Initial Introductions are Given

Settle yourself in, dear reader, for this is a rambling post.  I had thought to break into two smaller posts and perhaps I should have.  Do let me know if posts like this are too long!

I was able to break free for half of an afternoon.  The weather was rainy and I had nearly opted not to go.  However, after dowsing a quick weather forecast, I was informed that, contrary to the forecasters, I would not have much to worry about in the way of rain and thunderstorms.  So, tossing on my hiking shoes and grabbing my supplies, I headed out.

My work with the boundary was mostly finished.  Any extra details would need to wait until Autumn as the undergrowth had simply become to thick to make any kind of decent survey and to get an exact perimeter on a map.  I knew it well enough in my head and my intent for this trip was to simply get to know some of the local spirits of the place and to reconnect with Nature.

TrailThe day was cool and damp.  Rain fell intermittently but there was no concern about getting drenched.  Coming in at the trail and saying hello at the boundary marker, I was quickly “waved in” after a quick hello to the trees there.   Because of the weather, the park and the woods were deserted.  If it were not for the occasional sound of cars, I could have easily been in remote forest.  Leaning against one of the trees I asked if it knew where I should go.  I immediately saw a “mental movie” of me crossing the stream and walking back towards the first spring that came up and out of a rocky, limestone shelf.  I couldn’t get much clearer than that!

I pulled out my rods and began.  First, I was taken to the abandoned tent I had found earlier.  I wanted to check the site again and the rods agreed.  Because of the excessive growth and lack of clear sight lines, I missed the fallen tree where the tent had been.  Of course, the rods put me back on track and led me directly to the site.  Everything was the same as it was and I re-arranged the tent in it’s bag to be more visible, placing it next to the pot.  The site was still well hidden, even more so with the increase in growth all around it.  Someone would have to know it was there to find it again.  I wondered if the tent would ever just “disappear” one day.

Moving away from there I strolled easily down a game trail towards the creek and crossed it.

The waterway was moving fast with the rain and the entire area felt fresh, alive.  The green at times was stunning, both on the ground and in the leaves of the trees.  Again, I was struck with how wild and alive this place felt.  Definitely a faery zone.  A short walk through easy brush to the stream I was at the spot of the spring in no time.  Funny enough, the rods directed me not directly to the spring but to a spot perhaps 15 – 20 feet south of it and at the base of a younger tree.  I asked where to sit and the rods crossed in a very odd spot, highly angled and on a narrow root.  Was I to sit here?  Yes.  It looked very uncomfortable and I asked again to be sure.  Yes.  Ok, then, in for a penny…

Of course, the spot was surprisingly comfortable.  After lighting some incense I grounded, settled deeper and eased out a notice that I would like to make contact.  I listened to the light rain on the leaves, the sound of the breeze moving through the woods, the spring and the creek guggling and laughing.  Nothing happened at first and then I felt the intense feeling of being “observed.”  It was not the feeling of being watched by a single person or animal that you sometimes can get.  This felt, and not to be disrespectful in the slightest,  like I had just been introduced to a group of children on THEIR playground.  Hundreds of sets of eyes seemed to be waiting on me from under leaf and limb.  They were waiting to see something.

GreenI’m not sure why but I decided I would show them my connection to the Earth.  I allowed myself to sink deeper and as I sank deeper, I felt an energy of the woods rise upwards to meet me.  A tingling started in my legs and up my back and in my mind’s eye I saw vines and moss wrap and grow on me in time lapse.   Rain dripped on me from nearby trees and ran down my tough bark skin.   My lower legs turned into roots and sank into the Earth.  I became a mossy old man in the woods and it felt wonderful.   The moss crept over my shoulders like a cape and tiny yellow flowers popped out of the moss on my shoulders.  The vines formed a woody hood over my head.

I sat like that for a long time just enjoying the interaction and the feeling.  Then, I sensed that there was something “off” nearby.  It came from my left.  While I was sitting on a root, I was also perched over a shelf of rock, the same shelf of rock from where the spring opened a few feet away.  The energy felt like something blocked or jammed.  I opened my eyes (half expecting to see fey bounding around me!  Alas, but no.) and slowly looked over.  There was a hole there between the rocks and I realized with a start that I was sitting on top of another spring!  A blocked spring!  I looked around to confirm and, sure enough, the rocks around me, the way the land sloped and the lack of dirt and solid vegetation told me that I had been directed to sit on a spring site that wasn’t flowing.   I asked permission to try to help it and it was given with a very strong swing of the rods, “Yes!”

I closed my eyes again and got to work.  I used my pendulum and envisioned, basically, a water hose being unkinked while it spun counter-clockwise which I have come to learn means that it is “cleaning” out negative energy.  (I learned this from Raymond Grace when he came through my area when I was first getting started.  I was fortunate enough to attend a small talk.)  Though it felt like there was some sort of rock fall blocking things there was “something” energetic involved as well.  I used the lightly falling rain as inspiration as well and pictured the water gathering behind the blockage and pushing it clear.  I worked until the pendulum stopped and began to rotate in a clockwise fashion.  Through closed eyes, I could sense that the sun had come out from behind the rain clouds.  I allowed the pendulum to spin for awhile, envisioning positivity and freshly flowing water until the rotations finally faded.  Of course, no water came rushing out of the ground in a geyser so I confirmed with the pendulum that, yes, things were better.  The sun disappeared behind another cloud.

I settled myself after that bit of work and decided that was more than enough of an introduction.  I introduced myself and asked if I could do some dowsing with them so as to better communicate?  I took a gentle breeze and a tingle up my arms as a yes.  I got out my favorite chart and my pendulum and set to, well, meeting them.  This did not take too long and I went back into a light trance.

I used yes/no questions as well as a dowsing chart.  I learned that strength of the Fey energy here was a 6-7 and that the overall energy of the small valley was an 8-9.  This strong reading was due to the presence of several springs.  The Fey were drawn here by the high energy and work in symbiosis with it.  The kicker came when I asked, “How long have the Fey been here?” and was told 80 human years.  This was the same time period of most of the older guardian trees I had dowsed previously.  I asked if they and the boundary marker and the tree age were all connected.  I received a simple, “Yes.”

I had been curious about the use of the site by natives and if it was ever a sacred space.  I asked the Fey about this and I got a sort of shrugged shoulders response.  I paused for a moment and switched sources, asking if native people had ever used this site.  The answer was no.  They had been here but they had not treated it any more special than anywhere else!

I then switched to the letter board part of my chart and asked if it was alright to have a conversation that way.   I was given a yes and we began.  Instead of going into details here let me just say that I have found, over and over, is that communication like this from Fey and Nature Spirits oftentimes comes phonetically.  Vowels are left out and Y becomes “Why” and U becomes “You”.  Words like laugh or tough come out LAF or TUF.   In addition, sentence structure can be somewhat mangled.   I mention this because I repeatedly received U and Y from my letter chart.  It took a bit but I figured out that it was trying to say, “You, Why?”  As in “Why are you here?”   Once I figured this out with U and Y  I would not have been surprised to see U. Y. IR for “You Why Here?”  (This also reminded me that I needed to add a question mark to my letter chart!)

I explained why I was there, out loud, talking to myself in the woods, in the rain.  I asked again if they was alright with them and received a “yes!”  They were, it would appear, just curious.  I stuck to the yes/no questions and we got to know one another.  I was given a name of the spirit I was talking to and it was decidedly not a standard modern sounding name.  It took forever to get sounded out properly.

After the conversation, I offered them a slice of homemade bread and two chocolates.  I had the rods direct me where to place it which was, interesting enough, exactly halfway between where I was seated and the flowing spring.

Feeling very fizzy and lighthearted, I concluded my visit and cleaned up my things.  I gave my thanks again and promised to come back in a few days if I could.  I glanced at my phone and had to laugh.  Now, I’m very good with time.  I do not wear a watch and can, upon asking, give you a very close reading of what time it is with very few clues.  I laughed because what I had hoped to be a trip of only an hour or two at the most had turned into more.  By the time I would hike out and get home, four hours would have elapsed since I left!

If there is any doubt that I’ve had a real encounter there are always two things that occur shortly afterwards, usually on the walk out or perhaps even a few days later.  One, the rational mind tries to dismiss it.  It says you made it up. Maybe I did?  It likes to tell you that you are crazy.  Maybe I am?   Secondly, something happens that drives the point home for you (see end of this post for that).  Three, time gets a little flippy-floppy. Four, the encounter itself will take on a hazy, dreamlike quality a few hours or days later.   In a week or so, there is a good chance you’ll forget it happened or, at least, have only small snapshots of what occurred.  This is why I try to take a lot of notes either during or shortly afterwards.  (If I hadn’t I’m not sure I could have recounted this as fully!)  I’m not entirely sure why this occurs and perhaps it will be a good focus for some dowsing card reading and a future post!

Oh, wait, that was four things not two!  Well, of course it was!  This IS Faery we are dealing with after all.


My hike out was wonderful and peaceful.  I really did feel as if I were in a dream where I was walking through a rainy, fey-filled forest. I mused aloud about a recent idea that I’d come across called Lucid Living.  It was introduced to me by a video by Eckhart Tolle.  In short, think of your Life as a dream you are awake within.  The woods, or the Fey, gave me no answer except wind and raindrops.

As I found the main trail and headed toward the guard trees I heard a voice, a non-physical voice.   It was a quick, faint phrase come from behind my left shoulder.  The voice sounded female and young and it said, “Look for the gift!”  It happened so quickly I paused and, thinking at first it was physical and I had heard some other folks out on this rainy day, I looked around.    There was no one.   I wondered what it was all about and assumed the gift would be something energy related.  I felt fantastic and connected and really did not need anything else.  I didn’t see anything “giftlike” around me so I said thank you and kept walking out.

As I turned the corner of the path and came into view of the two boundary trees, I saw my gift.   There, lying perfectly in the center of the path between them was a perfect tulip tree blossom.  It had definitely not been there when I went in.  I would have seen it.  It was impossible to miss.


I gave my thanks again and just stood there taking in the awesome beauty of it.  I took a few pictures (obviously) and just, well, drank it in.  Then, I set it down at the base of one of the trees and told them I thought it was a very grand and wonderful gift.  I didn’t want to take it home.  I wanted it to stay here as a reminder for both of us and that I would be back again in a few days.

I bowed to the wood and then walked home feeling as if I was walking on clouds.







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