Dowsing the Perimeter of the Glen

In working with the energies around my newfound glen area I wanted to take a moment to focus on what I have found in regards to the “energy fence” or perimeter that I discussed in a previous post.  I first encountered it when I began communing with the two guard trees that bracket the path leading into the woods.  My rods would continually cross and direct me to a line that ran between the two trees and then out either sides as if a longer fence was connecting them.  I felt a strong need to chart out this perimeter and it was confirmed through the rods that the woods wanted me to know as well.  It would be part of my kenning.  So, I began to chart out what I was finding.  I’m glad I started when I did as just in the past few weeks the underbrush has begun to come up and it’s proven harder and harder to do so.    Just last weekend I was able to finish everything up after several weekend afternoons of work.  I’ve had more than one adventure while doing so and I will have several posts coming up that tell those tales.

I’ve found several similarities that kept repeating over and over and I thought a list of them would prove useful to not only to myself at a later date but to anyone else who might find themselves running across something similar.

Here is what I have discovered so far.

  • The perimeter seems connected to only larger, older trees.
  • A good number of the trees along the line are double-trunked.
  • The perimeter is still attached to the trunks of much older trees which are now fallen and/or are only large, very old broken trunks.
  • The older trees do appear to line up to form a boundary while all around them are younger trees that are all only 20 to 30 years old.  In some places you can actually “see” the difference as a marked line.  (This surprised me when I first saw it!)
  • Most of the trees are tulip poplars but the others on the perimeter are either sycamore or oak.  For instance, there are no maples or elms on the line.
  • Most corners seem to occur at a tree.  It is almost like the trees form “pins” that hold the line in place.  Again, like a fence.
  • Three of the large trees along the line are unhealthy or dead.  All 3 are on corners.  One appears to “gifted” the energy to a nearby, younger tree that also “holds the corner.”
  • Most of the larger trees on the perimeter, specifically those that form corners or feel like “power spots” have been aged (through dowsing) to be 75 to 80 years old.  A few of the older, broken trunks, have come in at 90 years.  This gives me a general “date” of between 1925 – 1930’s as a reference point for research..
  • Two of the perimeter lines seem to follow the natural ridge lines of the area.  However, they do not go “to the top” but stay below the crown of the ridge, around 20 to 40 feet away from the top.

GlenRoughMapThis a VERY rough map of the area so far from my field notes.  (I’ll make a better one when this is all done.) My next step, now that I’ve walked the lines with dowsing, is to use a GPS app from my phone and track the lines as best as I can with it.  The combination should give me a decent idea of the actual boundaries.  My initial thoughts are that the area was actually fenced off prior to the 1930’s.  Alternatively, someone thought this area was very special and either through conscious or unconscious action, marked off the area.  Who that someone was may never be known.

My next steps are to begin looking at the recorded history of the area to see if I can spot any clues.  I’ll also begin asking a series of questions which I will dowse for accuracy as well as adding in card readings and other spiritual work.  We’ll see if I can spot any “hits” that match up with archived information in the county historical museum.  It’s a long shot but worth a try!

Of course the above is all in the realm of physical reality.  On the spiritual side, there is a lot happening in these woods.  I do believe that there are Fey in the area.  How could there not be?  The dowsing rods have told me they are here but, oddly enough, they appear to be much more furtive and secretive than I normally encounter.  I’ve also dowsed that they are not the ones that originally built the perimeter line but that they have aided and helped with it over time.   I’m also curious about energies left over from native occupation.  Given the fact I’ve found three small springs as well as a broken piece of what appears to be a native artifact in the creek it cannot be discounted.  I’ll be exploring those questions in the near future and looking for historical information to help me along.

Some example questions for the near future: How old is the energy fence?  Did native people live in this area?  If so, did they consider it sacred?  Is part of this an old property line?  Where there ever any structures or homes on this property?  Where are the strongest energy centers?

I’ve also started doing some videos from my camera phone as I work in the glen.  I hope to have those up soon.

Next, the kenning takes an unusual twist!



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