part 1 of 2)

Over the 2017 Summer the tarot cards did not like me.

Matter of fact, no divination system seemed to like me. It started at the beginning of May and continued throughout the month.  Having been involved with oracles and that type of  communication for over 30 years it was unsettling. There had never been a time where I felt so disconnected or unable to sense the message being put forward.

It started with my daily card draws. I began to get cards like the 9 of Swords, the Tower, and the 3 of Swords day after day. At first, I was concerned about what it meant. Then, as I focused on the real time events throughout the day I realized the cards did not apply at all.

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