(This post was written at the first of April when a wave of strong storms came through my area.)

The Thunders have arrived.  Interestingly enough I’ve been battling the lower end of a flu bug given to me by my son.  I tossed and turned last night while they flew over the land and rumbled the sky.  This morning, they were the first thing I heard and just as I opened this post to begin writing another loud Thunder voice, the loudest so far, crashed and growled through the rain.

They’re here.

With the arrival I have to admit I wish I was further along.  I feel that I need to be in better shape and there are several questions that need answered.  I’ve been walking to work (a little over 2 miles) which has helped get my knees, back and legs ready for the hiking but more needs to be done.  I also, most importantly, need to determine where I am to go.  There are several options in front of me and a lot of woodland.  My current plan is to find the location with a map dowsing and then scout it sometime in the near future.  I feel that I have several more weeks available to me.

The next most important step is to determine WHEN this will occur so I can make plans accordingly with family, work, etc.  I felt it was important to wait on the Thunders to arrive before determining the date and making it solid.  This is what I’m doing with this post, with the help of my pendulum and a few Wildwood and Faeries Oracle cards for added clarity.


What do I need to know, overall, about the Vision Quest?


King of Vessels and The Maiden – The Knight of Vessels is the tarot equivalent to the Knight of Cups.  Knights stand for action and this is about action with compassion and caring.   I’ve always had trouble understanding the Eel, probably because being in the Midwest I’ve had no experience with them.  The book states It is a carrier of wisdom, a protector.  In myth some eels could turn themselves into weapons to protect their hero.  Perhaps more telling to the situation, the book states, “Embarking on a quest of personal revelation, your vision leads you onward.  Your deep feelings are expressed at every turn.”

The Maiden is a card of gentle and careful beginnings, of birth.  She can also stand for being childlike and innocent.  There is a warning with the Maiden which is that new beginnings are fragile.  Much like any newborn, they need to be protected and guided, watched over.

With these two I’m also drawn to the water elements in each of these cards.  Note the blue colors?  This indicates something with a focus on care, gentleness and compassion.  In this read, I hear “Compassion and Action for yourself.”  Together I read that this quest is about a new life, a new beginning and that although actions will need to be taken, both before and after, they need to be gentle, flexible actions which will need time to permeate and grow.  There is no fast or swift action or attitude here.


What crosses or challenges me with the Quest?


The Pole Star is a tough one because it’s such a good card.  I think, perhaps, that’s the key here.  Whenever I read a “crossing position” I read it as reversed.  Even reversed the Pole Star is not that bad!  The Star can represent vision and guidance from on high, that things are going well and that you are being led out of any rough spots easily and intuitively.   Reversed I think it is pointing out my tendency to  look at what can go wrong instead of what is going right.  This is a reminder that, “Hey, you’re on a Vision Quest and you need to release your fears!  You are being led.  Have faith in it.”

The Master Maker speaks to my drive to have a planned event perfect and planned.  Ok.  Guilty as charged.  This can hold me back and is integrally connected with the fears already mentioned.  One of the things with event planning is that you often have to look at the things that can go wrong so you can plan on them.  This is telling me to not do so much of that this time.  Plan gently and have faith!


What do I need to do for better preparation for the Quest?


After getting the previous cards, I found it funny that I even asked this particular question!  But I had written them in advance and figured “in for a penny, in for a pound.”

The Moon on the Water is a card of inner process, transformation and meditation.  It represents the darkness and mystery of the Unconscious.  It is a primal source for initiation.  The Moon illuminates a swampy (more water) and perhaps dangerous landscape.  I heard, “By following the light of the moon, you can find your way into your inner landscape.”  I took this to mean that I need to spend more time internally processing the Quest process.  I will begin meditating with a focus on the Quest itself and what is it currently that has moved me to begin the Quest process.  What needs to change?  What should not change?  What am I asking for in the Vision Quest?

A Collective of Pixies is about working together with other people.  Talking and communicating.  Getting support from friends and family.  My first thought on seeing it was I needed to communicate to my wife the coming date and make plans accordingly.  The next was that I needed to connect and notify my spiritual friends who would be able to energetically support me in this.  I decided I would write old school letters and send them over the next several weeks to inform them of my choice.  I needed to understand that although the Vision Quest is a deeply personal event it was often done with the entire Tribe knowing it was occurring.  That group energy and support would be needed in the middle of the dark nights of the Quest!

With all of that in mind, I simply wrote April, May, June, July and August in a horizontal line on a piece of paper and after asking the question allowed the pendulum to point the way.  With no hesitation it began to swing immediately towards June.  The next step was to grab a calendar and allow the pendulum to show me which weekend.  It swung and circled over the first weekend in June.

And that’s my target date at this time.  I have approximately 8 weeks to get everything in line.

The next step will be getting the map ready and finding out WHERE!



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