The Empty Woods

I’ve not done a post on my Earth energy work lately.  I’ve continued daily but I’ve just not had the time to really write about it.  This morning I’ve found myself with a small bit of a respite and I thought I would tell a tale of something happening locally for me.  I will warn you it is not a happy tale.  It is, however, a lesson for those of us that want to work with the Earth.

Down the hill from us is where my daughter and I first found what we called the “Fey spot.”  We found it over two years ago with a bit of dowsing.  It sat centered around a group of Birch tree roots and up along a very old creek that cuts through the county.  (This is the same creek that I would later have an encounter with an elemental while doing a video for my Youtube channel.)  During my sessions there and the occasional offerings I would bring, I came to learn that the elementals there were none too happy.  This was mainly due to a walking trail that was later cut through the very center of their area.  When we first found it there was only a small game trail but still, the feeling we received at first was defensive, as if they knew the trail was coming.  They felt encroached upon, stomped upon with little respect given.

My daughter, wife and I built faerie houses there before we knew the trail was coming.  We did it to show them SOMEONE cared about them.  When the trail came through the workers building it took out two of the small houses.  Mine was the only one left standing because it was further away from the trail cut, a tiny little stick cabin tucked at the base of a twin tree.   I maintained the house for some time and after the light winter we had it seemed to weather the cold very well. It had a moss roof and a small bark porch.  Inside we later placed a small piece of crystal from a geode as a centerpiece.

Because of the latest period of chaotic activity in our physical world, financial stress, unemployment and finally the decision to  move, I  had not been down to check on things.  A month or more ago, when the chaos for us was just ramping up, I continually felt that the woods outside our back porch were feeling more and more “empty.”  Typically, we would feel as if there was a small party on our back porch.  Lately, that feeling was just not as present as much.  I wondered what was going on and did a quick dowsing check to see if our actions had caused any change.  I always received a “no” answer.  When I asked if it was something or someone else, I would receive a strong “yes.”  However, I could not get any more information.

Finally, a week or so ago, I decided to take a walk down to the spot to check on things.  It was then I came to realize why things had felt so empty as of late.  The spot felt different, empty, not as alive.  Walking over to the fey cabin I had built I was saddened to see that it had been stomped upon and broken into the ground.

I sat there for awhile and all I could do was shake my head.  I heard a quick whisper, “Humans are mean” and then it was gone as if a fey had zipped past just to tell me that simple sentence.  Pulling out my pendulum, I began to ask questions.

The destruction of the fey house had been the last straw.  They were gone, moving away further downstream.  I asked if I could come find them sometime and I received a “Yes.”  I asked if they were going to watch over this area anymore and after a series of answers I can only sum up with the statement, “No.  We will visit but we want nothing to do with it.  Humans have taken it.”

“Humans have taken it.”  It’s a telling phrase, isn’t it.  It’s the word “take” that stands out to me.  We do a lot of that, don’t we?  Humans just take things.  We do it so readily with little respect given to each other let alone things unseen.

Funny enough, Fate has played itself out and my family is now moving as well.  We’re leaving the old behind and heading off to a new place, a new adventure with all the lessons we’ve learned tucked securely and safely into our jackets.  I’m sad about the woods but there is not much I can do now except leave what blessings I can behind.

Since that morning in the woods, I’ve not been back down to the spot again.  It feels empty.  Even the woods outside our back porch don’t really feel the same.  They feel different.  Static.  I have a decent idea of where the Fey have gone to.  I’ve walked by it but not formally entered it.  It’s along the same creek in a hidden and wild spot closer to human activity than you might think.  It’s sheltered by tall weeds from the walking trail and surrounded by a thick bed of brambles with large thorns.  To get into it during the Summer and Autumn you would have to brave bramble, thorn and tick.  That is, of course, unless you know the One path that leads in safely.

Just before we leave our place I’ll leave some cookies, maybe a bit of fresh bread with honey on that one path.  I might even leave a small hand-drawn map to our new place so they can visit.

It’s the least I could do.


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