Arrival and Acceptance

I guess the previous post made a few weeks ago was a bit premature!

As I mentioned we’ve been going through a move and unsettling and resettling and all that goes with it.  Things are finally beginning to slow down for us as October moves into the past and November gets underway.  It’s funny as I look back but it appears we somehow managed to pack a year’s worth of manifesting into about 45 days.

Time does funny things when you are in the middle of such an event.  I would swear to you that it was more like 3 to 5 months of non-stop activity.  So, finally, things are settling down and we are able to start really enjoying where we have come to land.

And where is that?  Well, it’s hard for me to express how happy I am about it.  It was one of those magical moments of synchronicity which became a tipping point for the past time frame I mentioned above.  We were thinking about moving over the summer but nothing was working out.  One place in particular had us so confused.  It seemed perfect but the cards I pulled for it said, “NO! NO! NO!”  So, I listened but was still so tied up over it I checked in with my mentor for a quick reading without telling her my results.  She confirmed my reading and told me, “Your moving soon but hang on.  When you are supposed to move you will KNOW it.”  She couldn’t have been more correct.  It is exactly what happened.

Down by the creek

To sum up, we’re in the country and we live right next to a huge acreage of woods.  The previous tenants (and landlord) did some amazing energy work out here.  I’ve never lived anywhere more peaceful.  The woods are full of protective energies and spirits.  (I know because they came up to say hello during Samhain this week!)  They’ve not been intrusive at all but instead seem to be the more mellow, gentle kind that are quite content to stay in the woods and NOT come traipsing through your house.  It’s been so nice and so peaceful here.  I’ve not had the time to do any real energy work around the land but I haven’t HAD to which has been a very nice change.

I started this post because I wanted to share with you what happened to me this morning.

One of the things I knew I was going to miss about moving was the local house wren who would come visit me on my back patio.  Being a bird of such important omen I had really come to like the little guy and his visits.  A little over a year ago, on the day I finally decided I would step forward into the public eye with my readings,  he appeared on my patio.  Not only did he do that but the porch door was open and he flew in and landed on the chair directly across from me.  I was so startled I barely had time to recognize what was happening before he hopped once to another chair and then flew back out the way he had come.  Over the year he would also help himself to some of the bread offerings I would leave outside on important days and events.  Even though I knew the move was the right one, I was sad I would have to say goodbye to him.

Male House Wren

About ten days ago, I was watching some of the local chickadees, titmice and a nuthatch feed from the feeder the previous residents had left behind.  I got to thinking about the wren and a thought entered my mind.  It just popped in.

“You will know you’ve finally arrived and are accepted here when you see your first wren.”

A few days after that I heard a wren off in the woods.

This morning, exactly at sunrise, I was out re-filling that same feeder.   I suddenly heard a tell-tale trilling and a small female wren zipped past me.  She landed on the remains of an old woodpile, pecked for something and then flew off again.  It seemed appropriate, given the energies here, that it would be a female.

It would appear, then, I have arrived.

More posts to come about this land I’ve found myself on and it’s energies as I have the time to do it.  There is a lot here we need to fix-up and put a bit of spit polish on.  There are errant piles of old belongings and things that need cleaning. It’s our hope, that in the time we are allowed to be here, that we can bring the land back to a more welcoming and sheltering place.  The foundation is there and incredibly strong.  It just needs spruced up a bit.

Also, more readings coming soon.  As time opens up a bit more I’ll be posting them here and do hope to get back onto the daily draw schedule.  We’ll see how it goes.

Thanks for hanging in there with me!  More to come soon!




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