Lenormand Daily Draw – Sept. 26, 2012

For these daily draws with the Lenormand I always ask something along the lines of, “What is one IMPORTANT thing I need to know or look for today?”  I shuffle while I focus on that question and think of my day ahead.  When ready, I do my draw for the day by cutting the deck and drawing a card.  I then take the number of that card and count down into the deck from the spot of the cut exactly by the number of the first card.  This is my second card.  I’m not sure why I like this particular process but I do.

Today’s cards seem to speak about another blessing.  After yesterday, I’m very curious to see how this goes.

Bear + Bouquet

Bear again!  More evidence that these are, indeed, powerful times.  Bear + Bouquet would indicate either a powerful gift or perhaps a gift from someone with a lot of power.  Powerful blessings.  Bear tends to indicate a male but I don’t like to be gender specific in the 21 century.  I’ll keep my eyes out and my mind open for how this might manifest today.

Update – Finally getting this updated!  (9/28)  This was a powerful lesson.  This was not about ME receiving a gift, it was about me GIVING a gift.  It happened early in the day and involved me findings someone’s car keys and then, within about two minutes, getting them to the person just when that person thought they had locked themselves out of their car.  It was a fun ride for a few minutes as I used the key fob to find the car in the parking lot and then, just as I was about to turn them into Lost and Found, I saw a woman hurriedly heading to the car.  As I walked towards her and watched she got to the car and started searching in her purse.  When she realized her keys were not in her purse she threw her head back, looked at the sky and appeared to lost.  It was at that moment I walked up to her and said, “I think these are yours,” and handed her the keys.   Her relief was apparent as she snatched the keys with a happy smile to me, jumped in her car with a fast “thank you” and left.  I went back to work.

I thought for awhile about just how important of a gift that had been to her and I thought of the cards for the day.  What would have happened if I had not been paying attention and not seen them or had not cared enough at that moment and just tossed them into Lost and Found?   Would it have thrown her day off completely?  Would she have missed an important appointment she was obviously running late for?  Who really knows.  What I do know is that it felt really good to be the Bear.

The lesson here for me was that so often we read the cards about how the world is going to effect us for the day.  What is going to happen to us?  Instead, these cards were more proactive and told me how I was going to effect the world around me.  What role I was going to play in someone else’s day.  It’s been a very important switch in my awareness when it comes to card readings.   


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