Daily Draw – Sept. 27, 2012

The daily draw today looks to give a bit of a warning.

Ship + Fox

Ship + Fox – Travel or movement with some underlying deception or trickery.  Since we are just beginning a major move to a new place it will be interesting to see what comes up today.  Of course, it might not involve the move at all but instead something more minor.  Fox can also represent employment or someone you work with.  I’ll keep my ears perked up today and see what comes of it all!

(Note – No, you’re not seeing things.  It might be hard to see at this size but the cards are actually drawn with a brown ink, not black as they might have appeared before.  Amazing things happen when you check the settings on your scanner before you scan!)

Update – Well, as the Fox would have it, this one was way tricky to sort out.  This combination showed it up so many different ways today I’m having a hard time, as a Lenormand beginner, filtering through it.  That the cards represented the upcoming move, I have no doubt.  The problem I am having is with the Fox.  Does it mean deception, trickery and cunning or does it mean Employment?  I’ve seen both definitions floating around.  The source of the confusion is that, on this day the Fox appeared to be both as our moved seemed to come up several times over the course of my work day and from different sources and angles.   So, the question is, does it mean that one of the particular people I talked to to intend to deceive me or does it mean, more simply,  I was going to talk about my move a lot at work today?   Another meaning could be that I would learn more about my move today at work through being alert and careful?  Hmmm….  I think I like that last one and it seems to fit a bit more. 


3 responses to “Daily Draw – Sept. 27, 2012

  • BelleWitte

    What system do you use, or do you use a mix of different ones?

    • BR

      I sort of have a hodge-podge system of what I’ve found on the internet and what I get from my own intuition. I often will use Helen’s Wings’s of Desire blog as a resource dictionary. It seems to click the best for me. Not really having a foundation system is why I’m doing the daily draws and also writing things up in my own paper journal/dictionary. I’m hoping that over time the symbols and meanings will settle down a bit. The same thing happened with me and Tarot too so I’m using my experience there to get me through the beginner period with the Lenormand. 🙂

  • BelleWitte

    That’s my go-to Lenormand website too! That’s literally the only one I go to at all. I tried sticking to 1 system (& I tried different ones) because that’s what everyone SAYS to do & it never worked for me; it was just too rigid. You’re the only other Lenormand reader I know besides myself that doesn’t stick to a system lol, but it sure works better that way for me. Keep up the good work! (This is Rhett Tarot SagGemini by the way…I changed my name due to a stalker lol)

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