Circling the Dark Flame

What a roller-coaster week.  Fallout from the election, the Taurus Supermoon and then the event from my previous post about the dark blue fire.   All this year I’ve drawn cards on the energies of this year and over and over I have received the Six of Arrows – Transition or The Journey (Death).  Over and over two words have sprung up, transition and transformation.  It almost feels like a season finale doesn’t it?  On top of that it appears to be a cliffhanger!  (If you go by Samhain being the end of the year it was DEFINITELY a cliffhanger, right?  Tune in next cycle for the stunning conclusion!)

In regards to the image of the dark blue fire, it’s become very central to me, one of the foremost things on my mind. Since I first had the image, it has stuck with me and has been a perpetual image on my inner space.  As I’ve processed and looked into things it has simply been there, waiting.  The rest of this post goes into it, goes into the larger tarot and card reading I did regarding it, the signs and experiences I’m having and then what I’ve decided about it.

My goal, by openly talking about it here, is education so less experienced readers might get a look, via a walk through of the past few days, of how to analyze and work through similar experiences.

Click below and make sure you have a cup of something tasty before you do.

Wednesday was the first contact with the Dark and the dark blue fire imagery.

Wednesday night I began googling and found a few references that were interesting to me.  I stuck to what I felt was “correct.”  I was looking for a shared resonance to the energy I was feeling.   I stayed focused on the fact it is not a black fire but a dark blue fire with light blue tips.   Black fire seemed to lead toward Satanism and, to be honest, more unfriendly stuff than I was willing to deal with.  As I said before, that felt more malignant and I was not interested.

I found several references to a sacred blue Christian/angelic fire but in looking further it appeared to be a brighter, almost like a gas flame blue.  When I focused on the dark blue aspect, two things kept coming up; the the Morrigan, the Tuatha De Dannan and the color of a crow/raven wing.  Another central idea that came to me several times was the Dark Lady from the Faeries Oracle deck and, some would say, another aspect of the Morrigan.

Here is the quote I found in regards to the Tuatha De Dannan, “There they still live as invisible beings and are known as the Aes sidhe. In a just battle, they will fight beside mortals. When they fight, they go armed with lances of blue flame and shields of pure white.”  In regards to the Morrigan, she kept popping up in my head and was not the first time I’ve had contact with her or an aspect of her.  (See my Morning with Crows videos I posted several years ago.)  My other contacts had been through the Dark Lady aspects of the Faeries Oracle.  However, the Morrigan’s colors are traditionally black and red.  Yet, I did eventually find reference to dark blue being in her colors as well.

I also saw posts online about the “Call of the Morrigan” and that it seemed to be something which was a bit on the rise.  Was this connected to that?  None that I read mentioned anything about a dark blue flame.  I felt like I was truly, for the first time in a long time, in uncharted territory.  I have to admit, it felt fantastic!  I keep thinking of the quote from Willy Wonka, “The suspense is terrible.  I hope it’ll last!”

As it was getting late, I pulled two quick cards for some guidance.  I received the 8 of Stones (Skill) and The Friends.  This was not something to be taken lightly and I would need my previous skill to work with and understand.  The Faeries were telling me to reach out to friends for help as well.  I did so and one of the first things my friend said was, “Sounds like the Morrigan.”


Wednesday before bed I decided to make initial contact and so, meditated and reached out.  It was odd.  Typically, I can get some idea, some feeling of communication.  Nothing.  Though I could gain a sense of presence, the flame simply hovered in front of me.  I could feel, again, confidence, patience and a very deep sense of power.  It was giving me nothing but just waiting on me.  Hovering there with all the patience and power of the eons.

I knew what it was waiting on.  It was waiting on an answer from me.  Did I want it’s help or not? However, I know much better than to just go willy-nilly agreeing to any bouncing dark blue, flaming ball that swooshes into my life immediately after I’ve read an article about embracing the Dark!  I needed more information.  Thursday morning I got up early to do a lengthy Wildwood Tarot reading that also turned into a Faeries Oracle reading.

Here’s the reading below.  For the reading I used my hand carved, wooden pendulum to pull the cards.  Firs of, look at the level of dark blue and blue in those cards!


The questions below are kept brief and to the point.  My notes I did during the reading were much more extensive (and private.)  The questions I asked, left to right, were as follows:

  • 1.) What Do I Need to Know – Tradition
    • Past traditions.  Past myth.  Working within the traditional aspects.  The tradition of the Hero journeying into the Underworld in order to grow and to bring back something for the world.   There are traditional ways and things that I should be looking into, tapping, to gain more information.  What I was encountering was not new, was not old.  It was mythic.
  • 2.) Knowledge About Moving Forward – Knight of Vessels, Eel
    • Taken directly from the Wildwood book – “Embarking on a quest of personal revelation, your vision leads you onward.”  There were also keywords like “Agreement”, “Compliance”, and “Induction.”  This echoed what I was already feeling.  The flame was waiting on me to agree.  Before any more moving forward, there would have to be agreement.
      • Subcard – The Moon — I pulled this card for a bit more clarity regarding the Eel.  “The moon on water heralds a time of inner transformation, initiation and awareness… The gateway of the soul.”  Oh, look, there is a heron flying through the sky.  (See below) Ok! More clarity achieved!  Thank you!
  • 3.) What Is The Goal Of Working With The Blue Flame – King of Vessels, Heron
    • The Blue Heron is a totem of mine.  It often has felt like a Totem I would be growing into in time.   From the book, “The guardian of many esoteric secrets, it is said to stand in the gateway between life and death and to act as a mediator on the soul’s journey to the Celtic otherworld and reincarnation.”  Right!   Well, there it was.  More confirmation that if I went forward it would help integrate and balance the Light with the Dark.  I would, in effect, be moving towards a more full self and towards the aspects of the King of Vessels.
    • I also noted how the Heron was facing to the right and looking back at the Eel card which had the question involving moving forward but the Eel card also had the Heron which was flying over the moon.  I’m getting dizzy!   The Heron had flown over the Eel, the marsh and the dark landscape to land in the third position.  Then, It felt the Heron was looking and waiting on the second card.  I could also not ignore the fact two out of three cards were Vessel cards.  The suit of Vessels being connected to emotions, heart, instinct and faith.

Things were not done yet.  As I finished up this reading, I felt the urge that the Faeries had a thing or two to say to me.  They had been my friends (there is the Friends again) for almost 20 years now and I would be a fool to ignore their council.

Two cards were drawn with the simple, direct question, “Faeries, what say you?”


The Lady of the Harvest – This Lady and the Dark Lady have come forward to me over and over in time of concern, questing and transition.  “It is time to accept change, to move onto the next phase.”  Well, there is that note of transition again but with feeling this time!  “Trust the process, acknowledge what you feel and prepare to move on.”  She is also but letting go of outmoded, outdated things, feelings and actions that are no longer “you.”  Let go of the past.  Move into the present and the new.

The Oak Men – Strength. Ancient Wisdom.  A connection full circle back to the first Wildwood  card of Tradition card in the previous reading.  The Fey were reminding me that this involved ancient, mythic wisdom.  This was ageless, powerful mojo.  This also fell in line with my previous feelings of what I was encountering.  I was being offered a traditional, mythic choice.  Do I enter the Dark or no?  This path would lead me towards a deep confidence, patience, depth and grounding.  It also reminded me that haste was the worst enemy.

There was one more card that would be pulled and that was my card for the day.  This time, the Enchanted Map deck asked to come forward.  I had to laugh when I turned the card over…


Look at the colors, look at the lighting, look at the subject.   What is the woman/fey doing there?  For me at that moment it felt like she was waiting on the balcony, furtively about to look over her shoulder and say, “Well?  I’m waiting.”  The card itself represents listening to your intuition, connecting to your intuition.  It was a final cap to the conversation.

The rest of the past two days, Thursday and Friday, the flame has been forefront in my mind’s eye the whole time.  I walked home from work in the dark on Thursday and I began exploring the shadow a bit more.  I was reminded of long nights in the woods.  How, as a child, I loved to move from shadow to shadow.  Autumn leaves swirled around me and I felt… embraced.

No fear.  No hesitation.  Comfort.

This was all very, very new to me.

But, really, and I had to laugh at the truth of the feeling.  It was not.

Friday, my dear friend whom I asked to do a reading for me from an outside perspective got back to me.  the-journey2-165x300Overall, the reading was resoundingly positive.  I wanted to mention one of her questions in particular.  She had asked what might I be missing regarding all of this?  The answer she was given?

The Journey.   Transformation.  Death.  “Acknowledge the deepest aspects of your fears and desires. ” As a note of instruction, look at how all of these things are tying together to make a larger, clear picture.  Look at the card.  Darkness.  Moonlight.  Shadows.  And look, oh surprise, surprise, a raven!  Matter of fact, the color on the forward facing raven wing is EXACTLY the color of the flame I have been seeing.  And, with that, we are brought full circle AGAIN to the beginning of this post where I mentioned the numerous times the Journey card has come up through 2016.  (No, I did not plan any of this.)

I’ve spent most of the pre-dawn of Saturday getting this post together.  I feel I’ve gathered as much initial information as possible before I take the next step.  Surprisingly enough, it’s not to say yes.

It’s to sit down and have a very deep conversation with what is waiting on me, this ancient, hovering dark blue flame.  I’ll do this by going into trance in front of my laptop and, basically, doing a form of automatic writing.

Regardless of the signs and the symbols, we are going to sit down and have a little chat.  I have a tendency to be bold and mouthy in the presence of things more powerful than me.  It’s a trickster’s flaw and gift.  I know the rules and I know that without my permission they can do nothing for me or to me as long as I stay respectful.

So, we’re going to have a bit of a chat and we’ll see how things go.










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