Solstice and Return to the Fey – Part Two

Having pulled my cards and been given the instruction to act the Fool, I simply had to wait for the Solstice to arrive.  I refused to make plans except I knew I needed to go see Grandmother Tulip and wish her a happy summer.  I also knew I wanted to bring her and the Fey some gifts to celebrate Solstice.  I dowsed this for confirmation and asked if I was missing anything.  I was not.  Was I on the right track?  Yes.

With the arrival of Solstice and in a marvelous mood, I let the opportunity arise between a visit to the local farmer’s market, a relaxing breakfast and social time with friends in the Midsummer morning.  Sure enough, without planning, the chance arrived and I headed to the city park where I needed to go with gifts and dowsing rods.  When on the Fool’s path it’s better not to force things!  Arriving at the parking lot, I was surprised to see just how similar of a day it was to the day I had come back to make amends four years ago!


My wife had said she would go as well so we casually strolled through the sun-kissed field, watched a few butterflies and eventually turned into the tree line.  The narrow path was a bit more overgrown which pleased me because it meant less mundane traffic in the area.  The day was warm but not overbearing and once in the shade of the trees it was very pleasant.  In no time, we were to Grandmother Tulip.

She was as majestic and as calm as ever.  I did the usual asking of permission and then stood quietly, leaning against her and communing with her.  Our communication ended up being simply about gratitude and re-connection.

GMotherTulipOne particular image I repeatedly see when connecting to her was how her physical roots spread out around her and how her energetic roots spread further and interconnect with not only her offspring nearby but also to other trees.  My view pulled out to show how she was connected to not only the forest around her but to energy communication outside of the forest as well.  The thinnest of her energy webs ran outward for what seemed like a half mile, maybe?  The thickest energetic roots were connected to her family and to other tulip trees.  Then smaller energetic roots spider-webbed out to other species.  They in turn were connecting to her.  At the same time she was a hub of energy in this wood because of her age and energy level she was also not a hub and simply interconnected with the Life around her.

It was a good visit.

Having given Grandmother Tulip a good hug, it was time to talk to the Fey and wish them a happy Midsummer.  A few things though before I tell my tale.  Previously, I had learned that the space I had originally found was the space for audiences.  It was not their main location.  This was the place where I had earlier left my trinket to them and had come back several times to leave an offering and simply say “hello.”  The idea of an audience place or, well, a place to hold court with others has come up several times in my work.  Their main “home’ had been located near the creek which ran through the park and which was about 50 – 60 yards away.  The Fey here had seemed to be a mix of older, very stoic fey and younger, more relaxed others.  I had been invited to their “home” twice in the past but had only gone there on invitation and never on my own.  It was a beautiful spot that overlooked the creek.

I looked for the old “audience” area where I had hung my gift to them years ago and for the holly bush I assumed would be much larger by now.  It was nowhere to be found.  The rods showed me a particular area where I “think” it might have been but the area was all different now.  The rods confirmed that it was the area and was still the place for me to make my offering and have communication.  I was just getting the information that the Fey had “changed a bit” in the area when my wife offered up from nearby, “They want me to tell you that things are different and that they’ve moved. ”


Over the next half hour I listened to what my wife was getting and used the rods to confirm other questions I had about things.    The old group or, at least, the older more traditional group of Fey had been “flooded out” from the nearby creek and quite simply were done with the area.  They had moved on to another location. The group here now was made up of the younger, lighter Fey from that old group and they had moved away from the nearby creek to have shelter closer to Grandmother Tulip.

SolsticeOfferingOnce they recognized me, they were very happy to see me.  I re-introduced myself and left my offering to them.  The offering consisted of dried white and red clover flowers, local honey, a bit of cedar incense, wildflowers from the farmer’s market and a geode from my collection.  I also brought a mardi gras bead necklace I’ve had for some time.  I figured it was appropriate for the party atmosphere.  The clover has come about because I had picked it to add to a herbal smoking blend.  When I had dowsed to see what should be brought to offer the rods and crossed over both the white and red dried clover.  That was a new one for me but the Fey certainly seemed to appreciate it.  Perhaps because, on a native, traditional level it was like tobacco?

They did say they liked the cut flowers from the market but could I, maybe next time, bring flowers to plant?  Right.  Noted.  I spoke to them a bit more and they accepted my offering and my introduction with a wave of energy that I would have to describe as “joyous.”  I then saw/felt them drape a garland necklace of flowers over my head and let it settle around my neck.  I could nearly feel the petals on my skin!

Almost on cue, the sun came out from behind the clouds and filled the spot I was standing in bright, warm light.  I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to that happening!  Such a wonderful confirmation and anyone who works with earth energy will tell you that it will happen more times than naught when you are doing good work.  As I stood there bathed in Summer sunlight it was easy to let a big thankful, goofy grin spread on to my face.   I laughed out loud.  The Fey then asked me to return and promptly went back to their party.  That was that, then!  A few still hung about and I felt like I was a minor foolish guest at a very large party.

While there I did ask a few more questions about the my idea to explore and map local Fey areas.  I had received earlier confirmation at home but I wanted to double check here in the middle of the Summer Solstice partying.  My answer was strong, almost forceful, YES!  The rods swung with such force they clanked together loudly.  Could I talk about it here?  Yes.  Could I share locations here? No.  Could I use location names I had made up that would not necessarily reveal an actual spot?  Yes.  (They were careful answering that one!)  Would it help strengthen local energy? Moderate yes.  Would it form an interconnection between the spots? Yes!   Ah!  I was beginning to see why I was being pulled to do this.

When working with the Fey it is VERY easy to lose track of time.  Perhaps I’ll write more of this in the future.  It was the mosquitoes buzzing in my ear (was it a mosquito though?) which actually brought me out of trance and made me realize that we had spent more time than intended in the Fey area and it was time to get on with our day.  We gathered our items and I gave one final wave of Solstice affection to the Fey and to Grandmother Tulip.

We left with smiles and that warm feeling of having been to a really good gathering of energy and people.  I was pleased because the reconnection felt complete and, so it would appear, I had my first assignment.

The Fool, it would appear, was ready to begin his wanderings!


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