The Queen of Crows

(This is a very personal post which I did not want to initially publish.  I believe that part of my work with the Morrigan is to show my process with her, to help others to see or understand.  She has told me this isn’t for me.  It’s helpful and is necessary.  To be honest, I cannot guarantee I will keep this post up for very long.  We will see how this goes.)

On Sunday, I took a walk out into a chilly morning right after dawn to have a little sit down chat with the Morrigan.  You know, like you do…  I felt called to shoot a little video before hand which I did.  It’s over on my youtube channel if you want to see it.  I think now it was just a way for me to calm my nerves and to have some record in case I disappeared, swooped up in a dark cloud of crow wings and fury.  (Just kidding…I think.)

Shortly after filming I sat there and talked to her.  Well, I talked, she mainly listened.  Sitting on a log, nestled by some sheltering cedar from the cold breeze.  I was alone in meditation.  My eyes were closed, focused on my inner vision.

Unlike other spirits or visions, contact with her is crystal clear.  There are no “halfway” ideas of what I saw or didn’t see.  I don’t have to stretch for anything.  It’s typically in high-def.   Unlike the unclothed and long-maned Dark Lady from the Faeries Oracle, she was dressed in bulky, weathered, black leather armor, crow feathers and dark fur at her shoulders.  Her hair was black and unruly, cropped short falling just above her eyebrows and just below her ears. It looked like it had been cut with a knife.  On her back draped a long cloak that shimmered between dark blue, black and crow/raven feathers.

She stood there, arms crossed and staring at me with intense, beautiful black eyes; gorgeous with sylvan features and somewhat pale skin.   Built like a warrior and much taller than I expected.  She felt intense, powerful, beautiful, majestic and deadly.  But there was something else there too.   Caring.  Caring for me, concern.  I felt no fear speaking to her at all, no concern about speaking my heart and allowing an occasional trickster comment to slip out.  She knew my heart and who she was dealing with and she knew I would mean no disrespect.  It was if I was speaking to a close friend knowing that no matter what I said, as long as I remained respectful, and she knew I would do so, I could come to no harm what so ever.

This is the same image I saw of her when I did my earlier automatic writing session.  When I saw her I realized I had seen her several times in my life but I had not known it was her and she had not announced herself then.  She had been in other clothes, a bit more disguised.  (These are stories for another time.)   The automatic writing was an intense session and, as I’ve said elsewhere, I’ve not had one like it before.  I plan on repeating it, to stay in better communication with her.    I received a page or so and below, after consulting her for permission, is a small sampling of what She said.

“My realm is not one for the fainthearted and you will be led to things that shock you, scare you, anger you and terrify you.  However, know this, once under my black winged protection you cannot truly be harmed as those shadowy wings hold all the power of the Dark as well as the Light, are connected to the Light.  We serve the same master but under different lighting.  You know this and know it to be true.” 

And I did.  A lot of what she had said in the first communication was like that.  I knew it was true the minute she spoke it.

So, Sunday morning we were having a second meeting under a bright, cold morning.  I set what grounds I felt were important and placed them to her.  She accepted them with a nod and a slow blink of her eyes.  I asked what she wanted of me and she responded simply, “Progress.”  With an unsurpressed chuckle, I told her that was possible.  Unphased, she responded, “I know,” she said, “or I wouldn’t be here.”

Shortly after that meeting, I indeed said yes and agreed to listen to her lessons for a little while.  The initial time period is a month and a day.    Once I had agreed, the dark blue flame sprang up around my arms and I could feel it over my back and my shoulders.  Then, it faded.  She nodded to me, stepped back, looked at me once more and was gone.

And then, I kid you not, I opened my eyes and the sky, which had been silent all through the video filming, all through the visualization and communication above, began to echo with the cries of crows.




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