Winter Reflections

It’s been a little over a month since my last post.  My absence was not on purpose.  As I’ve stated before, the last quarter of this year has been nothing but dealing with the miraculous manifestations of approximately ten years of work.  It makes for a VERY busy time!

As we look at the last few days before the supposed end of the world, I wanted to get on here and post some of my thoughts before it was too late.   You see, I don’t really believe we are headed for the ending of the world.  Far from it actually.  No, I believe we are headed for the exact opposite.  This coming Friday on the 21st I’m pretty sure we will, instead, be looking at the Beginning of the world, not it’s end.

Some of this was confirmed during the New Moon of December which took place on the 13th.  I enjoy watching and interacting with the moon phases and it dawned on me a few days before the 13th that this would be the LAST new moon before the end of the Mayan Calender.  It was the last time to plant seeds before the old cycle came to a close.  A time to plant things in the spiritual ground to be warmed by the FIRST full moon of the new cycle which, if you’ll notice, takes place on the 28th, exactly one week from the ending of the Mayan calender, the 21st.  (Those Mayans, they’re clever!)

I spent some time in meditation on all of this and watching for a sign.  During one meditation I was struck with the feeling that all the ways of doing things which had become the norm over the past 3000 years would be coming to an end.  Those focusing on the ego, on themselves, would slowly find themselves with less and less power.  There would be numerous shake-ups over this but slowly progress would inch forward.

As I walked to work on the New Moon I journeyed down my usual downtown path.  I was thinking about all of this when, out of nowhere, a red-tailed hawk flew directly over me, coming no more than ten feet away.  He landed on a nearby limb, stopped to look at me for several long minutes and then spread his wings and flew directly over me again, zipping off between trees and buildings.  Hawks being the messenger of spiritual information, I considered it a very serious confirmation.

This morning I did a Wildwood card reading, a small three card reading whose focus was on the last few days of this week as we head towards the 21st.  What I drew follows.  (Notice all the cards are Major Arcana.)

  1. The Hooded Man – (The Hermit)
  2. The Archer – (The Chariot)
  3. The Wheel – (Wheel of Fortune)

(I’ll hopefully get some card images up this evening.)

I took the Hooded Man to mean reflection and retreat in the last few days before the 21st.  Solitude, meditation and spiritual rest.  It was a time to reflect on what has passed and, in the quiet dark period of deep winter, really grasp what I need to be working towards, what we all need to be working towards.

The Archer is the Chariot in disguise.  In particular, it speaks of focus and intent.  Aim your arrows carefully and with great skill.  I also had the thought that one of the blessings of an Archer is to fire his weapon amidst great chaos.  He/she has to have the ability to gauge all the different factors like wind, distance, terrain,movement of target all while either a.) other hunters move around him or b.) the chaos of a battlefield.  You have to pick your targets very carefully and aim with great skill.  This applies to the coming times.  What is it that I (or even you) want to focus on?

The Wheel tells us everything we already know.  I consider it a simple confirmation.  The Wheel is in fact turning and transition/change WILL be happening.  What do we want to do about it?  How do we want to deal with it?  Well, you have to see the previous two cards for the answers.  This card just gives us notice that, quite possibly, the 21st will be the largest New Year’s ever.  Change is coming.  I believe that change is for the better.

As long as we all don’t disappear in a puff of smoke or have to deal with some sort of apocalypse it is MY intent and focus to begin posting here much more often and with regularity.  You’ll start seeming some subtle changes here on the blog and, if I can get a working camera, you’ll see some more vids on the Youtube channel.  I have a lot to write about and to share so it’s my job to figure out how to make room for it all!

In the final days of the end of a 3,000 year old calendar I wish you all the very best.  I also wish you clarity of focus and peaceful meditation as the Wheel turns.


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