Presidential Information Round-up and Reading

I like to use the resource of youtube to review the information provided by card readers and channelers as we move into or through a major world event or news story.  I’ve been doing this for awhile but this will be the first time I’ve talked about it here.  If this is well received, I’ll maybe make this a feature here in the future.

I think we are all in agreement that this presidential election process was terrible.   When I heard the results of the election I wasn’t overly shocked as others.  I was saddened, however, for our country.  Being a fan of history and political science, I saw this coming months ago.  In addition, we tricksters recognize our own, for good and for ill.  There was way too much underestimation going on in regards to the now President-Elect and, as I like to say, underestimation is the Trickster’s playground.

The days following the election I took to Youtube and began going over numerous videos focused on card readings and the presidential election.  I stayed to within a week of the election, disregarding readings that were further away than that.  The future is constantly spinning and swirling.  In this case, even more so.  I wanted to see what was being said just before the election and just afterwards.

Here is what I gathered.  A.) A lot of readers, against all the polling and the media jibber-jabber, called Trump as president.  I would almost say a majority did so.  On some of the readings, you can see where a reader’s bias and mindset skewed the cards on the table.  B.)There was an energetic shift at the last minute that propelled the win. What that energy was is hard to say.  However, there was most certainly a shift sometime on the actual election day.

Post election I saw a very interesting consensus emerge among videos of card readings and channeled messages.  Even in my own reading, much to my shock, I received beneficial cards.   Cards like The World and the Ace of Cups.  The underlying theme?  That we were actually in a positive and healing uptick toward the overall energy of the world.  Looking at Brexit, the state of the world and the past election how can I possibly say that?   Well, what happens when you go to heal an infection?  The fever, the puss, all of it has to come to the surface so it can be dealt with.  This how you know you, or a patient, are getting better.  The cough begins to sound worse as the mucus breaks free and the congestion comes out.  You sweat and shake and are miserable right at the point you are about to break a fever.  In a grand scheme of world energy, this is exactly what we are going through.  Numerous card readings seemed to echo this very sentiment.

Finally, there was another thing I have hard echoed over and over.  It’s something that I found very confirming to my own intuitive hits.  That this whole thing is not done yet.  There is something more to come.  Since the election I’ve had this nagging sense that something more is inbound and likely to occur before the swearing in ceremony in January.    I’ve heard several other readers say similar things in their videos.

Given this I decided to take some time on Saturday and do a small reading with a focus on what this “other shoe” might be.  I broke out my Llewellyn Tarot and my handmade Lenormand cards.  I looked at it as an experiment.  Once I saw the cards I knew I wanted to share the reading with a video.  My question was, “What do we need to know between now and the swearing in ceremony on January 21st with a focus on what might change?”

As we all know only time will tell.  I’d like to talk about this with other readers and sensitives.  What are you getting?  Does anything I’ve mentioned above resonate with what you are experiencing?

Strength and Peace!






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