Happy Solstice!

A wonderful and magical solstice to you and yours!  I decided this morning to go ahead and pull a few cards.  Not for me this time but for any and all that happen to stumble on the blog during the day.  This is information for all of you.  Normally I would do a video of something like this but since I don’t have a working video camera right now this is the next best thing!

The focus for the reading is this Winter Solstice and what we need to know and learn from it.

I drew three cards from the Faeries Oracle.


Though this reading appears to be a bit dire at first it actually is not at all.  The Fey, indeed, have something to remind and tell all of us today.

Read on!

1. Gawtcha! — Gawtcha talks about surprises, usually unpleasant ones, that wake us up and make us pay attention to something we haven’t been doing a good job of paying attention towards.  Now, Gawtcha is not always unpleasant.  However, he always comes up when there is a breakdown/breakthrough of old ways which need to be discarded to make room for new ways.  Sound familiar to anyone?  It’s the ah-hah moment of “Oh, the world is NOT going to end.  Now what?”  It’s also the energy of “It’s not going to end but it is, most definitely, going to CHANGE.  Didn’t see that one coming did you?”

Old ways will be breaking down and the more individuals as well as groups continue to try and operate within the old structures and habits of doing things, the more difficulty they will have as time moves forward.

2. Laiste, Moon’s Daughter — Laiste is the keeper of spiritual riddles.  There is a reason she looks like a sphinx and this is it!  Her language is the meaning behind symbols of dreams and visions.  She pops here to remind us that this time is a high time of psychic abilities, hunches and seemingly synchronistic events.  It is a time to listen to that deeper language of psychic symbols, to see how it is playing itself out at the end of this cycle.  One of the things I heard while looking over this reading and Laiste in particular was, “There are larger things occurring right now which are transpiring out of the realm of normal day-to-day human perception.  The way to get in touch with those things is not the language of Man.  It is through the language of the Soul and the Heart.”

3. Death — Well, there you go.  I mean, come on, does it need to get any clearer?  I think I’ll just transcribe out of the book.  The words there say it all anyway.  “Something has reached a natural ending, and there is substantial and irevocable change in the works…  It may be timely and natural but there is much resistance to it.”  See what I mean?  I and others have said for some time that this Solstice is the end of a very large and long cycle.  It is not happening overnight.  It simply begins now.

We are moving, today, into another way of being, some would say a better way of being and others would simply say a different way of being.  The bottom line is there is a shift occuring and, for some, it might really feel like the end of the world and a death.  It is happening and will be happening all around us.

The question you have to decide for yourself is what language you will be choosing to listen to over the coming months and years?  It’s quite possible the changes will be small and quiet much like they have been for the past year or so.  I believe the right answer, the right language, is that of the soul and the heart.  It will show us the way.  Personally, I think that twenty years from now we will look back on this day and  nod knowingly.

Just remember, it all began here.  Right here.  Right now.  Today.

Peace and blessings to all of you on this most magical and happy Winter Solstice Day



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