“Synchronicity is the currency of the magical.”

Welcome!  I wrote those words many years ago while taking a quiet walk in the woods.  They sprang at me from behind a tree and I’ve latched on to them ever since.

I’ve been studying the magickal, mystical and paranormal for almost 30 years.  Even at an early age I was intrigued by all of it.  I started this blog 6 years ago as I was beginning to explore dowsing, ley lines and earth energy.  I brought to it a combination of work with divination, energy, channeling/spirit contact and work with the elementals and the Fey as well as the same amount of years as an outdoorsman and naturalist.  What I found through dowsing seemed to only add to and cement things I had previously learned.

Since then the path has twisted and morphed and, on more than one occasion, stalled but it has always been present in my life.  If you have been with this blog this long you’ll understand what I mean.  Regardless, even after long periods of inactivity, I refused to take the blog down.  It felt too important but I didn’t understand why.

During late October 2016, I went through a series of experiences that seemed to “open me back up.” Information began coming at a rapid pace and I found myself beginning, for the first time in my life, some shadow work (inner work.)  The following battle with my insecurities has been an epic one but it, in turn, led me to hear a call to serve something larger than myself; to take my combined knowledge and experiences and to begin helping others.

And, so, the path, and this blog, changes again.

My focus is here is a spiritual one.  To help other people find that creative connection either through card readings, dowsing or, perhaps, just finding a nearby nature space and learning more about their natural world.

If you are interested in a spiritual reading please check out my Readings page for more information.  I also offer remote work with a combination of dowsing and card readings to help you with energy issues in and around your home or property.  These are on a sliding scale and you can find out more by contacting me at my email below or on Facebook.

I love discussion on these subjects and if you’re feeling chatty feel free to comment on the blog posts or you can reach me at my email or on any of the other social media links below.

Rustus Sidhean – My Facebook page
Different_Path Twitter account
My Instagram account

I hope you enjoy walking along with me for a bit.

Light and Strength,


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  • skylark

    Allowing strangers to read your blog, letting them in on your musings, your daily grind and the things that are important to you is a brave thing to do. You may not know it but your blog is quirky, fun and interesting and well worth the effort you put into it. Thanks for sharing it with us 🙂

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