Daily Draw, October 9th 2012

Having to move fast this morning!  Yesterday’s draw was VERY weird and did not come to pass at all.  Yesterday’s was Coffin + Heart + Book.  Heart was the central event flanked by Coffin and Book.  Heart stands for romance, love, passion and relationships.  The cards on either side of it would indicate an ending to that passion via a communication or through knowledge learned.  Although the Heart was definitely present throughout the day yesterday, the other two cards made NO sense whatsoever.  If anyone has any other ideas, I’d love to learn from them!

Here is today’s draw…

House + Man + Heart

House + Man + Heart — Central theme or event is Man.  Could mean myself or a man that is involved with either the new house or the old.  There is a love or fondness there due to the heart.  That’s all I’ve got right now but I’ll meditate on it through the day and see what happens!


Update — This one was all about me.  The day that did not involve work completely revolved around my home and my heart.  The cards would indicate it was a great day but I’m not sure I can agree in the classical “great day” sense.  The day was long, hard and frustrating but it revolved around important matters and the love I feel for them.  So, in that regard, the cards held true and gave me an important reminder when I needed it.



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