Daily Draw – Sept. 28, 2012

Here’s today’s draw –

Stork + Child

Stork + Child – Well, my first thought was pregnancy but that’s not likely to occur anytime soon around here.  Lesseee, stork typically means improvement or a milestone reached.  Child is, usually, well, a child.  It could also be a learner or someone new along a particular path.   So, a milestone or an improvement for a child.  I’ll be listening to my children’s stories from school closely today, that is for sure.

And after my lesson learned on the 25th, I’ll also be looking for ways I might improve things for children along my path today.  We’ll see what happens!

Update – Well, I hit this pretty close!  I had no idea they were coming so soon but I came home this evening from work to see two report cards sitting on the table. One straight A’s and the other all A’s and B’s.   What is fun about this is that the straight A’s mark a very serious milestone for one of the kids.  Exciting stuff!



2 responses to “Daily Draw – Sept. 28, 2012

  • BelleWitte

    In some systems, The Child can also describe something new or small…like “new improvements” or “small progressions”. I’ve definitely found the “new” & “small” meanings to be accurate sometimes, but I’m not sure what system you use so I don’t wanna mix you up….

    • BR

      I could totally see the Child card being something “New” and “Fragile.” In the Faeries Oracle deck there is a card called the Maiden which is a picture of a small, happy fey baby/child. It tends to mean a new dream or a new, fragile time in your life. 😀

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