An Abandoned Camp, an Encounter and a Gift

I’ve been writing and posting more often as I am striving to get up to date with my work in the glen.  With this post, I will be caught up and can, hopefully, stay up a bit more “on-time.”

My latest adventure was a short one.  My goal had been a casual stroll through the woods and, much like my first post on the subject, allowing the rods to guide me to different locations.  I should have known better than to assume it would be “casual.”  Led by the rods I was off trail again.  I was surprised when I came around the brush and there, 20 yards away, with the rods pointing firmly towards it, was what appeared to be a beat-up orange tarp draped over a branch.

Drawing closer I could see that it was not a tarp and was, instead, a tent.  It was part of a small campsite that had been, very nicely I want to add, placed in-between the branches of a massive fallen tree.   The tent was not set up and looked to be windblown and then draped over a branch.   As I approached, I could see evidence of some soda cans, a plastic Gatorade container and an energy bar wrapper.  I asked the rods if it was safe for me to approach and they said it was.

Still, I  could not see the ground on the other side of the large branch so I stood there very quietly for several minutes.  Finally, after no movement or noise, I cleared my throat and asked, very directly, “Hello?”  No answer.  I waited a bit longer and then moved in slowly.

The camp was deserted and had been for some time.  Leaf litter from last fall were partially covering a few of the items, including a small, barely used camp saucepan.  The tent was a small, cheap, 1 person, low to the ground V-style of tent.  When set-up properly it would have been totally hidden behind the thick branches of the fallen tree.  Investigating the tent a bit more I found the collapsible ridgepole had snapped in a few places.  With the tent not staked down it had most likely flapped about in the wind.  Otherwise, the tent was fine and it’s carrying bag was nearby.

After asking the rods if it was safe for me to clean up the camp, I decided to pack the tent up into the bag.  As I retrieved the bag I was given a bit of a start when I found one of Grandmother Spider’s beautiful but larger kids hanging out underneath it!   (Since I’m aware that some folks do NOT like to see pictures of spiders, I’ve posted it at the end of the article!  You have been warned.)  After I caught my breath I took the time to really enjoy the creature.  (I later identified it as a Dark Fishing Spider.)   It was unmoving and simply sat there letting me observe it.

Meditating on the encounter later, I thought of spider energy.  Spider is a feminine energy.  It carries with it patience and the ability to creatively weave your Life with your Spirit.  I immediately thought of Iktomi and of my encounter with one of her spiritual helpers.  (A tale for another post, I believe.) I was reminded of how I was told of Grandmother Spider’s web lines and then after doing research found that it was true, some Native Americans do reference ley lines as spider lines or webs.

The thing I was reminded, however, was that THIS spider does not weave a web.  It is extremely patient and, instead, works with a skill of ambush, camouflage and stealth.  While most spiders are a combination of air and earth energy, I got a very strong feeling of just earth energy from this creature.  So, to put it all together,  feminine earth energy, energy lines, stealth, and patience.  (I was definitely not looking to be doing any ambushing anytime soon!)  When I keyed in further, I heard two words, “Patience” and “Stillness.”  I took it as very specific instruction and advice on improvement.

The site might have been a homeless site but it did not have the “feel” of one.  It might have been someone “stealth camping” and there was even a remote chance that this tent and the odd fetish bone were related.   Questions nagged at me.  Why would someone leave the tent behind?  There were no other possessions nearby that I could see.  It appeared the camp had been used lightly, two or three nights at most.  What had occurred here?

I left the tent in its bag there at the camp, cleaned up the trash and continued onward with my wanderings in the wood.  Further along a small game trail, the rods turned me down a small hill and towards a clearing.  They led me to an area of the woods that I’d not explored much and then, without hesitation, stopped and crossed.  Looking down I was surprised to see they had crossed directly over a handful of small bright blue feathers.  I recognized the color instantly as bluebird feathers.  I asked quickly if I was to do more “clearing work” here and was told “yes.”  The rods also informed me that the feathers were for me as a gift when I was done.

I have never owned bluebird feathers.  I consider them extremely rare and I consider these a powerful and honored gift.  I am not sure what I will do with them exactly but I will know when the time is right.

I did the energy work there and it seemed simple, effortless.  As I finished, the wind blew threw the trees and the clearing which I have taken to mean “All finished and thank you.”    I continued on, exploring the area and finding another spot or two that I will try to get back to in order to do some meditations and energy work.    I finished the trip by asking if there was anything else I needed to do and was told “No.”  Was I finished with the initial work of kenning the area? “Yes.”  From a quick round of questions, I determined that period was over and I would be spending the next several visits getting to better learn more intricate details of the place as well as having a round of introductions to local fey.  I was looking forward to it!

Also, as promised here is the picture of the Dark Fishing Spider.  She was big but not fully grown, perhaps 2.5″ to 3″ in diameter.   Isn’t she a beauty?





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