Daily Draw, October 7th 2012

Today, after the draw for yesterday, I’m asking for something more specific.  Instead of the word aspect I am using the word event.  What important event or situation should I know about today?

Cross + Bear + House

Cross + Bear + House —  Well, to me this is VERY straight forward.   Bear is the central card and indicates benificial power and protection.  Cross is about burden, possibly something unexpected or disastrous.  House is, well, house and home. I would like to think that this is talking about the sheer burden of packing, carrying and moving my house today which is, along with everything that goes with it, happening today (and the next few weekends.)  Hopefully, that is all it is and not something worse!  Since Bear is the central card for the day meaning a day of power, my gut is telling me that the Cross is not that bad.  One thing that stuck out to me is that the Bear is facing the cross and the path of the arrow suggests to me that the Bear’s power will take in whatever the Cross is related to and standing between it and the House.

Time to see how it all goes…


Update — I really have to say I think I got this one with my definition of “the sheer burden of packing…”  No unexpected horrid news came my way on this day.  Instead, really, it was a VERY powerful day as we dealt with all the burdens in order to get ready for this move.  So many… boxes….  Maybe the Box card should be added to the Lenormand instead of the gloomy Cross.  It could mean, “carrying other people’s burdens.”  Just kidding, most of those boxes were filled with my stuff!



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