The Tarot of Now

In my previous post I spoke about doing card readings with no sense of past or future, using the cards to get advice on a subject while staying as much in the present as possible.  This was inspired in me after reading Eckhart Tolle’s “Power of Now.”  If you are new to this, I recommend checking out that post to get my full thoughts.  This concept took me several weeks to get my brain around due to habit and good, old-fashioned stubbornness of wanting a timeline.  I simply had the hardest time letting go of concepts of Past and Future when doing a reading!

For this post I’m going to talk about a simple one card reading with no talk of “spreads” or placements.  A lot of it could be considered pretty basic, simple steps to a reading.  It’s funny how we always come back to the simple things, isn’t it?  If you’re a more advanced reader I imagine the next few paragraphs may be boring…

Let’s get started.

The first thing necessary is to quiet your mind and gain a sense of Being.  Isn’t that what is recommended before every single kind of divination and energy practice in all of existence?  Gosh, I wonder why that is?   Regardless, it is not as difficult as it sounds.  Remember what I said about returning to simple things?  We seem to think that getting connected to that sense of Being needs to be complicated.  This is simply the Ego trying to make something more complicated because by doing so it makes it more important, right?  It is, in actuality, not complicated at all.  I often use one or two of the practices offered in Tolle’s book and I’ll cover my favorites very briefly.

First, just sit quietly and simply examine your thoughts.  No judgements. Just have an awareness of your thoughts and how you are thinking them.  Do not be concerned with why you are thinking them.  Aim to quiet those mental waves but do not force.  Think of a stone thrown into a pond and how ripples will, in time, settle down.

Another is to simply be aware of where you are in the room or area that you find yourself.  Feel the space around you and listen to the noises around you.  Do not judge them.  Just feel the space between you and the walls, the floor, the chairs, the doors.  If you are outside, which is even better, feel how you are sitting or standing in space with the ground, the trees, that bush, the car going by, the birds flying over head, feel the wind.  Simply be and do not judge.  Aim for peacefulness.

A final one is to close your eyes.  Hold your hands out in front of you.  While your eyes are closed think this… How do you KNOW your hands are there?

One of those three should get you started.

In time you will hit what I call the “sweet spot” and you will know when to grab the cards.  In even more time that “sweet spot” will come faster and more consistently and then, with practice, be something you can carry with you most, if not all of the time.  Typically, this process before a reading takes me a minute or two now but at first it could take upwards of fifteen minutes or more.

You can even practice it now while reading this.  Take a moment.  Where are you? What are you thinking? Feel the space around you.  Feel yourself in the chair or standing, looking at your device. What is around you?  What is the space like?  What sounds are happening around you? What do you see?  Remember, do not judge.  Simply observe and let it be what it is.

When you are ready, take your cards or your runes (or whatever) and take a few more breaths.  Quietly take your question and roll it around.  Be very mindful of the thoughts and emotions it triggers.  If your mind kicks up again from it then wait until you can get back down to that simple, non-judgmental observing.  I’ve found I can sometimes use shuffling the cards or sorting them to help with this.  When you shuffle, focus in on how they feel in your hands.  How are they moving?  What do they sound like?  When you are ready, I’ve found the best way to start is in the mode of a conversation.

“What is the best information you can give me on this subject for dealing with it in the present?”  or, alternatively, “What do I need to know, right now, about X, Y or Z?”

Then, pull your card.

Remember, do not project into the future or live in the past.  The card is for the very crossroads of you, the problem and this very moment.  Remember the part about not judging your thoughts?  Do the same with this card.  What is it telling you? If it is a troubling card or a troubling image this may be difficult because your Mind will immediately leap into the fray to sing tales of woe and heartbreak.  It might also jump to your defense.  Thank it for it’s advice, gently brush it away and look at the card again. What do you see?  If the card had sound, what would you hear?

After some time with the first card it’s entirely possible you are done.  Chances are, starting out, you will have other questions.  “Is there a single first step?”, “What can I call on to help?”, “What should I keep in mind?”, “What else might be complicating things?”, etc.  Those are all fine but be very mindful you do not project into the future or the past and/or over complicate the reading.  You are wanting to get a snapshot of the immediate present and what wisdom you can carry with you into the next moment.  Nothing more.

When you are finished you will have had a conversation and hopefully a more clear idea of how to proceed forward.  From there, the next step is to go into the next moment and see what arrives.

Now, it’s example time.


Here is a reading I’ll do using the exact method above.  I will be typing “real time” with very few edits.

My question and thoughts right now revolve around the combination of these ideas of the Now and working with cards, earth energies, spirits, etc. and how to combine and share them on this blog.  The first mind thoughts that come up are truly Ego-based.  How will it be received?  Maybe it’s a waste of time?  Will people even care?

As above, I note these thoughts and had to work for a bit to calm them and to not judge them.  I did judge them at first.   A quick reaction of frustration or simply telling yourself to “Knock it off” is judgement.  It’s easy to do.   I simply observed them, thanked them and then found myself back with the question.  Now, I’m sitting here at the keyboard and it is quiet in the early morning hours.  I can hear the heater running but otherwise it is silent.  I focus on my breathing.  I feel the room around me.  I pick up, very faintly, the sound of a crow outside. The fridge kicks on.  I sit in this for a few moments and simply enjoy it.

Then, I feel the urge to get my cards and I do.  I shuffle them and think about the question, people reading this blog, what would be the best way to present things.  I jostle a bit with Ego again and have to settle back a bit.  Then, I shuffle some more and go back to simply being in the room.  A train whistle sounds in the distance and it actually helps me settle. I feel myself breathing and think how cool it is that the body knows how to do all that it does automatically.  I hear one of my kids starting to get up upstairs and I derail a bit because I feel that I need to hurry.  “No, that is the future.”  I shuffle a bit more and breathe. The Sweet Spot comes and I feel wonderful.

I begin to sort through the face down deck, letting my hands simply arrive where they want to be.  In time I sort out a single card and turn it over.

WorldTreeNowThe World Tree.

I can’t stop chuckling.  How wonderfully perfect is this pull?

I go to the labyrinth in front, the twisting and turning one goes through before arriving at the door.  In the book it talks about how you could easily walk right up to that door but then, you’re missing the point.  The twisting and turning is part of it.  It prepares you for that doorway.  If you would go right up to it, who would even say it would open for you?  I compare this to what I’ve written above, about the labyrinth of Mind and thought and the settling process.

From the book, “The Universe and all it’s blessings are available to everyone who seeks knowledge and wisdom with a sincere heart.  On every level, the cosmos has a generous bounty and gives freely of its rich nourishment and fulfillment.”

And then, as if on cue, alarm clocks go off upstairs and people begin to stir.  In accepting the present moment I have to pause things, accept what is coming with teenagers getting ready for school, breakfasts, walking the dog, getting ready for work.  I have to place this aside.  Sometimes, readings simply go this way.  My Ego rebels and rears up and starts to talk about how “I never get my mornings,”  I gently pat it on the head and ask it to stop and, surprisingly, it does.  The present moment is that I’m done.  I will revisit this on a break at work…


And now it’s break time and I’m looking things over.   I have to chuckle again.   I’m not sure there is much more to say!

This particular card has become one of my favorites, so much so I am considering it as my first tattoo! Needless to say, it’s a positive card and it indicates I should continue to share the knowledge as it comes to me.  My writing, my oracle readings, the work with Earth energy, and this blog are all simply part of a very generous Universe and it is important that I continue to give my song freely outward so as to enrich the whole.  In turn, like the Tree, the blog and I can be nourished by the things that come inward to us.

Ultimately, the World Tree is a meeting place, right?  A place for all to come and connect with shared wisdom and roots.

It’s a good card and positive reinforcement.  “Keep going.  Keep listening.  Keep sharing and do not forget to stay grounded.  Connected.”

And that is it.  I don’t need much more than that at this point.  Notice I stayed away from any sense of the future, of what to do next, of what to watch out for in maintaining the blog.  Simply staying focused in the information coming in for that moment in time.

Hopefully, this all was helpful.  In the future I will be talking about having a “deeper conversation” with a few more cards and perhaps a spread or two that is entirely focused on the here and Now.








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