Wildwood Reading for a Wild Wood

During my latest visit to what I am simply calling “The Glenn” for now (At some point it might tell me it’s name) I found a wonderful spot in the middle of the creek to sit and meditate.  Sitting down on solid dry ground while a Spring creek chortled and bubbled along both sides of me was an excellent experience.

I had brought my Wildwood deck with me and I realized I had enough space to do a reading in the same spot.  I wanted to consult the deck about the Glenn, about my relationship with it and to see if any more information could be brought to light as I continue to “ken” the land around it.

I decided on a three card intuitive reading.  I would draw the cards and see how my intuition organized them.  Placing my card cloth on the rocks of the small little island I was sitting upon, I settled in, shuffled and began.

After fanning the cards, I drew them with the help of the dowsing rods.  My point of inquiry was to simply receive more information about the Glenn and my relationship to it.  Here is what I received.


I was immediately struck by the fact that two Major Arcana had come to bookend the central card.  I felt no sense of “past” or “future” with the reading.  This was simply a snapshot of what I had asked.  Below are my thoughts on the cards, one by one. Then, I will combine them into what I think it is saying.

1.) The Journey :  The Wildwood version of the Death card.  Transformation.  Once cycle into another.   Let the old fade away and accept a necessary transition from one form to another.  I somehow missed it at first but then, sitting there, I was struck with the image of the deer skeleton and the crow.  As I stated in my last post, I had found a deer skeleton by the guardian trees and on top of some of the bones had been a crow feather!  Matter of fact, that entire trip had been about cleansing and releasing Death energy from the area around three different skeletons in total.

2.) 4 of Stones – Protection : A fawn curls up in the protection of a dolmen.  Being protected and sheltered. Being in a safe place.  Wasn’t this exactly what I had been told regarding these woods, that I was to feel safe and welcome here?

3.) The Great Bear : The Wildwood version of the Judgement card.  Awakening.  Rebirth.  Discovery.  Self-realization and Change.   Again, in this instance, I felt that the Bear represented the overall “guardianship” of the wood that I have felt several times while there.

Overall:  A fairly straight forward reading.  The only question I had in looking over the cards was that the meaning could, most certainly, apply to me but I realized that they could ALSO apply to the wood itself.    Perhaps the glen itself was going through a transformation and needed protection while it took on it’s new form?  Yet, after a few moments of confirmation with the rods, I was able to understand that the reading was exactly what I asked for, “my relationship to the glen.”

I was and would be going through a very important phase and this glen would be my sheltering point throughout it.  I was to know that I should feel safe here, protected, and that forces would work to keep me this way as long as I stood in these woods.  If I used the glen appropriately, I would be watched over by the “Great Bear” and held safe as I moved from an old phase of myself and into the next “rebirth” which would be centered around my experiences with the glen.   This was, and would be, a very good place for me.   Due to several things occurring in my life that I’ve not mentioned in this blog (one of them being the advance of gray hairs upon my scalp) this reading made perfect and absolute sense to me.

To prove the point of the 4 of Stones I’ll relate to you a final story.  I had just finished up doing the reading and was meditating and really feeling in touch with the land.  I was happy.  I was grateful.  I was at peace.  Then, I heard some noise from some other “mundane” visitors to the park as they came up the path.  What I didn’t know was that there was another path and it actually curved right next to the creek where I was sitting!  The visitors, a couple, also had two very rambunctious young dogs that were off their leashes and playing in the creek.  And here I was, sitting cross-legged in a small perch of dry land, with cloth and cards out and water all around me.

I opted to begin getting my cards protected and wrapped.  The dogs had gone back over to their owners on the path but would make forays around the path as they walked.  I was able to get things under cover as they drew closer and to get the cards stuffed in my backpack where they would not get water damaged.  I had this vision of the dogs bounding up to me to say “Hello” and drenching me with creek water.  Being a dog lover I would not have minded but my concern was for my cards which would not have done so well in that situation.

As they came closer I sat very still and simply waited for the inevitable.  There was a small strip of brush, perhaps 10 feet, between the creek and the path.  The humans strolled by, never noticing me.  The two dogs,however, bounded once again towards and into the creek no more than 10 or 15 feet away from me.  One was medium sized and a mutt.  The other was larger and obviously a Shepherd mix.  At first they did not see me either.  Then, they did.

The minute they recognized “something” was there they stopped their playful romp, froze and stared at me.  I politely gave them a little smile and a little “hello” energy from where I sat in the creek.  I waited for the oncoming doggie welcome complete with creek water and wet fur.  It never came.  Instead, they stared a bit longer and then they both took off out of the creek, bolting back towards the path and their owners who were past me now and further up the path.  I heard one of the couple say, laughing, “What’s wrong with you?” as the dogs ran up to them.

Four of stones and protection, indeed!  I swore I heard fey giggling somewhere in the distance…


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