Reconnection (Part 2 of 2)

(Continued from Part 1 – Disconnection.  Click here to read that post first.)

It had been about four weeks with the runes when the dragon came calling.

It came from an entirely unexpected angle.  I could feel things were “coming back on line” but I had no idea it would take such an unexpected turn or have such force to it.  In hindsight, perhaps someone knew that they needed to drop the equivalent of a magical bomb on me to get my attention?

I had continued with my rune work by drawing a rune every day.  Typically in the morning and as a meditation exercise.  I was very strict with myself not to read too much into the coming day.  My usual thought process was “draw the rune, reflect on the rune, watch it through the day.”  As those days went by it seemed to be working and I was really enjoying getting back to what I could consider “my roots” with them.

I posted this on my very first post on this blog which was, funny enough, 7 years ago in, get this, MAY. (See Part One as to why this is funny/interesting.)

“As I walked to the counter, I also noticed a runestone kit on sale.  “Why not?” I thought to myself, “I seem to be on a roll anway.”   I liked vikings, right?  I tossed the runestone kit onto the paperback, paid the clerk in cash, and completely unaware of what path I had just decided to walk down, left the store to go back to my small student dorm room.”

The year was 1986.  I was in my first years at college and the world lay before my youthful feet.  I took to the runes like water and learned them very well.  As I moved on to other divination systems they began to take a backseat.  The runes, having done their job of getting me started, didn’t seem to mind.

Now, they were back and doing their job all over again.  After all my work with all manor of oracles, I’ve come to deeply appreciate their ancient, earthy, no-nonsense way of stating the core of a situation.  Over the past few weeks that simplicity, that forthrightness, has been the hand hold I have used to get my magical self back up and running.  Like old friends coming over with soup to help you recover.  (Rune soup, indeed!)  Their company, and support, is deeply cherished.

What happened next I still have a hard time getting my brain around. Even as I write this, I have to remind myself that I did not imagine what occurred.

In order to get the full impact we have to go back to the past again and for full impact, I need to describe a very vivid dream.

It was roughly 1992.  I had just come out of one the worse years of my life but at the same time had been fully exploring Otherworld journeying and spirit contact.  I was drumming in festivals and had started to have some very impactful experiences.  One of those being a dream which was so strong, so clear, I can still remember it today.

I was running from a group of people up a mountainous and rocky path.  Ahead I could see that the path was ending at a ledge that went on to drop several hundred feet down the mountainside.  I was tired and running out of room.  As I forced myself forward, a shadow passed over me.  For some reason I felt a sense of relief but it was quickly replaced with fear as I could hear the cries of the angry mob behind me.

Suddenly, over the ledge in front of me, arose a massive cream and tan dragon.  It flew over and landed on the rocky edge and I remember this deep sense of awe, respect and utter terror.  It was incredibly real.  I could see the skin moving, the life in it’s eyes and it’s smell.  It came towards me and then rose up on it’s hind legs, towering over me.  I still remember thinking that it was funny I was running from a mob and now straight towards a deadly dragon.  Then, it roared at the people chasing me and they fell back.  It was a dreadful roar that shook the ground under my feet and my spine.  It looked down at me and I heard, “I have an offer for you.  I will save you now if you will, in turn, do something for me?”  It’s voice was raspy but feminine.

It had been drilled into me to never jump into any agreement in the Otherworld and so I repeated the same line I have said so many times before.  “Will this decision cause me dread or bring harm to my family, my friends or others?”  The dragon shook her head, “No.”  And, with that, I agreed.

I was quickly picked up by a massive claw and carried away from the mob.  We flew over a mountain range.   I could hear the crack and creak of it’s wings, feel the wind on my face.  In a spiral, we descended down to the base of a sheer and desolate cliff.   We landed at what I could only describe as a massive nest of rock, trees, branches, and possibly sheep skins.  It was not like the bowl of a bird’s nest but more of a clearing with a perimeter of defense.  She set me down inside and then landed behind me.  I could see several large, broken eggs of a tan and earthy brown color.  All were broken except one.

As I have spared your life I ask that you now take one of my children and keep it safe.  If you do this you will have done a great honor for us,” the dragoness said though her jaws did not move.  Only her eyes as she looked at me.  I agreed and I could hear the egg cracking and breaking behind me.  I watched as a young dragonling, the color of bright, earthen clay, broke free of the egg and blinked its eyes open.  It crawled towards both of us.”

I heard, “I will not forget nor should you.

And I woke up.

Hell of a dream/vision, yes?

Through a series of subsequent otherworld journeys I got to know the young dragon and his name.  He carried a fierce warrior/hunter spirit and was a spirit companion of mine for a long time.  He carried with him a strong, blunt warrior energy.   Then, many years later, I realized he was gone.  I was always puzzled by it but he was no longer around.  Perhaps it was the stressful years that followed?  Perhaps he was just getting me ready for that time period? All I know is that I have not worked with dragon energy for a very long time.

And now, back to the present and the “punch line.”

Two weeks ago I was at my work desk and a bit bored.  As a break, I decided to go to Reddit to kill some time.  I’m not sure how but I found myself in a subreddit called r/ImaginaryDragons scrolling along and clicking on pics. (If you love images of dragons I highly recommend it.)

And it happened.

I found myself looking at something I had all seen once before.  I do not exaggerate when I say I was looking at a digitally painted image EXACTLY out of my dream from 1996!  Down to the intricate details on the horns on the head, the back, the tail, the color of its hide, the look in the eyes and the sheer presence of the creature.  Even the stone pinnacle behind it was accurate!  It struck me so hard that for a brief moment I did not know if I was awake or dreaming.  The old dream which I had not thought of in over a decade or more came back in a rush and I could hear her voice.  I could feel the cool air on the mountain, the sound of her claws catching on the rocky ledge.

I will not forget nor should you.

I have been rocked and reeled before in my life by spiritual/paranormal experiences but I can honestly say I’ve never encountered anything like this before.

When I came back I was still so shaken emotionally I almost asked to take the rest of the day off.  I probably should have.  I was so moved by the image I contacted the artist.    Fate also smiled on me in the form of a Facebook friend who kindly drew some cards for me about it that very day and helped me to get my brain around a few things and what the timing of it all implied.  One of the cards she pulled for the situation?  Warrior.

That night I finally had the time to settle down and go inward.  I was looking for answers, for contact.   My old, warrior, dragon friend was there.  He was not up for much talking but instead settled on a nearby rocky crag and just glared at me just like he used to do.  A few days later, he felt like talking but that’s information I would rather keep private.

The next day I drew a rune to just see what they had to say about the whole thing and, of course, I pulled Teiwaz, the warrior rune.

When something like what I experienced occurs there’s not much rationality and logic can do with it.  It’s damn hard to ignore and the modern 21st century brain tends to just lock up.  How do you handle it when a dream you had over 20 years ago becomes reality in our waking world through someone else’s creative expression?  More importantly, when it happens right when you needed it the most?  Sometimes, when things like this happen, it’s just better to not ask so many questions in order to explain it.  It’s usually more important to go with the intuitive language of dreams and symbols and the silent language of inner knowing.  Listen to what comes from outside your brain.

Dragon energy and symbolism goes WAY back and the complexity and depth of it will require at least one, long blog post to discuss, probably more.   I will circle back to the idea as, for right now, I’m still exploring the ramifications of the experience.

All I know right now is that these events have had an impact and they are real even if they are not “physical.”  I also know that, for right now, I’m feeling more connected, grounded and happy than I have in several months.  I’m sleeping long hours and my dreams are rich again.  Inspired by that warrior energy, I’ve also been looking at my projects and my outbound energy with a bit more focus and clarity.   One of those things has been this blog and my youtube channel.

I can’t kid myself when I look at the fact this blog has been here 7 years and has seen  minimal traffic.  In some ways I can call it a success but in others it has been a failure.  In reviewing things I have thought more than once about shutting it down or possibly starting over elsewhere.  I’ve considered several different options.  However, that warrior energy is there now and I’m reminded of some ancient wisdom.  “It is always darkest before the dawn.”  “Fall down 3 times, get up 4.”   It is often true that the most disheartening and shocking of situations can provide the largest growth.

“The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way.”  -Marcus Aurelius

So, like my restart with the runes, I am finding energy in what is new and what could still be.  I’ve taken things to task, looked at what I think is working, what has not been tried, and what there is still to attempt.  To that end, I’m looking forward to what the future of this blog and my Youtube channel have in store.  I hope you agree.  We will know soon enough!

I’m also curious about whether anyone else has had a similar experience?  Have you dreamed a power dream and then seen it brought to life in the form of a painting or a photograph?  Did it come at random or during an important moment in your life?  Leave a message below or let me know with an email.










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