Solstice and Return to the Fey – Part One

After coming back from my Spirit Quest I wanted to take a look at what I should be doing for the upcoming Summer Solstice.  I had already felt that the coming holiday would be a sort of an “official” launching day for all that I had learned on the quest, for moving forward in accordance with the Wheel.

A few days out,  I drew a single card to get an idea of the overall theme of the coming day and what sort of work I would be doing?  What would be the best focus for me?  As usual, I used my Wildwood tarot and my pendulum.

The card that came up? The Stag.

thestagIn the Wildwood Tarot this is the card for Justice in the Major Arcana of a traditional tarot.  Universal Law and Lore.  Reaping what has been sown.  “Some level of readjustment or interaction has occurred.”  The keyword being Responsibility.  Yikes!  It sounded serious.  I was very aware of the importance of what it was trying to say.  However, I wasn’t sure of specifics and so I opted to wait a day, open myself up and see what communication might occur.  I’ve found that sometimes you have to give yourself distance to the information.  I believe that simply seeing the card, without delving too deeply into the meaning, can have enough impact to begin the information flow.  The problem is that it takes a bit of patience which, on occasion can be a bit frustrating.  Within minutes of deciding I would give myself 24 hours,  I knew that I needed to draw two more cards the following day to attach to the Stag card and this would give me helpful information.

More information came along at a steady pace.  With the impact of the Quest still fresh it would be time to go back over my past and look at past actions, at past habits.  It would be a time of Judgement but not in a harsh way but in an internal reset and renew.  I also began to feel very strongly that the Fey would be involved.  It was a no brainer, actually.  It was Midsummer we were talking about here!  The involvement with the Fey was confirmed that evening with a small session with the dowsing rods.

Due to the realization I was about to post my 100th post, I spent some time looking back over past entries and because it was Summer Solstice I happened upon my posts involving Grandmother Tulip and my horrid mistake at Midsummer with a group of Fey near her four years ago.  It’s a three-part tale in total but you can read about it in full by following this link.  For those that may not have the time to read all of that saga I’ll sum things up here!

In a moment of brilliance I had dowsed the location of an amazing and old tulip tree (Grandmother Tulip) as well as stumbled onto a small community of Fey.  I had interacted and left Grandmother Tulip a gift but had left nothing for the Fey… on Midsummer Solstice. Insert loud slap to the head here.  The end result being the Fey were offended and stole my copper dowsing rods as a bit of proper payback.  I realized and corrected my mistake but not without a bit of “Justice” involved.

And, in re-reading that adventure, I came to notice that the Justice card had, in fact, come up in that situation.  Looking over what I had just encountered, my level of experience after four years since I wrote that post, and the repetition of the Stag/Justice card I knew, without a shadow of a doubt,  I needed to go back to Grandmother Tulip and the group of Fey to re-introduce myself since the Quest on the day of the Summer Solstice.

It wouldn’t be a matter of harsh Justice, not at all.  It would be a reset and a reordering.  A return back to the beginning and me taking responsibility for resuming the roles I had chosen during the Spirit Quest.  I dowsed to confirm the information and, yes, I was correct in all the above.  Good!

The next step would draw the next two cards.

The following morning I did just that.  One of my favorite ways of reading the Tarot is in  simple, three card readings.  In this case I would do one card for the issue or an overview.  One for what Not To Do and one card for What To Do.  Very cut and dried.  If I had questions from any of those positions I would simply draw another card for clarification/conversation on the matter.  In this case, the Stag card above would set the stage as the first card or overview of the issue.  Next, I drew the other two.


knightofvesselsWhat Not To Do
This was a difficult one for me at first and I had to get past the picture and the concept of an eel and sink down into the elemental meaning of the card.  I did this by doing a short meditation, picturing the card and thinking of what the elements in the card were trying to tell me.  These were the notes I took at the time —

The Knight of Vessels.  Knights take action.  They charge forward.  They right wrongs.  They go on quests. They protect and defend and rescue people.  Vessels.  Vessels is Cups in the Wildwood and so it’s a suit focused on emotions and emotional energy.

So, in short, do not let my emotions get too involved and to be aware those same emotions may want me to “charge into something.”  I had to remind myself there were no wrongs to right this time around.  I should take no overt action and to avoid any and all Quest type energy.

That was nice and clear.  Got it!


WandererWhat to Do
Ah-hah!  Well, wasn’t this the perfect card!  The Wanderer/ The Fool.  “The Wanderer is both the end and the beginning.”  I had to laugh at the last part and it’s a perfect example of just how much I love the Wildwood Tarot.  “Now is the time for clarity and no ties to mental or emotional baggage.” Hah!  Take that Knight of Vessels!  “A junction point to move onward by leaping into the unknown.”

I’m not sure I get could any information that could make it more clear!   What it told me was that I needed to release any and all expectations.  I was to move forward, in faith and intuition, just as I had on the Spirit Quest, and to simply keep my feet on the path directly before me.  Even if it meant stepping over a cliff because, as we know, that’s what Fools do!  By doing this the matter of the Stag and Justice would be experienced and the things I needed to do would get done on the Solstice as they needed to.  How very Taoist of me!

I also had to laugh because just like that initial encounter with the Fey I was once again to play the part of the Fool.  Except this time, there was a lighthearted and relaxed sense to it.   I felt that there was a sense of good-natured summer warmth about the whole thing so, in good humor, I relaxed a little and waited a day or so for the Solstice with no plans what so ever!

(Which was a very difficult thing to do!)


~~~ The Tale continues in Part Two ~~~

(coming soon!)



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