Hunkering Down

From the Cambridge Dictionary — “To hunker down is also to be prepared to stay in a particular place or situation for as long as necessary, esp. for protection or to achieve something:

After the events of last weekend, the week continued to throw odd frustrations and oddities in my way.  By Wednesday morning, I’d had enough.  I had awoken to the feeling I will call “being at sea.”  I’ve never woken up while floating in a boat but I imagine it’s similar. You feel ungrounded, floaty and just a bit “off.”  Something did NOT feel right and I wanted to get to the bottom of it.

I got out the pendulum and asked a few questions and was directed to my Wildwood tarot deck for some advice.  This reading was one of those readings where I started with one card and it grew, organically, into four.  My question was,  “What is my best path of action in relation to the energies around me right now?”  I followed this up with the simple statement, “I am looking for a conversation and advice.”

Here is the reading with all four cards.  I used the pendulum to pick them.  I’ll break down the reading below. (Please excuse the quality of the photo!)


1.) Five of Stones, Endurance – This single card told me everything in one fell swoop.  Stormy weather was on the way and that what I had been experiencing was directly related to it.  I prefer this image over the classic Rider-Waite 5 of Pentacles card which is an image of a battered couple out in the cold of winter.  I like that the Wildwood card has a focus on patience and fortitude instead of struggle.  Immediately upon seeing the card I knew that the appropriate action for me was to “hunker down” and to ride out that stormy weather.  Oftentimes the 5 of pentacles can represent financial hardship but this did not feel right. I confirmed with the pendulum.  No, this was about the overall energy and that now was definitely not the time to “push ahead.”  Yin energy was called for and lots of patience.

2.) The Glanconer – This card came about because my Faery Oracle deck is usually right there next to my Wildwood.  I had asked if there was a Fey card that wanted to add commentary or offer assistance and received a “yes.”  The Glanconer is all about illusion, about seeing the “truth behind a beglamoured surface.”  It also talks about lust and about desires.  Now, not about physical lust but about that drive and desire for something no matter what.   I needed to be careful about my desires and again, a call for not pushing on anything I wanted or felt that I needed to own or have.

3.) Undressing of a Salad – The third card came about because I asked if the Fey wanted to add anything else.  Of course, they did.  This card is about balance and avoiding extremes.  A time of chaotic energy and the only way to successfully navigate it would be to be cautious and steady.  “Use power with delicacy and discretion.”  Even the Fey were onboard with the idea of stormy weather ahead!

4.) Two of Wands – Decision – And, finally, we were back to the Wildwood who wanted to add one more card to the mix.  The position could be labelled, “Final commentary.”   Oddly enough, this card speaks of moving forward and making decisions with positive energy.  In relation to the other cards I picked up the following.  It is MY decision as to how the coming stormy weather will effect me.  I have the choice to grumble about it and complain or I can respond with a positive and (Undressing of a Salad) calm mindset.  It’s my decision.  Now, to be fair, this holds true with any situation but with whatever is about to occur much will hinge on HOW my decisions are made.  Decisions are a form of energy expenditure and during this time they will be crucial.  Making the right decisions could easily result in me saying, “Oh, that wasn’t too bad at all.”

After finishing up the reading I dowsed a bit further for more information as to the “stormy weather.”

Was it simply going to effect me?  No.
Would it have a large and wide effect pattern?  Yes.
On a scale of 1 – 10 how wide should I expect?  1 = just around me. 10 = the entire planet.    I received an 8.5.
Would it last longer than a week or so?  Yes
Would it last longer than a month? Weak yes.
I finished by determining it would last 5 weeks total and that I should be out of the woods by the end of June.


As I finished all this up I had the odd thought that perhaps this could be related to something global like a large magnetic storm or sunspot activity.  I surfed over to trusty but didn’t see anything out of line and no warnings about magnetic storms.  Still curious I clicked over to a few astrology sites and that is when I received my “brick to the head” moment.  We all have them, don’t we?  Those moments when you realize that you found what you are looking for and it REALLY should not have been that hard to track down?  Yeah.  That’s the one!

Guess what is occurring in just a few days (in fact, it’s already started) and lasting through the dowsed time period above?   That wonderful time of times, Mercury Retrograde!   Usually a three week period, Astroblogick reminds us that there is also something called the “retrograde shadow” and this has already started!  And… it started on Monday.  Figuring in the shadow both before and after the retrograde starting on the 18th, the full time period would be 5 weeks.

Annnd… there it is.

Over the following weeks, if it’s not being too pushy, I’ll try and post a bit about the mindset I try to cultivate during a mercury retrograde.  Though this one feels like it might be a doozy, they can be navigated and “not too bad” as long as you work with the energy and not against it.  For starters, I’ll reference the card reading above!)




4 responses to “Hunkering Down

  • eurekasprings

    Noooooooooo! Mercury retrograde again…. OK that explains a lot.

    • Rustus

      HAHA! Indeed it does! It totally slid up on me without me seeing it until this week.

      • eurekasprings

        I can’t complain too much. Last time we got a huge unexpected windfall. This time I just would like it be a non-event as I have one kid ending her junior year in high school, and another who leaves for college these next two weeks. Just don’t need any more additional excitement!

  • Navigating Mercury Retrograde with a Smile | Along A Different Path

    […] So, I looked it up and cross-referenced the astrological tidings with my journal I was keeping at the time.  The correspondences were amazing.  Here I was trying to plow forward with a bunch of yang energy during a tidal flood of yin energy!  In the end, it caught my attention.  What finalized the deal for me is when I would have a mercury rx period marked on my calendar and I would watch other people’s lives and plans go into a tailspin.  I started keeping internal notes and started reading what I could on how to work with the energy in a positive way.  In the end, and after navigating several retrogrades, I like to think I understand it a bit better.  (This works up until the point where you FORGET about the upcoming mercury retrograde which, when you think about it, is hilarity in and of itself!  See my previous post for all of that.) […]

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