A Powerful Gift

I’ve spent a chunk of my morning updating the past two days of my Lenormand daily draws.  Both days had very particular lessons for me.  The one in particular I want to point back to is the one for Sept. 25.   Feel free to go back and read the Update section for the full story.  I’d like to chat about it briefly not to wave my own flag about a good deed done but, instead, about the lesson it taught me regarding oracles and cartomancy.

So often when we read the cards and oracles for ourselves we fall into a passive role.  We read the cards about what is going to happen to us and how we should respond to them.  When we read for others we tell them what might be coming towards them.  For instance, in my daily reading for the 25th, it seemed the cards indicated a powerful gift would be occurring during the day.  I immediately thought that I, or my family, would be receiving this gift.  I won’t lie.   It brightened my day and put me in a good mood.  I think something similar might occur to any of us.  However, throughout the day, no overt gift appeared.  No mysterious benefactors arrived handing us deeds to large tracts of woodlands and no leprechauns arrived with a smile and a pot of gold.  A beginner to oracles might have taken a negative view of the day at this point.

Instead, what did happen is that I ended up taking an active role in the world around me and I became the mysterious benefactor who handed someone else a powerful gift.  By doing it, I received a powerful gift in return because it showed me how an oracle can do a 180 degree turn on you.  It showed me how my own proactive actions can change the world around you, how you can send ripples out from you instead of just taking the mindset of things always coming towards you.

I think this might be one of the dangers of constantly doing readings for just yourself and why some warn against it.  It is easy to guide someone else on how to handle a situation but it might be something very different to help ourselves with similar advice.  We can also become to familiar with our own voice, our own advice and get stuck in a rut which leads us to becoming less effective and less truthful with ourselves.

The next time you do a reading for yourself remember to turn the table around.  How might the cards be showing you how YOU can effect the world around you instead of assuming a passive role?


2 responses to “A Powerful Gift

  • BelleWitte

    Fantastic take on this almost-controversial issue of reading for one’s self! I personally don’t subscribe to the idea that some have, which is that you should NEVER read for yourself (why did I get any cards then in the 1st damn place lol), but I am careful about WHAT I’m reading on for myself AND what kind of mood I’m in. For example, some days I wake up & I’m just really agitated & on edge & that’s when I know not to do a draw that day, because I know that the slightest silliest thing will set me off into a panic. The other example is certain subjects I will not read about for myself, like anything to do with my child (some people do read about their kids with Lenormand cards, maybe b/c it has The Child card…I dunno). i’m the type of person that if I got The Child & The Coffin or The Child & The Scythe next to each other (in that order) I’d completely flip out…I wouldn’t be able to calm down & tell myself that they’re just cards…that’s just not how I am. Most of the time though, normal mood permitting lol, I enjoy my daily/weekly/monthly draw in Lenormand & with tarot i enjoy my card of the week, a past/present/future draw or a Celtic Cross when I have a problem I just can’t figure out. Sorry for rambling…I’m done, but I loved your take on this subject!

    • BR

      Never fear because it wasn’t really rambling! 😀 I think your comment about your self-awareness in the morning is spot on. As a reader you have to figure yourself out first. It all starts with your internal mood and settings. I’ve noticed the same thing with myself and if I can’t get myself straightened out through meditation or music then I won’t read either. I also have a few topics I refuse to read about as well. It can cause too much confusion and anxiety if the wrong cards come up. This is why you have a good group of fellow readers to go to, right!?!

      Thanks for the comments and the conversation. It’s why I started this blog in the first place!

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