Renewal and Reset at Samhain

Has it really been since July?  It seems to be a blur  which tells me I was undergoing quite a bit of change and education.  A bit of catch up…

At Lammas I used the Pathway Spread again to help me understand what I was to work on up to Samhain.  I decided after doing it I would not put the spread up as it was very personal and, to be honest, unnerving.  It was if the Universe had decided, “Yes, you’ve graduated.  Now… prove it.”

In short, I was to walk a pathway of Insecurities (7 of Arrows, Insecurity) with several hard tucks and turns along the way.  Even my helpers along the way were the kind of “hard love” helpers that left me exhausted at journey’s end. August was, indeed, pretty bad.  September was not much better as I was put through several ringers all focused on my insecurities and some old, negative habits. I’m not sure I did everything I was supposed to do and I’m pretty sure I did some things very wrong.

At the end though, was the Knight of Stones, a horse rushing madly through a brightly lit field.  I felt it was a destination of Independence, of Strength and of Connection.  By the time October rolled around I was fixed very firmly on that final card and yes, at Samhain, things went wonderfully and I felt renewed.  Things lightened up around October 20th and I was able to “coast” into those final days.  In the end if was if I had been that after the Spirit Quest and the “graduation” I was to be torn down, ripped asunder.

I almost did not do another Pathway spread.  Talk about insecurities, right?  I asked myself if I was ready for another period of time, from Samhain to Winter Solstice, which could prove to just be an extension of what I had just gone through.   Why would I do that to myself?

In the end, of course, I saw the folly in this thinking and late at night on Samhain, I began a new Pathway Spread that was started on Oct. 31st and finished early in the morning on November 1st.  As I did it I decided to add a new position to the spread as well making it a full 8 card reading.


Updated 8 Card Version of Pathway Spread

Which brings us around to the NEXT Pathway Spread which I started late on All Hallows!  A spread I am going to share because I feel it is a foundational thing that I hope to use in the future for other blog posts.


I did this spread with the help of my dowsing rods, letting them chose the cards for me.  I wanted to be very particular with my question and asked for guidance on my sacred path.  Mainly, how do I move forward from the previous destination of the Earth Knight?

My first thoughts upon turning the cards over was “Look at all the Major Arcana!”  A full total of 5 out of 8 cards.   My second thought was “Look at all the water and feminine energy!” I also did something very unusual with this reading.  I spent about ten minutes looking over the cards but as it was very late, I decided to leave the spread out all night and to actually “read it” first thing in the morning.  It turned out to be very productive.  My subconscious and unconscious must have been chewing on it all night because as I poured my first coffee of the day I couldn’t wait to get started.

In short, this is how the cards broke down for me.

The Path — The Mirror

I was reminded of my first Path Spread with Moon over Water.  A bit of a shadowy, foggy path but this time I would not be walking through a “swamp.”  Another important feature was who I will call the Dark Lady.  My first encounters with her started when I first began with the Faerie Oracle which holds a card called, “The Dark Lady.”  Since that time over ten years ago, The Dark Lady of Knowledge has been one of my more important guides and instructors.   Whenever she arrives it is time for shadowy, gentle instruction.  It’s also a time for patience and quiet reflection.  So, my path is to be about misty outdoor locations (perfect for this time of year), knowledge, and patience.  I was also reminded that at this time the Earth energies are more subdued, more “thick” as they prepare for the colder winter weather of December thru February.

The Markers and Navigation — Page of Stones, Lynx and The Forest Lovers

These tend to come in order.  My first one, Lynx, reminds me that the first marker will be a need for me to move silently and to observe the subtle energies around me.  The Wildblog! says that the Page of Stones, as an event , mean “Apprenticeship.  Study. Schools or training programmes. Concentration.”  This is more interesting when combined with the first Ally and the first Challenger (more on that later.)

The other marker, the Forest Lovers, seems to be one of those markers where there is little chance I will miss it.  A union of two equal forces and a recognition of that dual polarity becoming one. Love.  Possibly between two people but could also be towards a person and a thing.  It could easily be a combination of creative energies that creates a third powerful thing.  I have no idea what this could mean but it should be apparent by late November, possibly around Thanksgiving.

The Destination — 8 of Vessels, Rebirth

Very nice.  My notes from this states, “I feel that this path involves finding and then returning to a sacred body of water.”  So, I think I need to get to figuring what/where that might be!   The goal of this quest is a sacred rebirth, beginning anew.  When combined with the first two pathway spreads I have done, this makes all kind of sense to me.  Don’t forget, the first pathway destination was also about a spiritual rebirth.  It’s as if the hectic path of insecurity I had just finished was about breaking down old resistances and blockages so this path could move me forward.

Allies and Helpers — Queen of Arrows, Swan  and  The Pole Star

Do not disregard the strength of this ally.  Swan is a very powerful force when called upon.  It could be a person or it could be an energy.  One thing I have found about the Allies is that you will “know it when you see it” kind of event/person.  I wasn’t sure how this would play out but I would keep my eyes open.

The Pole Star was another incredibly beneficial card that told me that during this process I would have access to some very deep and direct guidance… if I paid attention and listened!  This was guidance toward profound change and new spiritual hope.  Again, I would keep my eyes and my heart, open.

Challengers —   The Seer and The Guardian

Yeesh!  These cards felt like linebackers coming in for the sack! The Seer a little less so once I calmed myself and listened to what she had to say.  She challenged me to listen to my inner voice, something I’d gotten very out of practice with over the past several weeks working through the previous challenge (and a hefty dose of Mercury Retrograde thrown in!)  She was challenging me to apply what I’ve learned and to respect the connections and knowledge I’ve acquired.

The Guardian, however, did not seem too nice.  From the book, “The Guardian stands at Samhain, the gateway of the dead…”  And here I was doing the reading on Samhain.  Nice touch, Wildwood!  Well played!   What stood out to me here was facing fears.  Mainly, it appeared to be a fear of a new life, fear of what would happen if I listened to my sacred heart more?  A whole new life is pretty scary when you take the time to look at it.  Given the theme of Rebirth in this spread, the Guardian began to make more and more sense to me!


This was going to be a very powerful time IF I listened.  A time of great potential.   Themes included Rebirth, Love, Water/Emotional energy, Feminine knowledge and guidance.  Even the Guardian did not seem that daunting because of all the powerful, positive cards around it!

I liked the look of this path.  It would not be an easy path but what easy quest was worth it? (Well, perhaps a quest for ice cream?  Usually, pretty easy and pretty worth it!)  There was a large amount of knowledge being made available but would I be able to be humble, patient and caring enough to suss it out?

It did not take long for the first instruction to start!








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