A Decision at Imbolc

Saint_Brigid's_crossIt took me a while but I’ve learned that the more simple you keep a project the better chance it has of getting done.  As the new calendar year gets underway, I’ve decided that I want to be posting at least weekly to this blog.  One a week, whether I have something to say or not!   Hopefully, I can follow through with it.  I had hoped to start this in January but it was not to be as life and things in transition kept getting in the way.  However, it’s Imbolc and I’m hoping to leverage some of the fire of the day to rejuvenate things here.

From here on out, expect a post from me at least once a week.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Consider this a bonus post as I already have a post lined up for this week in addition to this one.

The end of the year/ beginning of the year was a huge deal for me.  After completing the last Questing Path on the Winter Solstice, I found myself knee deep in manifestation with not only a new job but a new outlook on life which then spilled over to my work with Earth energy, the divine and my divination tools.  I know, I mentioned this all before in my last post but now that the new year is underway and the insanity of transitioning between jobs over the holiday season is over, I want to go a bit deeper and explain what I’m talking about.

In a typical moment of synchronicity, I was referred by a dear friend to a book in late November.  (I believe it synched up very nicely with a few other things and combined together to be the Pole Star from my last Questing Path spread.)  I mentioned in the last post that this book basically worked as a “key in a lock” for me.  You’ve probably heard of the book and possibly even passed it by.  “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle.  Within it, Tolle speaks of the present moment and that it is the ONLY real thing you have to work with it.  It speaks of the overly active mind, the Ego and coming into awareness of not only  the Present but what I will call a divine power within that moment.  He calls it “Being.”

Tolle Plaque
Going through November, my mind was at an all time peak of overexertion.  I had fallen prey to some pretty dire thinking as I struggled in my previous job.  I was waking in the middle of the night due to stress, finding myself caught in waves of depressive thinking.  The book was a perfect recommendation and I devoured it.  Within days of reading it,  practicing it, and combined with my previous three decades of knowledge and experience, I began to gain solid footing on this dark, grimy way of thinking that had started to get a grip on me over the past year and a half.  I also began to have intense experiences which took me up to and through the Winter Solstice.  It was if my whole life I had been doing sacred dances around a fire, sometimes leaping through it, sometimes just sitting next to it but always orbiting it.  Then, after reading the book,  I realized that once you truly quiet your mind, let the past and future fall away that fire is not longer separate from you.  It is within you and you now longer have to dance around it.

You dance WITH it.

I will share one experience.  It was mid-December, perhaps a week or so before the Solstice.  After a very long, anxiety filled day at work I’d finally fallen over in bed.  My wife had already retired and so I laid down quietly and began doing some of the awareness exercises from the book, simply becoming still and aware of the present moment.  I began to calm down and then I felt a wave of peaceful energy wash over me.  I laid there with my eyes closed in a totally dark room and focused on my breathing and enjoyed this respite from my stress-filled day and my overactive mind.  Then, I started to notice a dull, gold light through my eyelids.  I took it to be an inner visualization and I smiled and decided to stay in the Now to simply be with it and enjoy it.  I watched the light and it was if someone had a light on in another room, near my head and to the right of me.  The only thing that was that direction was the edge of the bed and our small bedroom closet with a shut door and an off light.  The glow would pulse and hold steady and then pulse again.  It stayed faint but present.

Eventually it faded after a few minutes and I felt peaceful, warm, and content.   That was about the time my wife moved from her position and said, “Honey, turn your cell phone off and go to sleep.”

Her words jarred me out of my meditation.  I told her very simply that I didn’t have my cell phone on and she stated that she had woken up to a faint light through her eyelids and she thought I had been messing with my cell phone.  I explained to her what I had just experienced and we both simply laid there in the dark with no answers.  Our bedroom is on the second floor with the blinds fully drawn.  No physical light had come into that room yet we both experienced what we experienced.  All I had was how I had “felt” at the moment and what I retained from the experience, a deep feeling of calm and happiness.

Since starting to practice the methods in this book and it’s follow-up, “The New Earth,” it has changed several, if not all, of the ways I interact with Earth Energy, with Spirits, with… Everything.  One of the things I will be focusing on currently will be HOW this has changed, what, if at all, it changed into and my thoughts on how the ideas within Tolle’s work can be incorporated into Earth based spiritual and magical structures.  I have not been able to find much on this internet wise and it seems the “now” mindset and the “pagan” mindset seem to be passing each other, both talking about the same thing but from different angles.   I think that it can all be combined, that it’s all variations of the same song.  The process of living in your Now is a very personal thing.  All I can do is offer mine and see how it matches up to the experiences of others.  As I move through it, I’ll be exploring it and discussing it, processing my thoughts here as I work to combine the different elements of my previous practices; dowsing, divination, spirit communication, earth energies and more.

Onward, then, to Spring!






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I've been working with the metaphysical for several decades now. With divination, dowsing and my intuition, I've found a deep and peaceful connection with Nature, it's spirits and with something far bigger than myself. View all posts by Rustus

2 responses to “A Decision at Imbolc

  • eurekasprings

    I think I’ve learned that we have to go through the pressure cooker for the coal to be crushed into a diamond. I hope this year brings you many good changes especially at work.

    Amazing experience with the light – some things are just beautiful with no need for explanation. I love the magick that creeps up on us unaware.

    • Rustus

      Thanks for coming over to my blog and thanks for replying! Welcome! Yes. I heard a good quote this week that went something like this, “The wisest people I have met all have had one thing in common, great unhappiness and struggle at some point in there life.”‘

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