Daily Draw – September 30, 2012

Missed getting the update yesterday so let me at least post what cards I received.  For the 29th I received Bear (again!) and Stars.  This combination is nutty because I just received it earlier in the week!  At that time it pointed towards some employment information/navigation.  Yesterday it was something much different.

Oddly enough, I think it pointed to the inspiration I received from going to see Loopers.  As a writer, the movie blew me away and deeply inspired me to get me back to my writing on a daily level.  As an aside, if you’ve not seen the movie yet do go.  (It’s definitely worth it on the big screen!)

And with that caught up, here is today’s draw!

Key + Dog

Key + Dog = Key stands for access, a solution, insight, unlocking a puzzle, mastery over a puzzle, etc.   Dog can stand for a loyal friend, loyalty, friendship, or an advisor.  So, something is happening today with a loyal friend and from it I will gain some insight or a solution to an issue.

A sidenote – These are both two cards I am thinking about re-working.  The Key is a bit too long and too close to it’s number.  The Dog just looks a bit TOO goofy and not quite what I was hoping for.  What do you think?


Update – 


7 responses to “Daily Draw – September 30, 2012

  • Eillen

    The Key is a little bit too long but the dog is cute…lol !

    • BR

      Thanks, Eillen. I think the Key is definitely too long. And thanks! I’m still torn on the Dog though. He’s definitely more on the cute and adorable side.

      • BelleWitte

        I’ve always wanted to do a Lenormand deck made out of some photos I took too Jessica…thought I was the only 1! You should go for it!

  • Jessica Macbeth

    I agree with Eillen on both counts… but I’m not sure the dog should *be* cute. I’m thinking about doing a Lenormand deck just for my own use and wondering if I’ve got (or can get) the photos I’d need to make one out of my own life experience. Very personal. And I’m wondering if that would make it better or worse either to use with other people or just for myself. Questions, questions! Nice cards, interesting reading!

    • BR

      I think making your own out of pictures you photographed would definitely be powerful. I’m not sure if it would mess with readings for others or not. I don’t see why it would but it would depend on how personal you got with the images. Glad to see ya here, BTW. 😀

    • BelleWitte

      I’ve always wanted to do a Lenormand deck made out of some photos I took too Jessica…thought I was the only 1! You should go for it!

  • BelleWitte

    i think the dog is cute!

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