“One Card for You, One Card for Me.”

Since speaking with the Morrigan and agreeing to work with her I had a day where she was just not around.  Monday was fairly normal and the first day in a week where the blue flame image wasn’t prominent in my inner vision.  I spent the day asking, for the most part, “Ok, what next?”

This morning, during my morning card reading, she returned.  I was shuffling my Wildwood tarot and I felt her arrive.  This, in itself, is very hard to describe. It is a simple knowing, a presence.  I feel a shift and the dark blue flames tingle up my arms.

I greeted her and heard her say, “You asked a question about our work?”  I agreed and a simple statement came to my inner ear, “One card for you, one card for me.”  She stared at me and stayed behind my left shoulder as I drew both cards.  With the second card, I could feel her guiding my hand to the card.

So, there it was.  One card would be for my physical day, work, life, family, etc.  The second card would be for her.  It would tell me my first trial.  Fair enough.

I won’t show many of these and I’m guessing there will be several such lessons from her through the cards.  I’ve decided to show you this one because once you see the cards you’ll see just how apt the whole thing ended up being.  It’s also a bit of proof that the Morrigan is direct, engaging and no-nonsense.


The first card, the card for me, the Four of Arrows, is about rest, about taking it easy.  Today, for me, is very much like this.  With the holiday nearby and me being off tomorrow, today will be easy.  After the intense weeks I have run since September, this is a welcome site.   More importantly, it’s a call to engage that rest, to be conscious of it.

The second card, the card from her.  Seven of Arrows ~ Insecurity.

Straight to the point.  The first step of the Morrigan’s teaching?  Time to dig up those insecurities and start looking at them.

“Start today and use your rest wisely,” she said.  “These insecurities need to go first before we continue and you will know when to draw the next card.  Address them, tend to them.  Sort them out and identify them.  It will be easier to weed them out.”

“All of them?”

“If not all, most,” she said and gave me that direct, black-eye stare.

“Well,” I said jokingly, “I’m gonna need a bigger boat.”

She just stared at me, gave me a half smile and a crook of an eyebrow to show me amusement and disappeared again.

She’s fond of me.  I can tell.




About Rustus

I've been working with the metaphysical for several decades now. With divination, dowsing and my intuition, I've found a deep and peaceful connection with Nature, it's spirits and with something far bigger than myself. View all posts by Rustus

2 responses to ““One Card for You, One Card for Me.”

  • Chris McDermott

    Hi Rustus,

    Like you, I’m just catching up on your work. Like you, I feel that there is a powerful ending to this year. It’s going to be a very sharp spike, I feel. One with a point, and which goes deep and is painful.

    The kinds of trials and messages you’re getting from working with The Morrigan are very familiar to me (I also watched Kal go through such trials of course).

    Rest. I got that last year at this time. And I needed it. I heeded it too, and the result was that during this summer I was able to recover enough to be able to carry on with my spiritual work after being side-swiped in the previous August.

    So happy to see someone using The Wildwood with such excellent purpose and intent. May our paths cross such that we get lost and found.

    Chris – The Hedge Druid

    • Rustus

      Greetings Chris,

      It’s very good to hear from you here. Your stories and experiences have always been a confirmation to me as I began my own wanderings into dowsing and then, thanks to you, Earth energies. I had completely forgotten that you had your own experiences with The Morrigan last year. I find it fascinating how she appears to be connecting with so many people, in one form or another. (And, I cannot go further without sending a blessing upward to Kal as well.)

      It’s also interesting you mentioned rest. From my own personal reading from the New Moon, I was told a similar thing. (It appears I may need it once the events of the Winter Solstice and after are over.)

      Your words and wisdom are always welcome here and I look forward to more crossed paths.

      Strength and Peace.

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