Lenormand Daily Draw, October 3rd 2012

Catch up time again.  I’m thinking that through this move I may need to go to a weekly draw since I’m having trouble getting the time to post these daily.  I’ll consider it for next week.

Sunday brought me the Dog + Clouds.  Dog being a loyal friend, companion and Clouds equaling confusion and a fog over matters.  Again the cards were dead on.  Unfortunately, I’m not comfortable talking about it on a public blog but let’s say some clouds definitely rolled in on a friendship.

Monday showed me Sun + Man.  Sun equals success, energy, enthusiasm and big luck.  Man could mean myself or someone else I know.  Some success or energy for a male figure in my life.  Something that should make an impact in my day.  Well, this is the first draw that I’m sorry to say did not show up at all.  All day the weather was gray and rainy and I fought against a real drop in energy.  No news came my way and no real sunlight either.  Perhaps something happened to a Man I know and I’ll hear about it later.

Now, Today’s draw!

Ship + Snake

Ship + Snake – Hmmmm, I’m not sure if I like this one very much.  Ship can stand for move and transition.  Since we are in the middle of a very important move for us it could mean that.  Snake, in the Lenormand, is about deception, complications, lies etc.   For me, personally, Snake usually stands for transformation and the power of “shedding your skin.”  I’ll just have to keep my eyes and ears open on this one today and see what manifests.


Update – Welll… this makes two days in a row that nothing really showed up clearly.  I read somewhere that this combo could mean a detour or having to take the “long way around” on a journey.   If that is the case then this combo did show up for me but not until after this evening.

I’m actually starting to find the two card readings a bit limiting.  It feels like that game where you are trying to guess the subject of a whole picture by having to look at only small pieces of it.


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