Questing Path Redux

Blessed Summer Solstice!  As a Solstice gift to all of you I’d like to offer up something that I’ve been working on since before Beltane.

Back on Beltane, guided by intuition and, I believe, spiritual nudging, I felt the urge to look once again at my Pathway Spread. In meditation space, at the heart of my glen, I held the issues I had with the spread in the forefront of my thoughts. As I looked at it and asked for guidance I heard/felt something like, “Don’t you think it’s too focused on facing difficulty?” This was an interesting thought and as I traveled down it I realized it was correct. I set about streamlining the spread and on Beltane evening I sat down with the new spread.

Upon completion it “felt” better, more supportive. The spread was originally a 7 card spread with one mid-points of navigation between the starting point and the destination. Then, I modified it slightly to include 2 mid-points of navigation moving the number up to 8 cards total. The issue became that there were also 2 Challenges cards as part of the spread as well. If the 2 navigation points came up with difficult cards then the spread could have a total of 4 “challenging” cards against 2 allies, a beginning and a destination. No wonder it felt so heavy!

Coming out of meditation, I got to work in redesigning the spread, streamlining it and focusing on support and forward movement instead of obstacles. The card reduction came back down to 7 which I prefer and took me back to the original inspiration on the spread. Also, the supportive cards are now 4 in number instead of 2. Beltane evening, I gave the spread it’s first test run with my destination being the Summer Solstice. Over the following 2 months I was incredibly pleased with the results and the accuracy of the new spread.

I’m happy to present the “New” Questing Path Spread or, what I’m calling it, the Questing Path Redux.



So you kind readers will not have to go clicking back through past posts, I’ll include the full write up below of all the positions and what they mean. You’ll note the layout order of the draws has changed slightly. Otherwise, not much of these have changed but I’d rather present it all together as one package!

The spread makes use of something I call “Descriptor Cards.” These are to be used for a meditation. Look at the card’s imagery, it’s scenery. Does it suggest a theme or an actual physical location?

1. The Path – This is a descriptor card and you should look at the overall image of the card to help describe your path. You can also find a keyword for the card and use it to fill in the blank on the phrase “The Path of _____ .”

2. The Destination – Again, another descriptor card. Look at the image on the card and where the scene is that is taking place. I’m looking for not only the feel of the card but a location where I might want to be in the physical at the end of that path. Does it suggest a person to be with at that point of time? Look at what’s going on in the card and use the actual “meaning” of the card as a loose set of guidelines.  Can you see a quest or a goal in the card?  This is your destination.

3. The Hill – This used to be called the Mid-Point Navigation. This position is the bump in the road, the challenge. It might be a gentle hill or a steep mountain.  It is your one challenge you will have to face and work with to make the destination worth while. This is the main and most important challenge you will have to face.  If a splendid, positive card arrives here than look at how it could be a challenge.  If you can’t find one then enjoy the road ahead!

4 and 5. Allies Above – This is the energies and entities that will be assisting you from above. You will rarely, if ever, SEE them but you will, most definitely, FEEL them. They will offer you assistance on your quest. They will offer aid and support with their particular abilities.

6 and 7. Allies and Skills on the Ground – These are the friends, allies and skills that you will need in the physical as you move towards your goal. All of these cards are to be read as positive so a card that might appear negative at first could indicate something you will need to look at to either work with more closely or to cast off. For instance, the 9 of swords card here could indicate the need to meditate on your worry and anxiety. What is it telling you? Where is it harmful? How is it helping you move towards your goal?

I used this spread at Beltane and used it’s wisdom to guide me to the Summer Solstice.  More than before, it was spot on with it’s guidance.  More importantly, it was incredibly supportive.  Again and again, I came back to my journal entry on it and saw what it was trying to tell me as path continued toward the Solstice.

This evening I’ll be using this spread again to mark my next quest.  As instruction, I’ll present it here and then make notes and edits along the way.

Enjoy the spread and if you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to leave them below!

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