On Being Responsible

Cloud SpiritAn interesting thing occurred to me on the way to the next post.

I had spent a handful of days writing up a very lengthy post about my last session in the glen.  I knew I wanted to share that wonderful visit but I had also decided that I would go into lengthy detail about my initial communications with the fey and spirits there.  I had the post all done, had entered the final pictures and was doing a final edit.  I typically like to write up a post, edit it a few times while taking lengthy breaks between.  Yesterday, I had wrapped everything up and would give it a final read in the evening then post it.

Then I got home.  I went to sit down and as the post came up I was hit with a massive wave of “do not post this.”   Now, I’ve had the blogging equivalent of stage fright  before and this was not it.  I wanted to post it.  However, something else was telling me “it’s no longer a good option.”

I did a bit of dowsing and the sticking point seemed to be the details I was including.  It was, basically, too much info.  This then  struck up an interesting internal discussion for me because it has made me consider what should or should not be posted publicly online.

As I meditated and delved a bit deeper into the “why” behind the push back I got a bit more information.  Now, I want to stress that I’m still digesting all of this.  This was the first time I had written that detailed of a post.  I did feel that it could make for an interesting topic for either discussion here or, perhaps, internally with a reader.

It came down to these key points…

  • The writing is not a waste as I can use it for my own records.  It may also prove to be later fodder for a book. (Thanks to a long time friend for that suggestion!)
  • The internet is a very, very big and open place.
  • I am a fan of posting information on the internet.  I have learned immense amounts online about subjects I’m interested in, from camping skills, to crafting, to organization tips.  I think it is important to add to that pool of knowledge with whatever skill set you have.  However, this interesting analogy came up in my inner vision.  There is a need to be responsible about what you post.  There is posting the instructions on how to start a fire in the woods and then there is posting information on how to make fireworks.   I thought it was a bit ridiculous but I was being told that my latest post, with it’s included details, was more along the lines of the later.  I still don’t understand it but that is what I kept getting.
  • I was under an obligation to remain responsible for what I put out there.
  • Some things, it appears, are meant to stay secret until one is ready to experience them for themselves.
  • I could post about my last visit, of course, but I would need to omit and edit with a different focus.
  • Mercury retrograde is, as always, hilarious.

And, for the record, this is not some epic lead up to “but you can buy my advanced blog post for eleventeen dollars…”  That is not what this is about.  This is about dealing with responsibility and the ethics of this level of work.  My next step is to possibly do a reading on this.  If I get more insight, I will share it.  And, also, it would appear the next post for the glen will be a little delayed.  I have a re-write to do.

I am curious to hear other’s thoughts.  Has anything similar ever happened with your writing or with your work?  Were you ever told, “No.  You cannot share that.”

If you wish you can, of course, comment here or you may email me at alongadifferentpathATgmailDOTcom


2 responses to “On Being Responsible

  • eurekasprings

    When I first started on my path, I really wanted to share my experiences! Everything was so exciting, new and fresh. Than I did a ceremony with Owl and realized that while I needed to write it down for myself, Owl was not about sharing at ALL. Actually, the essence of Owl is secrecy really made me rethink blogging and what I would put out there.

    WordPress allows you to put a post behind a password and that is what I’ve done for that post and some others – such as my thoughts I only wanted to share with my husband, some personal poetry and other such insights that were really only about my own journey.

    I agree with all that you wrote. I love sharing, learning and teaching but OTOH there are parts that are not to be shared. They are experiences that are visceral – deep and primitive. Writing them down – well it dilutes it; makes it ordinary; a story that doesn’t have the resonance that the story calls for (maybe better to be told in the dark around a campfire 😉

    When I was active on my horse blog and Youtube it became very apparent that casual visitors can also misunderstand or misinterpret. A great example of visitors misinterpreting a blog is right here.

    • Rustus

      Thank you so much for your reply! A bit more detail – I’ve been around the block so many times that the post (and this blog) was from a point of view of teaching, of helping someone else who might want to have similar experiences. The post, in particular, was geared specifically towards that and was aimed at a new kind of post I wanted to start writing. I think it’s why I was stopped a bit dead in my tracks when the gate came down. Wait a minute, I’ve been asking, wasn’t this what the blog was about? I’ve not got a solid answer yet except for a few “Yes, but…” responses. It appears I am being taught a lesson on secrecy and responsibility with all of this And… of course… ego.

      I agree completely with you about the dilution process. It is so true and it takes a very intense bit of writing to really “capture” such a deep, personal experience.

      I had not thought about the casual visitors angle. Thanks for pointing that one out!

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