Dowsing the Glen – A Special Encounter

I’ve made it a point to go over to the Glen every Saturday or Sunday morning for the past couple of weeks.  It’s been a real joy to watch the land wake-up to spring and to watch the changes as the weeks move forward.

Walking to the Glen I had a few things happened that signalled to me that this trip was going to be something cool.  As I grew close to the park a pileated woodpecker flew directly across my path and then turned and angled towards the wood that holds the glen.  A few moments later, a crow casually flew in front of me, left to right.  These two things, so close together, told me to be aware this morning.

Shortly after crossing the boundary markers of the Glen, my dowsing took me off the path and stopped me at a point where, at first, I wasn’t sure why.  I’ve learned that this usually means, “Look around and/or wait.”  So, I did and a few moments later, spotted a box turtle tucked up under old fallen log.  This has happened so often to me but it’s still a bit of magic every time it happens.  I asked, “So, it’s going to be that kind of trip today?”  I was rewarded with a “Yes” answer.

My dowsing took me further away from the path and then stopped again near an oak tree.  I found one item (which I talk about in the video) and had just started the initial introduction to the video when the series of events began.  I’ve not edited the video at all. .

I am delighted to have had this opportunity to film this.  Not many people get to see this kind of bird interaction in the woods.  I would not have had this encounter if the dowsing had not told me where to go, where to stop and which direction to stand.  As I say in the video, I thought at first it was a hawk simply because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.   There is a lot of information that occurred in between filming the video and I’ll be thinking more about this encounter  I’ll have a separate post on it directly.

It was a very powerful morning.


About Rustus

I've been working with the metaphysical for several decades now. With divination, dowsing and my intuition, I've found a deep and peaceful connection with Nature, it's spirits and with something far bigger than myself. View all posts by Rustus

6 responses to “Dowsing the Glen – A Special Encounter

  • Helen O'Cobhthaigh

    It must have been a special weekend for meeting birds. I also had a first, seeing up close 3 wedge tail eagles. Usually I only see them soaring on high.

    • Rustus

      Yes, it must have been! I wasn’t sure what a wedge-tail was so I lept over to Google. Gorgeous birds. We have bald eagles here but they stay further south and close to a nearby lake. I’ve been lucky enough to see one in-town as it flew over.

  • meneidhardt

    Loved this video and the reminder that nature is all around us. I also had a close encounter with a bird a few days ago. A huge black vulture appeared out of nowhere and soared over me just a few feet above my head while I was walking my dog. I turned to look at him and he was gone. I believe the vulture came to give me a message, which I wrote about on my blog. Thank you for sharing you nature thoughts and experiences, Rustus!

    • Rustus

      I’ve come to hold vultures very sacred. There is a long history of them as very powerful messengers that goes all the way into Ancient Greece. I’ll have to check out your blog post and thanks for commenting and visiting!

  • eurekasprings

    Thank you for sharing Owl with us! This may be presumptuous because I do think you know far more then me 🙂 but I would be aware you might be a victim of gossip or the actions of a group of others that will be unpleasant. However, remember that you have an inner strength and knowledge that can get you through it. I’d be curious to read further on your Owl adventure!

    • Rustus

      Thanks for commenting! I think you are spot on with that thought. I love crows but they were certainly harassing the owl. But, the owl remained unconcerned and ignored them for the most part. ;D A lot occurred quietly in between camera shots and as I was moving to a better position. A lot of knowledge for me and a lot of knowledge to be passed on. I think the only way to cover it all will be with an upcoming video. I did a reading while onsite and I’ll be getting that together soon.

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